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Content Overview of Common carp

History of Common carp

The common carp fish is native to Europe and Asia and has been introduced to each a part of the globe except the poles. they’re the third most often introduced species worldwide[citation needed], and their history as a farmed fish dates back to Roman times[citation needed. Carp square measure used as food in several areas, however square measure currently additionally thought to be a gadfly in some regions thanks to their ability to out-compete native fish stocks.

the initial common carp was found within the upcountry delta of the river concerning 2000 years past and was torpedo-shaped and golden-yellow in color. It had 2 pairs of barbels and a mesh-like scale pattern. though this fish was at first unbroken as associate degree exploited captive, it absolutely was later maintained in massive, specially designed ponds by the Romans in south-central Europe (verified by the invention of common carp remains in excavated settlements within the Danube River delta area).

As cultivation became a profitable branch of agriculture, efforts were created to farm the animals, and therefore the culture systems before long enclosed spawning and growing ponds.[10] The common carp’s native vary additionally extends to the Black Sea, lake and Lake Aral.

Distribution and habitat

Common carp fish Efforts to eradicate a little colony from Tasmania’s Lake Crescent while not exploitation chemicals are victorious, however, the semipermanent, big-ticket ANd intensive enterprise is an example of each the likelihood and issue of safely removing the species once it’s established.

[citation needed] One proposal, considered environmentally questionable, is to regulate common carp by deliberate exposing them to carp-specific koi animal virus with its high mortality. The CSIRO has developed a way for genetically modifying carp in order that they solely turn out male. This daughterless carp technique shows promise for completely eradicating carp from Australia’s waterways.

Common carp characteristics

Scientific Name: Cyprinus carpio
Lifespan:  20 years (In the wild, Canada population)
Origin: Europe and Asia
Common Names: Common carp,  Grass carp,  Bighead carp
Size: 40–80 cm(15.75-31.5 inches)
PH: 6.8-7.5
Temperature: 18–20 oC.
Water Hardness: A Mg2+ hardness less than 10 mg/L CaCO3 impeded
Fish type:
Aquarium Size: 2 – 14 kg
Tank Mates: tankmates he has will either have to be able to deal with aggressive fish
Gender: Male, Female.

Lifecycle of Common carp

Like all animals, fish ought to survive and grow massive enough to breed. Fish that build it to adulthood and to spawning time use a variety of ways to confirm productive copy. Common carp fish This lesson appearance at the factors that come in keeping a fish species alive whereas examining the life cycle of lake fish.

Common carp Temperament / Behavior


Common carp fish Temperament. Carps “tame” rather quickly to regular feedings. They additionally revert to pure wild animals once they see a internet. If you wish to catch carp on hook and line (and World Health Organization doesn’t?), pre-chum your fishing space with canned corn (whole kernel, not cream-style) or slices of stale staff of life on a routine before you cast out your line.


Carp like heat lakes, streams, ponds and sloughs with lots of organic matter. they are doing not multiply pronto in clear, cold water. they’re tolerant of terribly poor water quality. They root around on all-time low whereas feeding, usually uprooting vegetation and creating the water terribly murky. Common carp fish These carps can eat a good style of things together with insect larvae, crustaceans, mollusks, some aquatic plants, fish eggs, and even little fish.

How to take care?

The carp is associate degree omnivorous fish that may live for many years and grow to monumental sizes in a very kind of completely different environments. Common carp fish  species vary from the domesticated Koi fish to wild species just like the grass carp. If you intend on raising carp, it is important that you just originated a healthy environment and feed them the correct quite food. If you get the correct materials and follow the correct techniques, you’ll be able to raise baby carp to adulthood.

Get a 100-gallon tank:

will|you be able to purchase a tank at the pet store or online otherwise you can use an out of doors pool to make your spawning pool. The larger the tank, a lot of areas the carp can ought to move around. a perfect tank for carp is 8×6 foot (2.43×1.82 m) and a minimum of 2 feet (60.96 cm) deep.

Get a tank manufactured from non-toxic materials to push carp propagation.
You can additionally use an out of doors pool to accommodate your baby carp.

Add organic material to the tank:

Fill 1/2 the tank with aquatic plants, bristle brushes, branches, Lilly pads, or spawning sponges. This vegetation can give O to the water and can provide the carp the suitable quantity of shade that they have to remain healthy.

Feeding for Common carp

Growing fry of common carp square measure fed in line with the amount of stock with larvae, i.e. at about 0.1–0.15 g/stocked larvae/day. This quantitative relation ought to be bitten by bit enlarged to zero.4–0.5 g/stocked larvae/day by the tip of the advanced fry rearing amount. Size of the feed particles is additionally vital and may be adjusted to the mouth size of the growing fry.

Throughout the primary week, a well-powdered mixture of feeds (Table half-dozen.1) is suggested to be distributed. Later the dimensions of the feed particles could also be enlarged (1–3 mm) (Horváth and Tamás, 1981).

In ponds, the frequency of distribution of feeds for fingerlings, growers and table fish is incredibly vital. In large-scale fish farms, the feed is distributed once on a daily basis, whereas the best is 2 smaller parts that are complemented with natural food searched and consumed between feedings.

Common carp fish the course of fish rearing, the whole daily portion of feeds mustn’t be over regarding one.5–2 % of the standing biomass of common carp, as this can force fish to look for natural food. because the value of fingerlings is sometimes high, it’s worthy to use combined feeds of upper (20–25 percent) supermolecule content (Table half-dozen.1).

Feeding of Granger and table fish of common carp with supplementary feeds in pool polyculture is finished on the premise of the particular biomass. one among the simplest pointers for doing this is often given in Table eight.1. Some business feeds ordinarily utilized in common carp pool polyculture square measure listed in Table Seven.

Health and Diseases:

The manifestation of infectious diseases in vulnerable carp species is that the combined action of potential microorganism and also the stress caused by improper environmental factors. Potential pathogens area unit virus, bacteria, fungus, protozoan and beast parasites etc. Common carp fish

Common carp fish several fish could carry little numbers of unhealthful organisms either harbouring chronic, low-grade infections or serving as carriers whereas in some cases it’s going to account for fast large outbreaks of acute malady that generally occur once such fishes area unit subjected to fret.

Several fish could carry little numbers of unhealthful organisms either harboring chronic, low-grade infections or serve as carriers whereas in some cases it’s going to account for fast large outbreaks of acute malady that generally occur once such fishes area unit subjected to fret.

2.1.1 microorganism diseases: to this point carps area unit involved, primarily three microorganism diseases Spring pathology of carp (SVC)/Rhabdovirus Carpio (RVC), skin cancer papillosum of carp and Gill sphacelus of carp area unit of importance.

Best food for fish:

Wild common carp FISH (generally cited as ‘carp’ during this truth sheet) sleep in the center and lower streams of rivers, in inundated areas, and in shallow confined waters, like lakes, oxbow lakes, and water reservoirs. Carp square measure chiefly bottom dwellers, however, look for food within the middle and higher layers of the water body.

Typical ‘carp ponds’ in Europe square measure shallow, eutrophic ponds with a muddy bottom and dense aquatic vegetation at the dikes.The ecological spectrum of carp is broad. Best growth is obtained once water temperature ranges between twenty three °C and thirty °C.

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