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Golden Guernsey Goat History

The Golden guernsey is a rare breed of goat from the Bailiwick of guernsey on the island. The Golden guernsey goat could be a farm goat breed used for milk production in the main. They were initial dropped at nice britain by Rudi Sweg in 1965 and a sub-breed has evolved referred to as nation milcher. The british Goat Society Golden guernsey register was opened in 1970.

Ancestors of this breed are believed to possess been the Oberhasli and Syrian goat breeds. The primary documented regard to the Golden milcher in its current kind dates from 1826 once regard to a “golden goat” was written during a guide book.

The exact origin of those animals is unsure however since goat bones are found in dolmens (a kind of memorial tomb) as recent as 2000 B.C. On the islands, it’s doubtless that the breed began to evolve into its current kind concerning this point.

Golden Guernsey Goat Characteristics

The Golden guernsey goat is a beautiful, medium sized animal. They are smaller and more fine-boned than other British milking goats and there is great variety in coat length. That goats are golden in color, with hues ranging from pale blond to deep bronze. There is great variety in the coat length of the Golden guernsey goat, and they are smaller and a lot of fine-boned than alternative British farm goats. The males are usually horned, with very splendid horns, very few do not have horns. Minimum weight of the Golden guernsey bucks is  60kg, and minimum 55 kg for the does.

Scientific name: Capra aegagrus hircus
Breed Name: 
Golden Guernsey
Other Name: n/a
Breed Purpose: Milk
Breed Size: Medium
Buck Minimum: 68.18 kg
Doe Minimum: 54.54 kg
Horns: yes
Climate Tolerance: All Climates
Coat Color: golden, deep bronze
Good for Stall:
Rarity: Rare
Country/Place of Origin: Guernsey

What is use Golden Guernsey?

Golden guernsey goat is a dairy goat breed. The breed is use primarily for milk production. Producing around 4 or 5 pints per day. Milk is usually has a high butterfat and protein content and so is good for making yoghurt or cheese. But it is somehow good for meat production.

This gpat was use in the development of the english Guernsey. Butterfat and protein levels are generally the same as most other breeds.

How to tack care Golden Guernsey Goat?

Create a safe environment For Your Goats. Offer a mineral supplement with higher levels of magnesium prior to exposing goats to lush pasture land. You must have to keep your goats free from all types of predators, harmful animals and plants. The fence must have to be tall enough for your goats so that they can stay inside safely and for keeping wild animals and predators out.

Advantages of Golden Guernsey goat

  • Golden Guernseys are kept for their milk and are recognized as a dairy breed by the british Goat Society.
  • The breed is use primarily for milk production.
  • The milk is higher in butter fat and proteins which make it an excellent choice for cheese making.
  • Milk of the Golden guernsey goat is higher in butter fat and proteins.
  • Their milk contain about 3.72 % butterfat and about 2.81 % protein.
  • Milk of the Golden guernsey goat is excellent for making cheese.
  • Their milk is sweet and seems to produce larger yields of cheese per volume of milk used.

Disadvantages of Golden Guernsey Goat

Golden Guernsey Goat facts

  • The Golden guernsey is a rare breed of goat from the Bailiwick of guernsey on the channel islands.
  • The breed is strong but fine-boned and generally smaller and less wedge-shaped than other breeds.
  • This goat is classified as a Minority Breed on the Rare Breeds Watchlist.
  • They provide a moderate milk yield of roughly 3.5 pints per day on average, with a normal range between 2 and 6 pints.
  • The milk fat and protein content is suitable for making yoghurt and cheese.
  • Goats are hardy, intelligent, inquisitive and even affectionate.
  • The breed also comes in a vary of colours from pale to foxy red and their coats can be short or long hair.

Golden Guernsey Goat Feeding & Grooming

The breed is adaptable to free range or stall feeding. the best diet for a domestic goat is alfalfa and green hay. In small quantities of food include grains. Clean fresh water is essential on daily bases. Loose minerals formulated for goats should be offered free choice. Goats are usually bath in summer hot days and give a clean appearance. When you are going to take bath golden goats use lukewarm water and mild soap after then drying with towel.

Golden Guernsey Goat price

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Golden Guernsey goat pictures

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