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Chinese Alligator Information

The Chinese alligator is also known as the yangtze alligator. Chinese alligator is one of the smallest crocodilians and one of the most endangered. it is the most endangered species in the crocodilian family.

The Chinese alligator is a member of the alligator family that lives in China. In addition to its smaller size, the Chinese alligator is distinguished from its american relative by a slightly upturned and more tapered snout and from bony plates on every higher protective fold. They’re in danger of extinction because of extermination and since of habitat pollution from agricultural chemicals.

Distribution and habitat

The chinese alligator was found in the extensive lakes and marshlands of the middle-lower yangtze river region and along the river from Shanghai to Jianling town within the Hubei Province. Currently, Chinese alligators reside naturally within the lower yangtze river basin, set on the central Pacific Coast of China.

The alligator originally ranged through a lot of of China. Chinese alligators are found in slow fresh rivers and streams, including lakes, ponds and swamps. Marshlands, ponds, lakes, reservoirs, watercourse backwater canals, rice paddies and irrigation networks offer appropriate surround. it had been estimated in 1998 that the geographic vary of Chinese alligators had reduced by over ninety percent within the past twenty years.

Chinese Alligator characteristics

Chinese alligators are yellowish gray in color with pronounced black spotting of the lower jaw. It’s smaller, the head is additional strong and its snout is slightly upturned. The eyelids of the chinese alligator have a bony plate that’s missing within the american alligator. Their long, thick tail provides a primary locomotive force within the water. not like crocodiles, their fourth articulator teeth within the submaxilla consist sockets within the maxilla, and area unit unexposed once the jaws are closed. additionally characteristic of this species is that the upturned snout.

Usually, this species attains an adult length of only 1.5 m and a mass of 36 kg. Exceptionally giant males have reached two.1 m long and forty five metric weight unit in weight. Juveniles appear very just like adults with the exception that juveniles have distinctive yellow bands on their bodies. they have an average of five bands on their bodies, and eight on their tails.

Scientific Name: Alligator sinensis
Lifespan:  50 – 70 years
Origin:  China
Common Names: Yangtze alligator
Size: 1.5 m
Coat : dark green/black colour

Scientific classification

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Reptilia
  • Order: Crocodilia
  • Family: Alligatoridae
  • Genus: Alligator
  • Species: A. sinensis

Life cycle of Chinese Alligator


Chinese Alligator Facts

  • The alligator originally ranged through much of China.
  • This critically species is endemic to eastern China.
  • It is the most endangered species within the crocodilian family.
  • This species attains an adult length of just one.5 m (5 ft) and a mass of 36 kg (80 lb).
  • The chinese alligator is fully armored; even its belly a feature of only some crocodilians.

Chinese Alligator Behavior

The Chinese alligators spend most of their time raising their body temperature in the sun. Once their body heat is high enough they become nocturnal. Chinese alligators are dormant from late fall into early spring, once temperatures area unit cool. they will regulate their blood heat by exploitation the water, going in the shade once they begin to induce too hot and going in the sun if they start to induce too cold. they’re aquatic animals, and might additionally use the water to thermoregulate by staying within the higher water columns heated by the sun, or moving to shaded waters to cool down off. sex activity rituals occur within the spring. Chinese alligators area unit thought to be the foremost docile of the crocodilians.

Best food of Chinese Alligator

Chinese alligators are nocturnal, carnivorous predators. Adults prey totally on fish, snails, clams, in addition as tiny mammals and waterbird. Younger alligators can eat insects and alternative tiny invertebrates. Dentition includes blunt teeth custom-made well to crushing shelled animals.

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Chinese Alligator Price


Photo of Chinese Alligator

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