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The AraAppaloosa also known as the Araloosa. Arappaloosa is mix horse breed that is the result of a cross between an Arabian horse and an appaloosa. Combining the refined phenotype of the Arabian with the leopard-spotted coloring of the appaloosa.

The AraAppaloosa is a refined version of the appaloosa in many ways. The main registry for the breed was established in an effort to protect and develop the appaloosa. An Ara-Appaloosa with one purebred Arabian parent may be registered as a half-Arabian with the Arabian Horse Association. Because the appaloosa breed still has an open stud book to horses of Arabian breeding. Many Arappaloosas can also be registered with the appaloosa Horse Club.

An  Ara-Appaloosa is primarily a riding horse and that is used for leisure activities. A common horse breed, it is especially populous in its place of origin, the united states.

AraAppaloosa History

This horse is almost exclusively bred by the AraAppaloosa and Foundation Breeder’s International (AAFBI), an organization that believes it alone has the original breed of appaloosa horses. According to AAFBI, the AraAppaloosa of today is considered a re-establishment or preservation of the best examples of the appaloosa breed originally developed by the Nez Perce people of the american pacific northwest in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The AAFBI was formed for those breeders interested in establishing the appaloosa with Arabian blood. The association also promotes the standards set by one of the founders of the appaloosa Horse Club, Claude Thompson, who, beginning in the 1930s, used Arabian blood in his appaloosa breeding program and believed that Arabian blood was a crucial part of the appaloosa genome. Both breeds show ancient ancestry in asia minor, leading the AAFBI to believe that a crossing of the two would lead to the “true” appaloosa horse.

AraAppaloosa Characteristics

The AraAppaloosa is a beautiful breed: elegant, well-proportioned, energetic, and resilient. They are to have the general conformation of the Arabian, including a refined head, high-carried tail and overall elegance. Like both the Arabian and the appaloosa, they should possess considerable endurance, sure-footedness, and intelligence. They average from 14 to 15 hands (56 to 60 inches, 142 to 152 cm) high.

AraAppaloosa is known primarily by its coat: to be one of the basic coloration patterns found on the appaloosa. The AraAppaloosa combined the color, personality, and good temperament of the foundation-bred appaloosa with the Arabs refined bloodlines and color patterns.

Scientific name: Equus caballus
Breed Name: 
Other Name: Araloosa, and the Ara-Appaloosa
Breed Purpose: Riding, show
Breed Size: 14 hands to 15 hands
Weight: up to 1000 pounds
Coat Color: appaloosa roan, blanket or snowcap, blanket with spots, few spot leopard, leopard, marble roan, mottled, roan blanket
Country/Place of Origin: North America

What is use AraAppaloosa?

Araappaloosa is mostly used for Pleasure riding, Show horses and more.

How to tack care AraAppaloosa?

Because of their high intelligence, AraAppaloosa horses require a large pasture to roam and forage in. Avoid using barbwire or any other high tensile wire fencing. These can cause serious injury to your horse if they get their legs caught. Take it riding through pastures and on horse trails at least once week.

Grooming & Feeding

AraAppaloosa horses require non-irrigated pasture and grass hay to forage in. However, you can supplement your horse’s diet with grain like barley, corn, and oats.
Feed your horse grain according to the package instructions or per your vet’s orders.

AraAppaloosa horse should be groom regularly to keep their coats in good condition. An Ara-Appaloosa Horses’ hooves should be picked out and checked regularly to make sure there are no pebbles stuck in the grooves on the bottom of the hoof.

Advantages of Ara-Appaloosa

Disadvantages of Ara-Appaloosa


AraAppaloosa facts

  • Ara-Appaloosa is a part-Arabian horse breed that is the result of a cross between Arabian horse and appaloosa.
  • Breeders claim that the ancestry of both the spotted horse and Arabian are similar and should thus be incorporated into a single dignified breed.
  • The Ara-Appaloosa is a fine appaloosa of great quality; one with color, elegance, performance ability, soundness, and stamina.
  • They average from 14 to 15 hands (56 to 60 inches, 142 to 152 cm) high.
  • The Ara-Appaloosa of today is said to be a re-establishment or preservation of the best examples of the appaloosa breed found, namely, in early american Indian tribes.

AraAppaloosa price

Depend on the breed.

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AraAppaloosa pictures

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