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Elephant trunk snake

elephant trunk snake belongs to a gaggle of non-venomous aquatic snakes. It are often found in heat fresh waters and briny waters of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Asian country and Vietnam. These snakes live close to the coasts of rivers, streams, canals, lagoons and estuaries. Elephant trunk snakes are seldom seen within the ocean. This uncommon snake is commonly on a target of hunters attributable to its skin, that is extremely prized within the trade of animal skin.

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Because they have such a unique and comical appearance elephant trunk snakes could be viewed as novelty pets, but in this blog article, we’ll explain why we feel these snakes are best suited for experienced reptile keepers.

Trunk Scientific Classification

  • Kingdom : Animalia
  • Order : Squamata
  • Phylum : Chordata
  • Class : Reptilia
  • Suborder : Serpentes
  • Family : Acrochordidae
  • Subphylum : Vertebrata
  • Genus : Acrochordus
  • Species : A. javanicus

Elephant Trunk Snake Habitat

Elephant trunk snakes area unit illustrious for being escape artists, thus make sure that your tank incorporates a secure fitting lid on high. we tend to additionally weigh our lids down with either a hardback book or 2 on either side or a rock or hefty weight.

Water within the tank ought to be heat. we tend to advocate maintaining a temperature within the low eighties, though permitting the water to chill to temperature in the dead of night shouldn’t be a difficulty.

The habitats of the species area unit coastal like estuaries, lagoons and rivers. they appear to possess a preference for water over briny environments.

Trunk Snake

The snakes pay most of the time underwater. The snake will stay submerged up to forty minutes while not bobbing up for air.

The Elephant Trunk snake includes a loose and dishevelled skin, and seems several sizes large for the craniate. Small, rough, adjacent scales cowl the skin. They decision the animal skin as Karung and this includes a smart demand in workplace business.

The skin is that the characteristic feature of (Elephant) trunk snakes that distinguish them from alternative snakes. alternative snakes have comparatively tight skin and overlapping scales. every scale on the loose, dishevelled skin of the (Elephant) trunk snake, has wartlike projections. The scales don’t overlap either. Movement in water is simple thanks to the loose skin. Movement ashore is AN altogether completely different story.

Elephant trunk snakes Food

Elephant trunk snakes prey on fish. they’re not specific concerning the sort of fish they prey on. a number of their favorites are, Goldfish, minnows, Shiners, Guppies, Mollies, brand tails and therefore the like, all live. they are doing not appear to relish dead fish placed within the tank.


These snakes area unit essentially ambush predators. They live waiting until associate degree edible prey comes close to. The snakes then can wrap its body tightly round the prey. The scales exert a vice-like grip from that the foremost slippery, squirmy fish cannot escape.

Elephant trunk snake size

  • Elephant trunk snake will reach seven.8 feet long.
  • Females square measure sometimes twofold longer than males.
  • Dorsal aspect of elephant trunk snake is brown in color.

Elephant trunk snake care

Because they’re not interactive pets and since they need a very completely different originated and care needs than ancient pet reptiles, we have a tendency to suggest elephant trunk snakes for knowledgeable homeowners solely. Their aquatic care and most popular diet makes them distinctive reptiles.

We’ve already hinted at it, however the physical look of the elephant trunk snake is certainly distinctive. If we have a tendency to had to settle on one word to explain this species, we’d decision it “soggy.”

We think it’s conjointly truthful to mention that this snake’s common name offers a really apt interpretation of its look because it will closely correspond the trunk of AN elephant, each in texture and in form.

Elephant Trunk Snake Facts

  • Elephant trunk snake shares similarities in look with boa. Unlike boa, head and body of elephant trunk snake square measure equally wide.
  • Elephant trunk snake has loose skin, lined with little, rough scales due to sharp triangular ridges on their surface.
  • Elephant trunk snake hunts as associate degree ambush predators (using the issue of surprise) and kills the victim by squeeze the life out of it. Loose skin lined with sharp scales prevents victim to flee from a deadly grip.
  • Elephant trunk snake could be a carnivore (meat-eater). Its diet consists of various kinds of fish and amphibians.
  • Elephant trunk snake is nocturnal creature (active throughout the night).
  • Elephant trunk snake spends most of its life within the water. It seldom visits land as a result of loose skin prevents traditional movement on the object.
  • Elephant trunk snake will pay forty minutes below the water. once lungs have to be compelled to be refilled with recent air, snake aligns the body with the surface of water and exposes nostrils for fifteen to twenty seconds.

Elephant Trunk Snake Images

elephant trunk snake images

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