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Mantella Information

Mantella are a prominent genus of aposematic frogs in the family Mantellidae, endemic to the island of Madagascar. The Mantella frogs are considered the most beautiful frogs within the world because of their bright colors. The members of the genus are diurnal and terrestrial in behaviour, exhibiting bright colouration or cryptic markings which are species specific. The mantella frog may be a part of an oversized family of frogs that vary in color from yellow to red to orange.

Distribution and habitat

Mantella are endemic to the island of Madagascar and its smaller coastal islands. They really enjoy a damp environment and love rain. This frog mostly are found on the damp ground in the higher forests. They inhabit a good form of different habitat types including primary rainforests, secondary rainforests, swamps, bamboo forests, semi-arid streambeds, slow moving forest streams, seasonal streams, montane grassland savannah and in wet canyons.

Mantella characteristics

The genus are considered small frogs in morphology, typically varying in sizes of 18–31 millimetres. they have spectacular bright and various colors ranging from, yellow, blue, red and orange. female specimens usually being larger than males. they need short legs, and their fingers and toes bear distinct adhesive pads. relating to the throat pouch, there are similar blueish to white markings within the kind of either spots or a continuous horseshoe shaped marking upon it. Their eyes are typically black, although they may occasionally have a little bit of gold in the upper portion of the iris.

Scientific Name: Mantella
Lifespan: 12 – 14 years
Origin: Madagascar
Common Names: golden frogs or Malagasy poison frogs
Size: 24mm
Weight: 1mm

Scientific classification

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Amphibia
  • Order: Anura
  • Family: Mantellidae
  • Subfamily: Mantellinae
  • Genus: Mantella

Mantella Facts

  • Mantella frogs are among the most brightly colored and showy of all frogs.
  • Several species of this frogs are non-poisonous, however exhibit protecting mimicry. By exhibiting the intense colours of the cyanogenetic species, they’re avoided by predators.
  • The variegated mantella lives within the high grasslands of Central Madagascar. It burrows throughout the dry season to stay from drying out.
  • A group of mantellas is called an army.
  • The frog becomes toxic due to the alkaloid toxins in its diet.
  • The mantella frog is diurnal, or primarily active in the day.

Mantella Temperament / Behavior

Frogs are usually colonial in nature, living in groups scattered throughout southeastern Madagascar. Mantellas live in little colonies with an average of two males for every one female. they are diurnal in nature, hunting basically all day for food. A female frog waits until the first big rainstorm of the season and then deposits her eggs in damp leaf litter or in an exceedingly short tunnel she has mamma. Makes do have a puzzling behavior in this they’re particularly reluctant to decision, compared to alternative species of mantellas. The young frogs are a boring brown that keeps them well invisible in the leaf litter.

How to take care?

Feeding for Mantella

Mantellas have a tremendous appetite, these frogs prey mainly on insects. They Feed them small crickets, termites, small spiders, small waxworms and other available invertebrates.

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Frog Price

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Photo of Mantella

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