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Content Overview Of Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Nigerian Dwarf Goat History

The Nigerian Dwarf goat may be a miniature goat breed of West African ancestry. the initial animals were transported from continent on ships as food for captured carnivores being delivered to zoos; the survivors were then maintained in herds at those zoos. Nigerian Dwarf goats area unit standard as pets and as milkers thanks to their simple maintenance and little stature.

Nigerian Dwarf Goat characteristics

There are 2 completely different height standards for the Nigerian Dwarf goat. the peak normal maintained by the American Goat Society and also the American farm Goat Association needs will to be but twenty two.5 inches (57 cm) at the withers, and greenbacks to be but twenty three.5 inches (60 cm) at the withers. The Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association states will ought to ideally be 17–19 inches (43–48 cm) tall, with a most allowed height of 21 inches (53 cm), and greenbacks ought to ideally be 19–21 inches (48–53 cm), with a most allowed height of 23 inches (58 cm).

What is use Nigerian Dwarf Goat?


How to tack care Nigerian Dwarf Goat?

  • Food is important
  • Have fresh hay as a free choice.
  • Think about a shelter for cold, winter nights even if it’s summer.
  • Make sure to have enough feed, water and space for as many goats as you are keeping.

Advantages of Nigerian Dwarf Goat

  • These miniature goats area unit loveable and friendly in nature.
  • The Nigerian Dwarf goats area unit terribly straightforward to mix with alternative stock and typically share pastures peacefully with alternative animals like sheep, cattle, horses, and alternative goats.
  • Nigerian Dwarf goats will board smaller areas than customary size goats.
  • The Nigerian Dwarf goats will produce one to two quarts of delicious sweet milk/day.
  • These goats are easy to keep up.
  • The better part is, these goats will breed year round.
  • These animals are not only raised for dairy purpose however additionally for meat (dual purpose).
  • They consume less feed than the opposite standard goat breeds.
  • One can earn income from their meat, milk, cheese.
  • You will utilize their manure for you back yard garden.

Disadvantages of goat


Nigerian Dwarf Goat facts

  • Goats are browsers, eating tips of woody shrubs and trees. They usually improve a pasture by removing blackberry, weedy copse and vine that alternative livestock will not eat.
  • A doe will turn out up to 2 quarts per day of milk that’s higher in butterfat (6 to ten percent) and protein than milk from most dairy farm goat breeds.
  • Nigerian dwarf goats are raised for milk production however also as pets. they’re gregarious, friendly and hardy and may thrive in virtually any climate. Their gentle, calm and mocking nature makes them good companion pets for children and disabled and older people.
  • Their little size means they are doing not need the maximum amount house or feed as larger dairy farm goat breeds.
  • Colour is one issue that produces these goats popular: black, gold, chocolate, Dalmatian-spotted, pint-patterned and alternative mixtures square measure potential.

Nigerian Dwarf Goat price

$400 To $500

Nigerian Dwarf Goat for Sale


Nigerian Dwarf goat pictures

Image by Theresa Hertling from Pixabay

Resource: Wikipedia

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