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Content Overview Of cat

  • Interesting Facts
  • History
  • Different names
  • Appearance and Characteristics
  • Personality and Temperament
  • Health & problems
  • How to take care?
  • Kitten Information
  • Kitten price
  • Things to consider adopting a puppy
  • Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Photo gallery

History of Cat

The American curl cat is one among the youngest cat breeds. it absolutely was born of a natural chromosomal mutation that initial appeared in Shulamith, a stray black kitten with long, smooth hair and, strangely, ears that curled backward. She found her thanks to the hospitable door of Joe and style fold in Lakewood, California. The Rugas named her Shulamith when the “black and comely” aristocrat within the testament book the Song of king.

Shulamith had a litter of 4 kittens by associate degree unknown father, and 2 of them shared her frizzly ears. A consultation with a life scientist showed that the attribute was caused by a gene. Cat fanciers began by selection breeding the cats in 1983, and therefore the new breed, named the American curl cat  , began to be registered by the Cat Fanciers Association in 1986.

They were recognized by The International Cat Association in 1987 and achieved full recognition from CFA in 1993. With nearly unknown quickness, the trip from stray to pureblood breed took solely six years. The breed conjointly stands out for being the primary single breed with 2 coat lengths recognized by CFA.

All American curl cat area unit descended from Shulamith. The cats is bred to alternative Curls or outcrossed to non-pedigreed domestic cats with straight ears that otherwise meet the Curl breed normal. This helps to confirm an outsized factor pool and genetic diversity. Straight-eared kittens from Amezican Curl litters is employed in breeding programs or placed as pets.

Origin: United States of America

Interesting Fact about cats

  • When they eat too much they cough out hair balls.
  • They are afraid of dogs.
  • They eat mice and rats.
  • Cats purr when you scratch them on their back.
  • It protects itself by its claws.
  • Cats have baby kittens.
  • They really love yarn.
  • The kittens drink milk from their mom.
  • Cats have soft fur.
  • Cats have whiskers.
  • American curl cats are friendly and gentle.
  • The American Curl comes in any color or pattern.
  • The American Curl’s unusual ears are the result of a spontaneous mutation that occurred in 1981.
  • Not every kitten’s ears will curl; some will remain normal.

Different names or Types

All names

Recognized Names

 Felis catus

Recognition (if have)


Appearance & Characteristics

American curl cats square measure born with straight ears, that then begin to twist throughout its 1st week of life. The curl settles between the fourth and fifth month of life.

All curls aren’t alike; associate degree American curl cat’s ears will kind a curl between ninety to a hundred and eighty degrees. because the kitten matures, the gristle within the ear can harden and take its permanent kind.

Its distinctive ears aside, the american curl cat is additionally celebrated for its smaller size; the breed usually weighs between five and ten pounds when maturity.

With a non-muscular, somewhat thick body, the american curl cat’s different distinctive characteristic is its extraordinarily long tail, that is tapered at the tip and usually constant length as its body.

The american curl cat additionally features a conspicuously rounded head with oval eyes. The breed’s satiny, coat of paint may be a range of shades; tortoiseshell, smoke, shaded, point, bi-color, or tabby pattern square measure amongst the foremost common. associate degree American curl cat’s fur are either longhair or shorthair, though the dominant longhair is additional current.

Breed basic characteristics

Country of Origin: United States of America
Scientific name:  
Felis catus
Size: medium-size
Lifespan: 15+
Trainability: Responds Well
Friendliness: Good
Exercise Needs: 10-20 minutes/day
Energy Level: High
Grooming: Weekly
Pattern: Solid color, Tortoiseshell, Bicolor, Accepted in all recognized colors
Protective Ability: Medium
Hypoallergenic Breed:
Space Requirements: House with Yard
Compatibility With Other Pets: Good
Litter Size: medium-size



Male: medium: 8-12 lbs
Female: small: <8 lbs.


Male: 3.50 – 5.50 kg
Female: 3.0 – 5.0 kg


Behavior & Habitats

  • My animal lives at a  pet store.
  • In a house.
  • Your front yard.
  • Our your back yard.
  • Living outside.

