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Barbari Goat History

The Barbari Goat is a breed of goat that originates from the Northwest of india and pakistan. The Barbari is one of twenty classified breeds in india. It is distributed in the states of Haryana, punjab and uttar pradesh in india, and in punjab and Sindh provinces of pakistan. It is also reported from Mauritius, nepal and Vietnam. The world population is estimated at about 2.4 million, of which almost all are in pakistan.

Probably this breed derives its name from it’s origin place Berbera. Probably the traders of medieval period might have brought them to india through sea and land routes during their business entourage. Agra, Etah and Etawah are the breeding tract of Barbari goat in india. The Barbari goat is known to originate from the Uttarpradesh and punjab provinces and is used primarily for its meat.

Barbari Goat Characteristics

Barbari goat medium sized compact body. the head is small and neat, with small upward-pointing ears and small horns. They have bulging eyes, because of their quite prominent orbital bone. bucks have a large thick beard. Both bucks and does have twisted horns, which are directed upward and backward and are medium in length. The coat is short and is most commonly white spotted with brownish red; solid colours also occur.

Average weight of adult male is 30 – 37.5 kg and female 18-22.6kg. Barbari goats are very alert and attractive with short erect ears and short straight horns. This goat is sometimes use for milk production in the area but more due to a lack of higher quality milk.

Scientific name: Capra aegagrus hircus
Breed Name: 
Barbari Goat
Other Name: Bari; Sai Bari; Thori Bari; Titri Bari; Wadi Bari
Breed Purpose: Milk, meat
Breed Size: Medium
Weight:  pounds
Buck Minimum:  around 88 pounds
Doe Minimum: around 50 pounds
Horns: yes
Climate Tolerance: Heat
Coat Color: white, light brown, brown
Good for Stall: excellent breeds for stall fed
Rarity: Common
Country/Place of Origin: India

What is use Barbari Goat?

Barbari goat is raised mainly as a meat goat farming business and also used for milk. It is seasonal breeder and is used for intensive farming. The milk yield is approximately 107ltrs in a lactation of about 150 days.

How to tack care Barbari Goat?

Goats are pretty easy when compared to some farm animals. they don’t require a lot of constant care. Give them a shelter, food, and water, and they are happy.

Feeding adequate amount of nutritious food helps to keep your goats healthy and productive. Giving them too much lush green food can cause them to bloat and this can kill them if not treated. always ensure availability of sufficient amount of fresh and clean water according to the demand of your goats.

Remember that goats are herd animals, so plan to have enough space for at least two goats in order to keep them happy.

Advantages of Barbari goat

  • Barbari goats, a highly prolific breed distributed widely in the northern part of india, known for better milk and meat quality.
  • The Barbari is a dual-purpose breed, reared both for meat and for milk.
  • Barbari goat breeds have fast growth and excellent feed conversion ratio and will gain heavy weight in short time with proper feed and nutrition.
  • This goat breed is very suitable for commercial meat goat farming business.
  • The other advantage of these goats is that they can produces very good crossbreeds with local goats in India.
  • These goats mature early and are resilient to diseases.

Disadvantages of Barbari Goat

Barbari Goat facts

  • The Barbari found in a wide area in india and pakistan.
  • They are a small size and their color is white creamy to golden.
  • The Barbari is a seasonal breeding goat.
  • Barbari goats are well known for their good meat qualities and also for triple kidding.
  • Barbari goat has good feed to meat conversion ratio.
  • Its average milk yield is 108 ltrs.
  • Medium size breed with an average weight of adult male is 30 – 37.5 kg and female 18-22.6kg.
  • Barbari goats area unit terribly alert and engaging with short erect ears and short straight horns.
  • Triple kidding and early maturity area unit common options of those goats.

Barbari Goat Distribution

Barbari is a beautiful medium range goat breed. This breed is also raised for its meat production and there meat conformation is considered as good in quality. The Barbari is found in a wide area in india and pakistan. It is distributed in the states of Haryana, punjab and uttar pradesh in india, and in punjab and Sindh provinces of pakistan.

Barbari Goat price


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Barbari goat pictures

barbari goat baby
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barbari goat
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