How To Support Wildlife At Home

How To Support Wildlife At Home And All Over The World

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If you are an animal lover then you are surely distressed by the news of how many habitats are being destroyed every day. Wild animals are in the greatest danger than they have ever been in history. There are a lot of forces at work that are driving them out of their homes in pursuit of profit at all cost.

It may seem like there is nothing that can be done when you think of the power these large multinational corporations have. But, the reality is that if everybody were to do something small or make some kind of changes in their life it can add up to a huge difference in the fight for our animal friends’ survival.

In this article, I will give you some information about how you can make a difference in the life of a wild animal by understanding the importance of wildlife conservation.

Pick a favorite

It can be quite overwhelming when thinking about what you can do to help save the world’s wildlife. You may feel powerless because you want to save them all. Instead, focus on a favorite animal that really gets you excited. For instance, you may be a big fan of Galapagos tortoises, or the Orangutans of Sumatra that are in danger. Whatever your adopted animal species is, you can focus on just that.

Then, you can do things like make donations to organizations that help that specific animal so you can directly help them. Or, you can do things to raise awareness in others so they can also donate.

It can be in the form of a blog that you’ve dedicated to the animal with a page that brings them to where they can donate to the various organizations that help. Setting up a kiosk in flea markets, concerts or other events is also a good way to bring the plight of your favorite wild animal into the consciousness of others that might ordinarily not know that they were endangered.

Become a member of an organization

As just one person you can make a difference when it comes to helping out. If everybody did the same then it really adds up. However, when you give your time to an organization then you can really take the issue to the next level.

Once again, pick one that really resonates with you as a pet project and then try to find a way that you can help them. Many are dedicated to very specific issues from the type of animal to raising awareness and funds to help a particular habitat that includes lots of different species.

How you are able to help the organization depends on a lot of factors. If you are donating considerable amounts of money then you may find yourself offered a position on the board of trustees so you can make more direct decisions on the scope and mission of the organization.

Otherwise, you will be regarded by whatever your particular talent is as to how you can help. If you have experience in programming then you may be called upon to help build an app.

Those with public relations backgrounds will be able to find ways to get the word out to the masses. Think about your skill set and there is a position in the organization for you.

Act locally

What you do in your home and backyard can have repercussions that spread far and wide without you even realizing it. For instance, using herbicides in your yard or garden can kill your local bee population which has a knock on effect across your entire area.

Even the chemicals that you use on your grass or in your home can make their way into the local water table and cause massive amounts of damage to people and the local waterways.

Think about what effect your actions at home have and try your best to curb them. It will take doing some research, but once you have the knowledge and understanding that the local wildlife depends on you then it will be easy to make those changes in your lifestyle.

Go meatless on occasion

One of the biggest factors in habitats being destroyed is the increase in meat consumption. Specifically beef. A lot of beef is being raised in the area around the Amazon, so a lot of the rainforest is being torn down to make way for cattle ranches.

This has a horrible effect on the local wildlife that depends on that habitat. It also is helping to increase global warming with devastating effects.

If you cut down on your meat consumption and others do the same then there will be less need for these farms to grow and it will decrease how much of the rainforest is being cleared.

You don’t have to go vegan per se, but if you eliminate meat from a few meals per week then this will go a long way and make a huge difference. Many people are starting out with a Meatless Monday and then carrying it over into other days of the week.

Curb your consumption

Consumer culture is another driver of the clearing of important wildlife habitats. For instance, the electronics that we love need rare earth metals to operate. Mining them is devastating to many ecosystems around the world. By consuming less, these mines will eventually go back to nature and the habitats restored.

Plastics from packaging and the products themselves are making their way into the oceans and putting many species of fish in danger. The less we buy then the less plastic there will be in the environment. You don’t have to stop buying things, but make better purchases by buying less and looking for eco-friendly alternative materials.


There is not just one way that you can make a difference. Your love of animals can be the very thing that helps a number of species to survive just by being caring and doing little things that can add up to nothing short of a miracle for these creatures.

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