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Murcia-Granada Goat History

The Murcia-Granada breed of goat, also known as Murciano Granadina, originated in the semi arid areas in south eastern spain. Murcia granada goat is a very good dairy goat breed and mainly kept for milk production. They have been introduced into several areas in latin america as well as northern africa. The breed was introduced to Argentina, Venezuela, mexico and Brazil some years ago. And these goats have also been exported to north africa.

The name of the breed of the same name with the regions in which the farmers were engaged in the cultivation of goats – Murcia, Granada, Alicante. Unpretentious and good indicators of dairy goats provided the Murcia-Granada popularity not only in spain but worldwide.

Murcia-Granada Goat Characteristics

These goats are medium size for goats. they are solid colored, usually black or mahogany color. The goats have erect ears and tails, with a short, coarse coat, though it is longer in males than in females. Bucks have usually pronounced beard and are horned. The ears of the Murcia granada goat are of medium size and erect.

Their tail is short and erect, and they have sturdy feet. There are two varieties of Murcia granada goats found; Veguesi and montana. The Murcia granada goat is a medium sized animal. Weight around 30 to 50 kg for females and 50–60 kg for males.

These goats are very good milk producers, often producing 500 liters of milk annually. Their milk has 5.6% fat, and 3.6% protein. the female Murcia granada goats can produce 2 kids in a single birth. These goat kids become mature with 6 to 8 months.

Scientific name: Capra aegagrus hircus
Breed Name: 
Murcia Granada
Other Name: Murciano Granadina
Breed Purpose: Milk, meat
Breed Size: Medium
Buck Minimum: 110-132 pounds
Doe Minimum: 70 – 110 pounds
Horns: yes
Climate Tolerance: All Climates
Coat Color: black, mahogany
Good for Stall: No
Rarity: Common
Country/Place of Origin: Spain

What is use Murcia-Granada Goat?

Murcia Granada goat mainly use for milk and also use for Meat. These goats are very good milk producers, with a Lactation period of around 210 days, often producing 500 liters of milk annually, with some individuals producing as much as twice that. Their milk has 5.6% fat, and 3.6% protein.

How to tack care Murcia-Granada Goat?

  • They don’t require a lot of constant care.
  • Goats need some sort of hoof care, proper nutrition, treatment for preventing worms, and more.
  • Murcia-Granada Goats requires that their health needs are tended to on a regular basis.
  • Goats require hoof trimming. Have someone familiar with trimming goat hooves show you how to trim hooves initially and, just as important, how to restrain a goat safely during the procedure.

Advantages of Murcia-Granada goat

  • The main value of the Murcian-Granada breed is its very high levels of milk productivity and quality.
  • Placing it among the most economically interesting breeds of dairy goats in the world.
  • Very high productivity values in addition to the very high quality of goat milk of the breed.
  • Average rates in milk of 4% protein, 6% fat and a dry extract of 14% useful.
  • Goat meat has less fat and is more in demand.
  • Murcia-Granada Goat milk is cheap, wholesome, easily digestible and nutritious.
  • Goat milk has higher buffering qualities.
  • Murcia Granada goats can be milk a number of times a day.

Disadvantages of Murcia-Granada Goat

Murcia-Granada Goat facts

  • The Murcia-Granada Goat, a dairy goat best-known for its good temperament.
  • Murciano Granadina, originated in the semi arid areas in south eastern spain.
  • They are solid color, usually black or mahogany colored.
  • These goats have excellent feed conversion ratio. they can even feed on the agricultural by-products.
  • The milk of murcia granada goat is better than other dairy goats. In terms of taste, fat and proteins.
  • Their milk has 5.6% fat, and 3.6% protein, which is better than most other goat breeds.
  • They are also use for meat especially due to the rapid development of their kids.
  • These goats reproduce quickly. typically 2 children area unit born per breeding, and that they become sexually mature around seven to eight months more matured.

Murcia-Granada Goat price

Murcia-Granada Goats for Sale is proud to be a part of the online adoption community. If you would like to be contacted when goats become available for sale.

Murcia-Granada goat pictures

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