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Content Overview Of Boer goat

History of Boer goat

Origin: South Africa

The Boer goat was probably bred from the indigenous South Afriknar goat, Namaqua, San and Fuku species are likely to originate in South African goats, which are passing through Indian and European blood chains. They were selected for meat instead of milk production; Thanks to selective breeding and improvement, the African goat has a fast growth rate and wonderful caring characteristics, which is one of the leading species of goat in the world.

Afriknagar goats have high resistance to illness and adaptation with Hot, Dry Semiites. Especially the early USA breeding stock in and around San Angelo and Maynard came from the crowds established in New Sydney. Only later they were foreigners from the Republic of South Africa.

Boer Goat Characteristics

  • Boer goats normally have distinctive brown heads and white bodies. Some goats also can be fully white or brown coloured.
  • They possess long, nodding ears just like the ethnic group goats.
  • They area unit terribly hardy and might adopt themselves with most styles of weather and climate.
  • They area unit noted for having high fertility rates and for being quick growing and docile.


Boer goat usually consumes an equivalent food as different Capra hircus breeds do. they sometimes like to eat leaves of trees, corns, inexperienced grasses and a few different supplementary feeds. huge sized show goats need a large quantity of nutrient food. The farmer usually raises medium-sized goat for industrial production. as a result of they need less food and simple to take care of.


Most of the farmers like purebred Afrikaner goat for breeding functions. Crossbreeding of Afrikaner goat with different well-liked goat breeds is additionally turn out top quality and productive youngsters.

Tips For Raising Boer Goats

  • Set up a daily schedule to require care of the new children and their mother.
  • Vaccinate the children to forestall them from virus and diseases.
  • Make the house of the goat that is free from worms and every one variety of insects.
  • The house of Boer goats ought to be appropriate and comfy enough for them. create the Boer goat house in high places. this may keep the house dry continuously.
  • Always keep a water pot crammed with clean and water before of the goat.
  • Try to feed the goat enough contemporary and inexperienced grasses. it’ll be higher if you’ll manage a grazing place for your goats close to your farm.

Breed basic characteristics

Breed Nam: Boer
Other Name: Africander, Afrikaner, South African common goat
Breed Purpose: Mainly kept for meat production
Breed Size: Large
Buck: About 110 to 135 kg
Doe: About 90 to 100 kg
Horns: Yes
Climate Tolerance: All Climates
Coat Color: Mainly white with brown heads
Good for Stall Fed: Yes
Rarity: Common
Country/Place of Origin: South Africa

Boer Breed Goat Advantages

  • Boer goat breeds area unit variable to any or all styles of climates from hot tropical to cold climates within the world.
  • Boer goat breeds have quick growth and wonderful feed conversion quantitative relation and can gain significant weight briefly time with correct feed and nutrition.
  • In South African goats, one will expect high biparous proportion.
  • The other advantage of those goats is that they’ll produce excellently crossbred with native goats in the Republic of India.

Interesting Fact about Boer goat

  • A feminine goat I known as a “doe,” whereas a male goat is named a “buck.”
  • A baby goat is named a “kid,” and a castrated goat is named a “weather.”
  • Goats don’t have teeth in their upper jawbone. they need twenty-four molars and eight incisors.
  • Male goats undergo an amount known as a “rut” after they square measure able to mate. feminine goats expertise “estrus” after they square measure in heat and prepared to breed.
  • Goats square measure seasonal breeders. The length of gestation of a goat is between 145-155 days, with one hundred fifty days being common.
  • The life of a goat is 8-12 years.
  • The traditional temperature for a goat is between one zero one.7 – 104.5 degrees Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit. 

Boer Goat Health & problems


Boer goats were unable to develop Associate in Nursing immunity to parasites as alternative breeds have. this can be as a result of parasites couldn’t survive the dry climate of South Africa. this may cause worms infecting the liver, lungs and organic process track of the animals.

Haemonchus contortus

Haemonchus contortus may be a worm that causes anaemia. To preserve the goats’ health from this unwellness, their secretion membranes ought to be checked frequently. examine the flesh round the eyes and check if they’re to a fault pale.

Foot Rot

Two organisms motivate this goats’ unhealthiness. They infect the hoof and eat the wall and soft tissues. The organisms ar unable to survive within the natural setting for long, however they will be unfold via the excreta of infected animals.

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