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10 Practical Tips About A Dog Holiday

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Traveling with the pet brings many more joys than inconveniences. Sharing with him one of the best times of the year also strengthens that bond with the animal, causing a lot of endearing moments. Let’s see 10 practical tips for a good holiday with a dog.

1. The pet travels with the family

There are more and more families that when going on vacation, they do not doubt that their dog will accompany them. Now, luckily, there are many more accommodation options for these cases, and there are even specialized portals that offer a lot of accommodation possibilities, from hotels to apartments, campsites, rural houses?

However, before arriving at the holiday destination, we have to make the trip with our pet and we must take certain precautions to make the journey as comfortable for the family as for the animal.


2. Pre-trip review: visit and first aid kit

It is more than advisable to visit the veterinarian before starting a trip with the pet: A check will be made, the owner will be informed about the mandatory vaccinations in the place where he is traveling and the doctor will prepare a certificate of good health if necessary. It does not hurt that the owners take a medicine cabinet with some basic medicines for the type of dog. The medicines like

– A solution to clean the dog’s ears

– An anti-inflammatory ointment

– An antidiarrheal

– Pain relievers and anti-inflammatories

– Gauze, hydrogen peroxide, etc.

– Antiparasitic products 

It is also interesting to have the contact of a veterinarian from the vacation spot. If something happens, it is good to have all the possible information. 


3. Regular dog food in the suitcase

Regular dog food

Try to avoid the usual diet change during the trip, so as not to cause indigestion and gastrointestinal disorders. It is likely that in the place of destination the same diet that the dog consumes at home is not found, so the recommendation is to take with you a small pack suitable for the trip of the usual diet, or a small amount of the Diet in a bag.


4. If traveling by car with the pet

Already in the car, you have to take small safety measures depending on the type of dog that travels with the family. From carriers and fixing harnesses to nets or separation bars.

There are many ways to keep our pets safe on the trip. If they are small animals, you can even use your travel bag. Whatever the choice, make sure that the dog is protected in case of slowing down.

During the journey, hydration is necessary every time a stop is made (every 2 hours) and you eat when you have reached your destination. 

It is essential that the dog is identified (microchip) and has in a sheet or similar the data of its owners. In addition, you must bring your health card and if you travel to a European Union country, your European Passport.


5. Travel with the pet by plane

Just as we weigh and measure the bags, we must also do it with our pet. The airlines set limits based on their weight, usually up to 8 kg including the carrier, and their size, so that the dog can travel with us in the cabin.

If its dimensions or its weight are greater, it must go in the cellar, in a special transport cage. We must review the characteristics that the company accepts before boarding.

Air travel can be stressful for the pet, especially if the animal has to travel in the hold, away from its owners. On the other hand, if the trip is longer than usual, they may suffer something similar to our jet lag, this can result in digestive problems and irritability.

If an animal travels by plane it is not advised to sedate it since the use of sedatives increases the risk of cardiac and respiratory problems during the flight, especially in dogs with flattened nose. In addition, with sedation the animal cannot keep in balance and it is easier to suffer damage if it is not well held.


6. Travel by train

In Long and Medium distance trains only cats or dogs that weigh more than 10 kg are allowed and always inside a carrier. The animal travels near the owner but if it causes discomfort to the other passengers, for example, due to its behavior, the company can force the owner and his pet to change cars or even leave the train. 

7. Travel by boat

This travel option is usually long and the animals usually travel far from the owner in a part of the boat specifically for pets and equipped with individual booths. 

If the dog gets dizzy by car it is more than likely to do so if we go by boat . In that case it is advisable to resort to a specific product for seasickness.


8. Practical advice once we arrive at the holiday destination

If before starting the trip the pet goes through the hairdresser much better. A clean and neat dog always gives a better impression of entering a hotel. 

The dog is an animal of customs and when he arrives at your holiday destination, he faces a totally new environment for him. That can make you initially find it shy, insecure and even somewhat irascible. 

It is best to act with a good attitude, making him see that nothing happens. The pet will perceive that and in a short time it will be the same as before. 

On the other hand, the pet faces new places, smells, sounds and even different food.

It is important that dog owners are attentive to any possible poisoning due to the intake of unknown plants or unusual food.


9. Vacation with a dog: Toys also travel

So that the animal does not miss your home, it is recommended that you carry some of your toys and your usual snacks. This will make it easier for you to be calm in the room if the owners decide to leave without it.


10. Take the pet to a specialized center

pet care

Many families, given the impossibility of traveling with their dog, decide to take it to a specialized center. In this case, it is recommended that before leaving the animal definitively, go with him to visit the center so that he begins to become familiar with the environment.

Dogs are routine beings and changes affect them more than one might think. Of course, it is more than advisable that we leave our pet perfectly identified (chip), with their vaccinations up to date and if necessary, we alert caregivers about specific feeding or possible allergies.


11. Travel to the mountains or to the sea

Here are some tips about where you can go together and how to prepare for it:  

  • Mountains is the perfect direction if the dog has inexhaustible energy and loves long walks. However, before you take the trail with him, read its regulations carefully.
  • You may need to put the dog on a muzzle, lead it on a leash or in certain sections it is forbidden to bring animals. It is worth remembering that, for example, you should not enter the Park together.
  • When planning trips to the mountains, you must take into account not only your fitness but also your pet. Therefore, the walking routes should be adjusted so that both sides enjoy such a trek of pleasure. You also can’t forget about the right amount of water and food,


  • Going to sea ​​having long sunny baths in perspective, it is worth looking for beaches that are for dogs. For most of the guarded there is an absolute ban on bringing pets. Then the problem arises, what to do with the dog, when you want to sunbathe, swim, etc. When looking for a holiday resort, just find one that has animal friendly places. 
  • If you are staying in your city or go to another one, it won’t be boring either. You can always go for a longer walk to the park or the nearby forest, and even go jogging together.

Holidays with a dog are no longer such a difficult challenge to fulfill as they were a few years ago. The modern hotel and catering industry as well as public transport already provide many amenities for pets.

They create such comfortable conditions for them that they do not need to stress, whether taking a dog on vacation with them will be a bad idea.

Therefore, when searching for a holiday destination, just check the offer to see if it also includes pets. If you’re wondering what to do with your dog in the summer, maybe one of these suggestions will be the solution? And if you fail to give it to anyone, it is a holiday with a beloved pet, it is also an unforgettable and adventure!

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