Fantail pigeon

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Content Overview of Fantail pigeon

Fantail pigeon

The fantail is a popular breed of fancy pigeon. There are several subvarieties, such as the english fantail, the Indian fantail, and the Thai fantail. Charles darwin used it as one of the examples in the first chapter of On The Origin Of Species.

The fantail was developed originally in india and improved to its present state by breeders in the uk and the us. There are many sub-varieties of this breed. and common sub-varieties of this breed include the Indian fantail, English fantail and the Thai fantail.

Distribution and habitat

The breed is really thought to have originated in China, India, Pakistan or Spain. This breed include the Indian fantail, English fantail and also the Thai fantail.

Fantail pigeon characteristics

Fantail pigeon is an average sized bird with very beautiful appearance. it’s characterized by a fan-shaped tail composed of 30 to 40 feathers, that typically have 12 to 14 feathers. There are literally two common kinds of this breed, that are american and Indian fantail pigeon. Fantails with this mutation are known as  silky or Lace Fantails.

There are many subvarieties, like English fantail, the Indian fantail, and also the Thai fantail. There are several color kinds of the overhang pigeon that embody black, blue, dun, red, white, silver, yellow and varied splashes.

Scientific Name: Columba livia
Lifespan:  10-20 years
Origin:  India, Pakistan, China or Spain
Common Names: n/a
Size: large
Coat : White, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Silver, Dun and various Splashes

Use of Fantail pigeon

The fantail pigeon is raised mainly for exhibition or ornamental purpose. Fantails are often used by pigeon flyers in the coaching of racing pigeons and Tipplers. It is also good for raising as pets. They’re used as droppers in this they’re placed on the loft landing board as a symptom to the flying birds to return in and be fed. At the side of show and decorative purpose, the breed is additionally smart for raising as pets.

Fantail pigeon Facts

It is simply characterised by it’s fan-shaped tail.

The breed is really thought to have originated in China, India, Pakistan or Spain.

Charles Darwin used it in concert of the examples within the 1st chapter of On The Origin Of Species.

Fantails are typically utilize by columbiform bird flyers within the coaching of athletics pigeons and Tipplers.

They are use as droppers therein they’re place on the loft landing board as an indication to the flying birds to return in and be fed.

Best food for Fantail pigeon

Pigeons should always have feed and grain available. Birds should be able to eat as much as they want whenever they need. Grains that are smart for overhang pigeons include whole corn, millet, Milo, wheat, barley, safflower, unpopped popcorn, inexperienced and white peas and buckwheat. Use grit that’s specially formulate to aid in the digestion of pigeons and is rich in calcium.

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Fantail pigeon Price

Starting price up to $60

Photo of Fantail pigeon

Image by Luc Coekaerts from Pixabay

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  1. I thought I had a mating pair I bought. There were 2 eggs in the cage with them. No eggs in 3 weeks. I’m really confused if I have a mating pair. How do you sex them? I love them no matter what but would like to know if I need to find a female.

  2. Hi! there, hope everyone is safe & staying at home during this uncertain times due to the covid19 pandemic. Anyway, can you help me out I have two pairs of Fan Tail but they are not producing hatchling almost a year now can you give me some advice thanks a lot

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