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Oberhasli Goat History

Goats of Oberhasli type were foreign to the USA in 1906 and in 1920, however, these goats weren’t bred pure and therefore the bloodlines were lost. In 1936, H. O. Pence imported 5 Chamois coloured Goats from Switzerland to the United States; all purebred Oberhasli within the USA descended from these. until the 1970s these animals were registered as Swiss Alpines. Crossbreeds with French Alpine or American Alpine stock were registered as American Alpines.

Oberhasli Goat Characteristics

Standards for the Oberhasli are revealed by the american farm Goat Association and by the american Goat Society.

The coloring of the breed is called “chamoisée” or “chamoisee” for its perceived similitude to the colours of the wild Alpine chamois. The coat is bay or mid-brown, with black markings consisting of 2 black facial stripes through the eyes to the muzzle, a black forehead, a black dorsal stripe or mule stripe, and black belly and lower limbs. Does, but not usd, may also be solid black. The Oberhasli milk production record per lactation is 2,116 kg (4,665 lb).

Breed Name: Oberhasli
Other Name: Also known as Oberhasli Brienzer or Swiss Alpine
Breed Purpose: Milk
Breed Size: Medium
Buck Minimum: 68 kg
Doe Minimum: 54 kg
Horns: No
Climate Tolerance: All Climates
Coat Color: Chamois (with black face-stripes, belly, back stripe and legs)
Good for Stall: Fed Not sure
Rarity: Common
Country/Place of Origin: Switzerland

What is use Oberhasli Goat?


How to tack care Oberhasli Goat?

This breed is like every different goat breed. It wants to care and another goat companion. you would like to provide it fodder, food, water and you also need to trim its hooves monthly. This breed must have straw or some quite bedding to rest on. If you propose on obtaining this breed you would like to find a vet 1st just in case of emergencies. I like to recommend you get a salt block for any breed of goat. It helps the goat more thirsty therefore it drinks water so it will not be dehydrated. also, goats love the salt block anyway and also provide them lots of minerals. ask your vet about what certain minerals it must create it additional healthy.

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Oberhasli Goat facts


Oberhasli Goat price

Price: $350

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