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No doubt that the dog is the most trusted companion of man. However, if you are planning to keep a dog for guarding your family or farm you have to carefully select the best breed that has the ability to protect you regardless of the situation. There are various breeds of dog that are famous for protecting humans and the best one is Boerboel. If you are looking for a perfect guard dog nothing is better than a Boerboel and here are some of the reasons why.

1-Strong and Massive

Boerboel is a very strong and huge dog. It has a very sting jaw that can be used to rip apart big animals and intruders. They are aggressive when they sense any kind of danger. That is why most people have been using Boerboels to protect their farms. You can keep the dog in your home as well for the protection of your family. The massive body of a Boerboel can frighten anyone. If you have a Boerboel on your door, no one will be able to enter your house or hurt you because your dog will protect you in all situations.

2-Reliable and loyal

If you have trained your Boerboel properly, you should know that it is a most loyal and reliable dog. You can trust him with your life. Your Boerboel will be ready to give its life if the need arises to protect you. Boerboel will never leave your side if it senses any kind of trouble. It is a very intelligent dog with amazing tracking ability. It can easily track down anyone you want and bring it back to you. You can trust a Boerboel with anything you want.

3-Ability to be an alpha

Boerboel has the nature of being the Alpha dog. They like to boss around due to which they are very good on the farms. They can easily take care of the farm animals and when you are away your Boerboel will assure that all animals will reach their shed. That is why most farmers commonly use them. You should know that if you will not train a Boerboel properly, it will also become an alpha dog in the family and will try to boss around you. That is why if you want a Boerboel to be your guard to make sure that you will train it properly.

4-Active and fast

Boerboels are very active and fast. They will not let even the predators leave the site if they have hurt you or your family members. Boerboels do not care about the size of their competitors because they will only attack and rip apart that person/animal. With proper exercise, it is easy to maintain the health of Boerboel due to which it can provide the protection you need.

These are some of the reasons that why having a Boerboel as your guard dog will be the best option. Once properly trained it will be the best breed of dog you will ever have. Boerboel is the perfect dog for those who have an active lifestyle because it needs an active life to stay healthy and fit. Make sure that you get a puppy of this breed because it will be easier for you to train.

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