Size, Proportion, Substance

Size:  Modified wedge without flat planes; smooth transitions;
moderately longer than wide
Proportion: Tips rounded and flexible. Moderately large in proportion to head. Erect, set equally on top and side of head. Furnishings are desirable.
Serious Faults:


Skull: ear through tips should point to center of base of skull
Muzzle:  Muzzle is rounded with a gentle transition, no pronounced whisker break.
Eyes: Walnut, oval on top and round on bottom, moderately large in size.
Ears: Degree – minimum 90 degree of curl, not to exceed 180 degrees.
Teeth: Strong
Serious Faults:

Neck, Topline, Body

Neck: Neck is medium. Size and boning are intermediate with allowances for larger males.
Topline: soft topline
Body: Size is medium and in proportion to body.
Serious Faults:


Front Feet: Love the curled ears and short legs


Rear Legs:
Hind Feet: Hind legs and catching his paws like pray in front of Black Isolated background.
Tail:  Equal to body in length, wide at base, tapering, flexible.


Texture: Soft, laying flat, resilient without a plush dense feel. Minimal undercoat. Length: Short with tail coat
same length as body coat.

Winter Coat:
Summer Coat:


Either way, its coat is slick and lies flat, with little-to-no undercoat, so that they don’t seem to be susceptible to a good deal of shedding. The tail of the American Curl is soft and fan-like, aforementioned to fit a scarf. It ought to be brushed often.

Color and Markings

American curl cats are laying in these colors as silver, choclet, white. Silky coat on curl cat make them pretty like baby. They have long hair on their body that gives soft and sleek feelings.



Personality and Temperament


American Curls accommodates virtually any style of home, square measure light with youngsters and find on extraordinarily well with most different cats and with dogs.

They’re seldom territorial and usually will be introduced into a home with established pets with relative ease, as they have an inclination to be terribly respectful of different animals. American Curls kind terribly shut bonds with their primary caretakers.

House owners will expect their Curls to follow them from area to area throughout the house – and generally, even into the shower. They demand lots of personal cuddle-time and one-on-one attention. this can be AN easy-going breed that’s desirous to please.


Curls square measure lovesome, curious and intelligent. They act like kittens well into their adulthood, and so square measure nicknamed the Peter Pans of the cat world. American curl cat modify terribly quickly to alternative animals, youngsters and things.

They need an inclination to follow their homeowners around as a dog would. Curls don’t seem to be too talkative or creaking cats, however they’re noted to speak through their trills. This cat breed is incredibly people-oriented and may be clingy.

Activity Requirements



American Curls have a natural intelligence and curiosity that perpetually prompts investigation of their surroundings, and that they can do no matter it takes to induce to no matter is not utterly out of reach or fittingly secured. they have stimulation within the sort of puzzle toys and a spotlight.

These cats square measure energetic and pixilated while not being hyper, and they are fast to choose up fetch and alternative games. They get pleasure from interacting with kids and sometimes hunt down their company and friendly relationship. Young kids ought to be supervised to confirm they do not injure the cat within the course of play.

The American Curl is compatible to life in an exceedingly family with kids and alternative pets. In homes that square measure usually empty for extended periods, these cats do far better once they have a companion animal to play with; they’re not keen on being alone for too long.

Behavioral Traits

The American Curl is AN particularly attractive cat. They wish to relax in high places – like on the terribly prime of book shelves or room cupboards – and that they have a passion for gently patting their individuals on the eyelids or eye-glasses with their soft, downlike paws. They conjointly wish to lick their owner’s hair and provides kitty-kisses on the face.

Curls aren’t particularly vocal, however in fact they purr and build trill-like utter sounds once happy or notably happy. they need a really soft, chirp-like meow ANd solely “talk” on an occasional basis. American Curls square measure curious and quite laughable, earning them the well-deserved title of “the Peter Pan of felines.”


Health & problems


Since the American curl cat may be a comparatively recent breed and a few care was taken to confirm genetic diversity throughout its development, there aren’t any specific health conditions known with this breed so far.

