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Australian Cashmere Goat History

Australian Cashmere Goat were liberated on the islands off the coast of Australia by Dutch and Portuguese navigators long before the british settlement of Australia. The introduced goats would appear to have come from a great variety of backgrounds and they acclimatised readily to the Australian environment. Most pre- 1830 prints of early Australia show the animals on the hills in the background as goats.

Other introductions occurred in Australia in the 1800’s. Wilson (1873) records that Dr. Chalmers imported 49 cashmere goats through Melbourne in 1863 from Chinese Tartery. At this time Wilson was running his own flock of Cashmere goats at Longerenong in Western Victoria. These were descendants of one male and two females imported from India.

The introduced goats came from an excellent type of backgrounds and they acclimatised promptly to the Australian surroundings. Some early efforts were created to develop a goat fleece business in Australia. William riley, in 1832 foreign “Angora-Cachemire” animals to his property, Raby, New South Wales.

An advertisement additionally appeared in 1832 within the western australia publication “Colonial Paper” for young half-bred Cashmere bucks offered for sale at three pounds each by W. Tanner of Caversham.

Australian Cashmere Goat Characteristics

Australian Cashmeres Goat come in white, black, ginger, apricot or fawn . Size and weight of cashmere goat vary depending on the breed. They grow two types of fibre- fine, fluffy cashmere on their cheeks, neck & body plus normal hair that covers their face, ears, legs & grows as a “guard coat” amongst the cashmere.

Coat color and many other physical characteristics also different depending on the type of goat. both males & females have horns that continue to grow throughout their lifetime with older animals having spectacular ‘handlebars’. they are a smaller breed of goat have good strong hooves requiring trimming once a year at most.

Fleeces from these goats contain coarse guard hair, which has no commercial value, and a fine downy undercoat called cashmere.

Scientific name: Capra aegagrus hircus
Breed Name: 
Australian Cashmere Goat
Other Name: None
Breed Purpose: Cashmere, Fiber
Breed Size: Medium
Weight: n/a
Buck Minimum: depend on the breed
Doe Minimum: depend on the breed
Horns: yes
Climate Tolerance: All Climates
Coat Color: white, red, tan, brown, gray, black
Good for Stall: yes
Rarity: Common
Country/Place of Origin: Australia

What is use Australian Cashmere Goat?

Australian Cashmere Goat mostly used in cashmere or fiber, meat and milk. Cashmere is one of the finest commercial animal fibres. It is soft, warm, light and luxurious. It is used to make some of the most expensive garments in the world. The fibre has been traditionally produced in China, Mongolia, Iran, Afghanistan and India. In these countries cashmere fibre is often a secondary consideration to the goats primary function of producing meat and milk.

How to tack care Australian Cashmere Goat?

Most of the Cashmere goats are easy to raise. They require minimal care and are usually healthy animals. But Australian Cashmere Goat require regular grooming. Most of them are not jumpers like many other domestic goat breeds. Worm control in goats can be challenging as they are less resistant than sheep or cattle and there are few registered available drenches for goats. Veterinary assistance should be sought to design an appropriate disease management plan.

Advantages of Australian Cashmere goat

  • The cashmere producers can either sell the fleece to wholesale consumers or at retail prices to hand spinners.
  • They are sheared once a year and a full grown adult buck will yield as much as 2.5 pounds of fleece.
  • Cashmere is one of the finest commercial animal fibres. It is soft, warm, light and luxurious. It is used to make some of the most expensive garments in the world.
  • The fleece consists of two kinds of fiber, cashmere and guard hair. Average cashmere percentages are in the 200th range.
  • The fleece can be sold to wholesale buyers or it can be shaved and sold at retail prices to hand spinners.
  • Cashmere fibre is often a secondary consideration to the goats primary function of producing meat and milk.
  • The mixture of hair and down is dehaired to produce the final down product, using specialised processing machinery.

Disadvantages of Angora Goat

Australian Cashmere Goat facts

  • The Australian cashmere goat is a breed of Cashmere domestic goats originating in Australia. It has an excellent overall coverage of long, dense cashmere.
  • They are intelligent, inquisitive agile. These goats are the producers of fine quality cashmere wool.
  • Cashmere is produced by Cashmere goats and is recognised as one of the world’s premium fibres, being luxuriously soft, warm and light.
  • It varies in colour from brown to light grey to white, and its diameter ranges between 11 and 20 micron.
  • The Cashmere goats are raised for this cashmere wool (the goat’s fine, soft, downy, winter undercoat).
  • The undercoat of this goat grows as the day shortens and is associated with an outer coat of coarse hair.
  • Coarse hair is present in this type of goats all the year and is called guard hair.

Australian Cashmere Goat price

Depend on the breed

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Australian Cashmere goat pictures

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