Javan Warty Pig

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Content Overview of Javan Warty Pig

Javan Warty Pig

The Javan warty pig or Javan pig (Sus verrucosus) is a species of even-toed ungulate in the family suidae. The population size of this species remains unknown and habitat destruction in the form of deforestation and hunting are the main causes of decline.

It was originally endemic to the Indonesian islands Java, Bawean, and Madura, but is considered extinct in Madura. Currently, the species survives in small and highly fragmented patches of habitat and under intense hunting pressure. This species was widespread on Java as recently as 1982 (Semiadi and Meijaard 2006), but is now absent from most of the island, and is surviving only in highly fragmented populations.

Distribution and habitat

Javan warty pigs like secondary forests (forest with undergrowth), particularly those dominated by teak. it absolutely was originally endemic to the Indonesian islands Java, Bawean, and Madura, however is considered extinct in Madura.

This species is endemic to the islands of Java (S. verrucosus verrucosus) and Bawean (S. v. blouchi); it absolutely was once found on Madura, however is currently thought to be extinct there. It lives in fragmented teak forest regions ranging in elevation from sea level to 800 m (2,600 ft).

Javan Warty Pig characteristics

Male Javan warty pigs are much larger than females, however each sexes have relatively long legs and a straight back. Male Javan wartlike pigs weigh regarding 108.2 kg (239 lb), whereas females solely regarding 44 kg (97 lb).

The Javan warty pig’s pelage is red near the tip and a yellow or white color at the base of the hair. it has a long mane on top of its head that follow its spine down its backs to the rump. In younger animals, there is a distinct tuft of hair along the jawline where the last wart will emerge. the large ears have a broad leaf-like shape. Its tail has a tuft of long, red hairs at the end. it has skinny legs and a large, oblong body.

Scientific Name: Sus verrucosus
Lifespan:  8 years
Origin: Indonesian islands Java, Bawean, and Madura
Common Names: Javan pig, Sus verrucosus, Sanglier pustule, Sanglier verruqueux de Java, Pustelschwein, Babi tanah
Size: 90 – 190 cm
Coat : red, Black and white

Scientific classification

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Mammalia
  • Order: Artiodactyla
  • Family: Suidae
  • Genus: Sus
  • Species: S. verrucosus

Javan Warty Pig Behaviour

The Javan warty pig is mainly a solitary creature. once afraid, the dorsal crest is raised and also the tail control erect. The alarm decision may be a shrill whistle. close to areas of human habitation, this species is primarily nocturnal and can venture into agricultural lands to raid crops like corn and cassava.

Javan Warty Facts

Javan wartlike pigs direct weight from forty four to 108 kg, and are ninety to a hundred ninety cm long.

The hair of this species is typically a red color, with the bottom sharply marked because the hair turns to a yellowish color.

It was originally endemic to the Indonesian islands Java, Bawean, and Madura.

Best food for Javan Warty Pig

Sus verrucosus is omnivorous. they are known to feed on vegetables, small mammals and human crops. Its diet includes roots, tubers, bark, seeds and grains.

Photo of Javan Warty Pig

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