Due to their uncommon ears, however, the American curl cat ought to have its ears cleansed often to forestall infections. Pet house owners ought to be aware to softly handle their American curl cat’s ears on not harm the gristle.

As with any pet, make sure to often consult a vet for routine care and medical recommendation for your four-legged friend.


Feeding Plan

Living conditions

  • Good for multi-pet households
  • Not hypoallergenic

The American Curl has an autosomal dominant ear curling gene that is responsible for the breed’s famous curled ears. Kittens are born with straight ears that begin to curl backward after three to five days.

How to take care of cats


American curl cats don’t have specific exercise wants additionally to those of standard cats. American curl cat Their physical activity ought to be the same as that of most cats (sleeping long hours, playing, running and jumping). Curls area unit typically active and like to play with toys. they must be unbroken inside to avoid injury or lost faraway from home since they’re terribly people-oriented.

Grooming & Bruising

Weekly brushing ought to be in hot water each coat varieties, though the longhaired coat could need slightly additional grooming. Since the undercoat is lightweight, shedding is bottom. Cats ought to have their teeth clean daily and nails clipped PRN. The ears ought to be checked for evacuation and detritus and clean PRN. watch out to not bend the ears too much; though they’re curled, they’re not soft and will not bend simply.

Dental Health check up

Love & affection

The breed is free from defects and doesn’t have any notable health issues apart from those moving all breeds of cats. the sole noted risk of a health concern is to try and do with the breed’s ear canals.

Feed Healthy food

Feeding Your Cat/Kitten

• Kittens (under 6 months): 3-4 times a day
• Over 6 months : Feed twice a day (amount depends on
food type and how active your cat is)
• Training your cat to eat twice a day: When your kitten
turns 6 months old, offer food to him/her twice a day
only. Leave the food out for ½ hour only. Your cat will
quickly learn to eat all of his/her food during the
half hour.
• Avoid giving your pet too many treats since cats can
become overweight as they age

Dangers! Never Feed Your Cat/Kitten:

• Alcoholic drinks
• Chocolate
• Coffee
• Grapes and raisins
• Moldy or spoiled food
• Onions, garlic and chives
• Bones
• Tomato plants
• Unripe fruit
• Yeast dough
• Any houseplants

Don’t do these things


Kitten information

Kitten Training

American curl cat You can train your cat to walk on leash by using a leash or harness made for cats, by starting in a fenced-in yard and rewarding them for good behavior with treats. You can also train your cat to use a scratching post by placing catnip around the base of the post and rewarding your pet when he/she uses the scratching post. Cats love to scratch!

Kitten  crate  Training

Behavioral training

Obedience training

Kitten price

Find a dog or kitten

Petfinder Right Now

Find a breeder

Things to consider adopting a Cat

Did you recognize that the majority cats in shelters and rescues square measure healthy and well-behaved, and square measure within the shelter through no fault of their own? Animal shelters and rescue teams square measure jam-packed with desirable, active and healthy adoptable cats and kittens simply looking ahead to somebody to require them home.

American curl cat Many of us head to a pet store or associate American Curl cat stockman trying to get a cat or kitten, however do not understand that they may notice associate American Curl or similar trying cat right in their native shelter. several cats square measure given up once their previous owner will not afford the monetary necessities to stay them.

Alternative times cats square measure given up to shelters because of a divorce, death within the family, or new housing scenario. Most cats and kittens in shelters square measure merely in would like of a replacement home – they merely desire a safe, loving, and happy place to live!

Advantages of cat

There ar far more blessings to victimization smart outcrosses in your breeding program than not. the primary being that it’ll dramatically improve the health of your entire cattery.

Disadvantages of cat

In general, if the mutation causes severe disadvantages for the cat, it’s arranged to allow them to die out. However, if the mutation causes no disadvantages or solely minor disadvantages, then there square measure typically individuals expressing each side of the coin. frequently many folks still breed them that permits the mutation to continue. Not all organizations can recognized mutated cat breeds. several breeding programs for these specialised cats additionally ensure to reduce any genetic mixtures which will cause fatal issues for the offspring.

Photo gallery

American Curl cat hd wallpapers
Image by Chicsweet from Pixabay

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