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Fennec fox

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Fennec fox Information

The fennec fox is the smallest of all the world’s foxes, sometimes called “desert foxes”. they are nocturnal and avoid the daytime heat of the desert surroundings. With their most notable characteristic being their large ears, they are always a favorite. Its name comes from the Berber word (fanak), which means fox, and the species name zerda comes from the Greek word xeros which means dry, referring to the fox’s home ground. they’re found within the desert of north africa, the sinai peninsula, South West Israel and the arabian desert.

Distribution and habitat

The species is found in north africa and Asia. the house vary of those foxes is widespread throughout the deserts of the Sahara and throughout north africa. They pay most of the day in associate underground burrow avoiding the desert heat. they like sandy deserts and arid regions with desert grasses or scrub vegetation.

Fennec fox characteristics

These foxes are cream-colored with black-tipped tails. Fennec foxes are soft, thick, short coat that’s off white on the side and reddish or tawny on the rear, with some black markings on the back and tail. they need the most important ears relative to their body size of any member of the carnivore family, that they use to dispel heat and capture prey beneath the sand. it’s the littlest species of carnivore within the world. This fox weighs regarding one.5–3.5 lb, with a linear unit of between 24–41 cm, it’s around twenty.3 cm tall. The tail encompasses a black tip and is 18–31 cm long, whereas the ears is between 10–15 cm long.

Scientific Name: Vulpes zerda
Lifespan: 10 years
Origin: North Africa
Common Names: Fennec Fox
Size: 20 cm
Mass: 1.6kg

Fennec fox Facts

  • Fennec fox is that the smallest species of fox within the world.
  • They are nocturnal, however do prefer to lie enter the sun.
  • They have a scent organ situated on the tip of their tail which will offer off a fragrant odor once the fox is startle.
  • Fennec fox is active throughout the night (nocturnal animal).
  • The Fennec fox will survive prolonged amount of your time while not water due to the power to get all wet that it wants from the food.
  • Fennec fox is social animals. It lives within the family teams of around ten animals.

Fennec fox Temperament / Behavior

Captive animals engage in extremely social behaviors, generally resting whereas in grips with one another. These foxes dwell in little communities. Males tend to point out a lot of aggression and urine-marking round the time of the females’ polyestrous cycle. Like alternative canids, male fennecs mark their territory with excreta and become aggressive competitors once sexual practice season arrives annually.

Feeding for Fennec fox

The species will live while not free water, as its kidneys are custom-made to limit water loss. The fennec fox forage for plants however additionally eat rodents, eggs, reptiles, insects, birds and insects.

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Photo of Fennec fox

Fennec fox
Image by WagnerAnne from Pixabay

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