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Finn sheep

The Finnish Landrace, Finn sheep or Finnsheep is a breed of domestic sheep native to Finland. It is one of several Northern European short-tailed sheep breeds, but is notable for its high incidence of multiple births – it is common for a ewe to have three, four, or even five lambs at once.

The lambs are often small, but are vigorous at birth and grow well. The lambs mature early and can be mated at six months of age. Ewes commonly breed out of season and some may lamb twice in a year. The breed belongs to the group of Northern European short-tailed sheep, which also includes Shetland, Icelandic, Romanov, Spaelsau, and several other breeds.


  • Breed Name: Finn sheep
  • Other Name: Finnish Landrace or simply Finn
  • Breed Purpose: Meat, milk, wool and also for landscape management
  • Breed Size: Medium to large
  • Weight: Mature ram’s body weight vary from 68 to 90 kg, and mature ewe’s body weight vary from 55 to 86 kg.
  • Horns: No
  • Climate Tolerance: Native climates
  • Color: Many
  • Rarity: Common
  • Country/Place of Origin: Finland


Finn sheep is a domestic sheep breed from Finland. It is also known as a Finnish lentre or just Finn. It is one of the many northern European short-tailed sheep communities, which is significant for high birth injuries of multiple births. The species of northern European short-tailed sheep include the Icelandic, Romanov, Shetland, Spellows and many other species.

This species was first imported in North America by the University of Manitoba, Canada in 1966. Since then, the US Only a few imported by the private breeders in the Department of Agriculture (1968) and Canada. Canadian imports were brought to the United States by private producers after fertility.


Most of the Finn sheep in the USA  are pure white.  They are also increasingly available in solid black and black/white piebald (spotted) and somewhat less commonly found in grey, brown and fawn. Finn sheep wool has unmistakable luster and softness in all shades of color.  While the fleece is lightweight (5-6 lb.) it is highly praised by hand spinners as it blends easily with other fibers, has a long staple (3-6″), and a wool spinning count in the 50′s (24 to 31 microns).


The Finn sheep are medium to large sized animals. They can appear in almost all colors. Both rams and ewes are usually polled, that means they have no horns. Face and legs of these animals are generally free of wool, and they are naturally short tailed animals.

As a medium to large sized animal, average live body weight of the mature Finn sheep rams is between 68 and 90 kg. And the fully grown ewe’s body weight vary from 55 to 86 kg.

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