Mini satin rabbit

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Mini satin rabbit

Mini satins are small, compact rabbits. True to their name, they resemble tiny satins. Like their larger counterparts, mini satins have very shiny fur. This is because each hair shaft has a small diameter and is full of little air bubbles. This catches the light and gives them a high sheen. Not only do mini satins have lustrous coats, but their fur is very thick and silky. These little rabbits are sure to continue growing in popularity.


The Mini Satin Rabbits are relatively calm and friendly, but this depends on the line. Not all of them are friendly and placid nor suitable for children. Research the individual animal’s temperament before buying one.

These rabbits like all rabbits are social creatures and do best when kept in pairs of the same gender. Both males and females can become territorial. This issue is reduced if they are spayed.


There are quite a few color varieties accepted by the ARBA when it comes to Mini Satin rabbits. Colors include black, blue, broken (any color mixed with white), chocolate, chocolate agouti, copper, chinchilla, opal, otter, red, siamese, silver marten, tortoise, and white.


The first “satinized” rabbit fur appeared in Havana rabbits owned and bred by the well-known and dedicated Mr. Walter Huey, in 1934.

Mr. Huey knew a good thing when he saw it. He entered these super-shiny Havanas in the next rabbit show. His fellow breeders were not happy! After an enormous hue and cry, the satinized Havanas were made a separate variety with the name “Satin Havana.” They were accepted by the National Havana Club and would compete against each other.

As happened in the Rex world, breeders of other rabbit breeds were enthralled with the glossy sheen of these new Havanas. It was a simple matter to insert this recessive gene into the genetics of many other breeds of rabbits.


The body type of a Mini satin rabbit is small and compact. Its ears have a maximum length of 3 ½ inches. Ears beyond this length are subject to disqualification. Ideally, they should have a good width of shoulders, midsection, and hindquarters. And their body’s depth should complement the body’s width.

Also, the head of a Mini satin rabbit should be well-rounded, full and set on a short neck. Its ears are to be upright, short, thick and fully covered with fur.

Its fur has a beautiful sheen that is brought about the translucent hair shell. It is fine, silky, and very dense. Guard hairs that have a good sheen protect the soft and thick undercoat of the breed. These guard hairs are rollback in nature, so much so that when they are stroked from tail to the head, the fur can smoothly go back to its original position.

Care of Mini satin rabbit

Like other rabbits with short fur, mini satins do not need much grooming. Simply giving them a quick going over with a soft brush or damp cloth will remove dead hairs and keep your rabbit looking nice. During a molt they will need more frequent grooming.

Rabbits need their claws clipped every month or so. As with all rabbits, your mini satin will not need bathing. Simply spot clean any areas that may need it.

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