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Himalayan Guinea Pig

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Content Overview of Himalayan guinea Pig

History of Himalayan guinea Pig

himalayan guinea pig photoThe Himalayan guinea pig is not from the himalayan region of Asia. The himalayan guinea pig is Originating from South America. This Guinea Pig is a unique critter, and a popular pet and show animal.

South american Indians domesticated the guinea pig thousands of years ago, and this small furry creature has a special place in their cuisine (it’s a staple food in the Andes), religious ceremonies and folk medicine.

Much like other breeds of guinea pigs, the himalayan guinea pig was brought to Europe hundreds of years ago. From there, they made their way to North America where they have grown to be one of the most popular breed of guinea pig for pet owners.

Their coloration, or lack of it, is actually a form of albinism and occurred naturally. Of course, their distinctive look was popular and Europeans began selectively breeding them for the trait.

Distribution and habitat

Himalayan guinea Pig characteristics

Scientific Name: Cavia porcellus
Lifespan:  5-7 years
Origin: South America
Common Names: Cavia porcellus, domestic cavy or simply cavy
Size: 8-12 inches(20-30 cm)
Coat : white

Lifecycle of Himalayan guinea Pig

Himalayan guinea Pig Facts

  • The himalayan guinea pig is Originating from South America. This Guinea Pig may be a unique critter, and a popular pet and show animal.
  • Their coloration, or lack of it, is actually a form of albinism and occurred naturally.
  • They are born pure white, and the pigment develops as they age.
  • The pigmented coat may be either black or chocolate in color. The coat is short and silky.
  • The himalayan guinea pig makes a good pet for children and first-time guinea pig owners.
  • Their colour changes in accordance to the temperature of the climate where they reside.

Himalayan guinea Pig Personality / Behavior

himalayan guinea pig imagesThe Himalayan Guinea Pigs are sturdy, friendly animals for the most part. They are usually good with children, but can be frightened easily. They are sturdy animals with a friendly personality, and with proper handling, love spending time with their human companions.

Himalayan Guineas typically get along well with other guinea pigs, but there is always some risk that they will become territorial. It is advised to have more than one Guinea Pig due to curb loneliness. This attractive guinea pig comes with an equally attractive personality, and they’re known to be a calm and lovable companion.

Himalayan guinea Pig Hair

Himalayan Guinea Pigs have short to mid-length hair. They are relatively easy to groom when compared to their long-haired counterparts, such as the Peruvian Guinea Pig.

The hair should be clean and smooth and the smut should be defined as pear-shaped in a creamy or dark color, but wider when it gets closer to the nostrils.

Himalayan guinea Pig Grooming

himalayan guinea pigHimalayan Guinea Pigs have short to mid-length hair. That do not require much cleaning unless they are soiled, so keep their living space clean at all times they are relatively easy to groom when compared to their long-haired counterparts, such as the Peruvian Guinea Pig.

The Himalayan’s coat coloring actually changes based on the climate it resides in. Typically, colder weather will cause their spots to grow and darken, while hotter weather will cause fading.

Unscented soap may be used sparingly when giving them a quick bath, dry very thoroughly after. Bathing your short-coated piggie is not necessary or regular basis, especially if you brush them frequently. If they happen to have lice or some other kind of ectoparasite, then medicinal bathing in a special shampoo might be necessary.

How to take care Himalayan guinea Pig ?

A himalayan Guinea pig makes for a great, low maintenance pet- provided you are able to provide it with a sheltered and shady home. They really do not like direct sunlight and need to be housed under shade. Like all guinea pigs, they need to be fed regularly with a diet of timothy hay, fresh veggies and water.

It is a good idea to keep a close eye on their colouring and take note of any changes, as this could be a first indication that something is wrong with your pet. The nails will need to trimmed at regular intervals because captivity conditions can’t provide the natural nail wear-down. The best way to do this is by using clippers, and even the human nail clippers will do just fine.

When choosing a cage for your new pet, keep in mind that it should have a lot of space. Place a small box inside the cage and the he will love it.

Best food for Himalayan guinea Pig

himalayan guinea pig dietYou should feed your guinea fresh fruits and vegetables daily, as well as vitamin C-enriched pellets or feed. Your Himalayan Guinea Pig will thrive on a varied diet of pellets, timothy hay, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid commercial foods with seeds, nuts, and dried fruit.

Should make up the majority of the vegetable serving like carrots, green pepper, and tomato can also be offered ofttimes. Most high-quality pellets are fortified with vitamin c, and many fruits and veggies are also high in vitamin c.

Fresh grass should be added to their menu to aid digestion and teeth health. Guinea pigs will also chew the hay you’ll provide for them as a part of their bedding, which is completely fine.

Himalayan guinea Pig Health and Diseases

In general, the himalayan guinea pigs are healthy animals. range of mountains guinea pigs, as well as different piggie varieties, are sensitive to fret. Some animals were glorious to urge heart attacks once exposed to unforeseen loud noises.

Respiratory infections is that the most typical guinea pig health concern, most breeds of guinea pigs are susceptible to respiratory disease and different respiratory infections.

Diarrhea Guinea pigs have sensitive dietary tracts, and are so susceptible to looseness of the bowels and different gastrointestinal problems. Confirm you feed your pet a balanced, healthy diet applicable for guineas so as to cut back the chance of complications.

Regular health checkups are helpful, however not entirely necessary for healthy piggies. The Himalayan Guinea Pigs are usually healthy animals if cared for correctly.

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