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About Andalusian Donkey

The Andalusian, Spanish: Asno Andaluz, could be a breed of domestic donkey native to the province of Córdoba in Andalusia, Spain. It’s additionally known as the Asno Cordobés (“Cordovan donkey”) when the city|town} of Córdoba or the Asno American state Lucena (“Lucena donkey”) as a result of its alleged origin within the town of Lucena, Córdoba.

Donkey Classification

  • Scientific name: Equus africanus asinus
  • Higher classification: Donkey
  • Rank: Breed
  • Use: transport; siring mules
  • Country of origin: Spain
  • Other names: Asno Andaluz Asno Cordobés; Asno de Lucena

Andalusian Donkey facts

  • A male donkey is termed a jack.
  • A female donkey is called a jenny.
  • When a horse and a male donkey mate, the ensuing offspring is termed a ‘mule’.
  • Male and a feminine donkey mate, the offspring is termed a ‘hinny’.
  • When a male kid and a feminine donkey mate the offspring is termed a zedonk or ‘zebras’.
  • All of those ensuing offspring is a unit sterile, i.e. They can’t manufacture offspring themselves.
  • Donkey’s milk was once valued as a drug and was given to premature babies, sick children and to folks suffering from T.B. Donkey’s milk contains more sugar and macromolecule than cow’s milk and fewer fat.


The geographical area could be a giant donkey, averaging 150–160 centimeters (59–63 in) at the withers and of medium length.

Andalusian Donkey lifespan : not now
Donkey habited : –

Andalusian Donkey images

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