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The Ocicat is an all-domestic breed of cat which resembles a wild cat, but has no wild DNA in its gene pool. The breed is unusual in that it is spotted like a wild cat, but has the temperament of a domestic animal.

History of Ocicat

The first stock breeder of Ocicats was Virginia Daly, of Berkley, Michigan, WHO tried to breed Associate in Nursing Abyssinian-pointed Siamese in 1964. The primary generation of kittens appeared the Abyssinian cat, however the lead to the second generation wasn’t solely the Abyssinian-pointed Siamese, however conjointly a noticed kitten, Tonga, nicknamed Associate in Nursing “Ocicat” by the breeder’s female offspring.

Origin: United States

Tonga was unsexed and sold as a pet, however additional breedings of his oldsters made a lot of noticed kittens, and have become the idea of a separate Ocicat breeding program. Alternative breeders joined in and used constant direction, Siamese to Abyssinian cat, and offspring to Siamese. Additionally, thanks to a blunder by CFA in recording the cross that made the Ocicat, the  Shorthair was introduced to the Ocicat giving the breed larger boning and adding silver to the vi colours.

The Ocicat originates from interbreeding of Felis catus, Siamese, and American Shorthair and is that the solely noticed domestic breed by selection bred to emulate the cats of the wild.

Interesting Fact about Ocicat 

This is an oversized, active cat whose body screams “Athlete.” he’s solid and muscular, and his short, tight, noticed the coat fits like Lycra. It comes in brown, chocolate, cinnamon, blue, lilac and fawn furthermore as a shimmering silver version of these colors. Generally a kitten with a classic tabby pattern shows up in an exceedingly litter, however isn’t eligible for show competition. The Ocicat’s body is roofed with giant, thumb-shaped spots organized in an exceedingly classic bullseye pattern.

Different names or Types  Ocicat 

All names
Scientific name:
Felis catus

Recognized Names-


Appearance & Characteristics Ocicat

The Ocicat incorporates a wild look with an oversized muscular body, an extended compact form head and long powerful legs. The coat is brief and glossy with giant, different spots that area unit well scattered everywhere the body. The breed comes during a vary of colors together with brown, blue, silver, tawny, fawn and lavenders it a miniature leopard or a cat? The primary time you see associate Ocicat, you would possibly not take care. Whereas this breed isn’t common, it’s steady growing in quality. homeowners love these cats.

Breed basic characteristics

Country of Origin: United States
Size: Medium to Large
Weight: Male: 10 – 15 pounds Female: 7 – 12 pounds
Lifespan: 12-14 years
Friendliness: The intelligence and overall friendliness of the Ocicat square measure a testament to its shut Siamese, house cat and yank Shorthair ancestry.
Exercise Needs:-
Energy Level:-
Grooming: Low Maintenance
Protective Ability:-
Hypoallergenic Breed:-
Space Requirements: House with Yard
Compatibility With Other Pets:-
Litter Size: – The average litter size for an Ocicat is four to six kittens and these are usually easily produced.


Behavior: Cats square measure at their most caressive and well behaved after they feel up to the mark of their surroundings. When they feel up to the mark they’re going to mark their home by rubbing their face and unleash secretion.
This unleash happens every time a cat rubs its face against furnishings or nuzzles up against your legs. When you see your cat displaying this cat behavior, you’ll take care that it’s feeling nice.

Size, Proportion, Substance

Size: Ocicats have large
Proportion: Medium long, of good substance and well muscled, powerful and in good proportion to the body.
Serious Faults:-


Skull: The may be a changed wedge showing a small curve from muzzle to cheek, with an evident, but gentle, rise from the bridge of the nose to the brow. The muzzle is broad and well outlined with a suggestion of oblongness and in profile shows sensible length. The chin is powerful and therefore the jaw firm with A level bite. The moderate whisker break isn’t too severe. Associate allowance for jowls is created in mature males.
Muzzle: The cheeks show a slight curve from muzzle to brow. The moderate whisker break is not too severe.
Eyes: Large, almond in shape, and angled slightly upwards towards the ears, with more than the length of an eye between the eyes.

Neck, Topline, Body

Ears: Alert, moderately large. When present ear tufts extending vertically from the tips of the ears are a bonus.
Serious Faults:-
Neck: The head is carried gracefully on an arched neck.
Body: Rather long-bodied, solid, with depth and fullness however ne’er coarse. Substantial bone and muscle development, nevertheless with associate degree athletic look. There ought to be some depth of chest with ribs slightly sprung. The back is level to slightly higher on the rear, and therefore the flanks square measure fairly level.
Serious Faults:


Shoulders: Spots are scattered across the shoulders and hindquarters, extending as far as possible down the legs.
Front Feet:-


Rear Legs:-
Hind Feet:-
Tail: Broad base, fairly long, with slight taper toward medium slim. The tip should be dark
With no ticking.

Coat: Short, sleek and glossy in texture with a lustrous radiance. Tight, shut, lying and sleek, however, long enough to accommodate the required bands of color. There ought to be no suggestion of wooliness. Every hair  has many bands of color. It’s wherever these bands fall along that a fingerprint formed spot is

Winter Coat:-
Summer Coat:-

Shedding: The expected amount of shedding your cat will normally experience. Some people don’t mind vacuuming cat hair on a regular basis. For others, it’s a drag. Consider whether you’d be bothered by excessive shedding and select accordingly.

Color and Markings 

All hairs, except the tip of the tail, are banded. At intervals the markings, hairs square measure topped with a darker color, whereas the hairs within the ground color square measure tipped with a lighter color. Color: All colors ought to be clear and pleasing. The lightest color is sometimes found on the face round the eyes, and on the chin and articulator. The darkest color is found on the tip of the tail.

Coat Color and Markings

Short, sleek and glossy in texture with a lustrous radiance. Tight, shut, lying and sleek, however, long enough to All hairs, except the tip of the tail, are banded. At intervals the markings, hairs square measure topped with a darker color, whereas the hairs within the ground color square measure tipped with a lighter color. Color: All colors ought to be clear and pleasing. The lightest color is sometimes found on the face round the eyes, and on the chin and articulator.

 Their gait mimics the large wild cats, with a low slung stance and high rising shoulder blades once walking, which provides a fluid grace to their movement. Ocicats ought to have moderately massive ears and huge amount formed eyes, that are adult slightly adding to the cat’s exotic look. The spots are well scattered everywhere the body and type a particular bullseye pattern on the edges, with a spot circled by spots.

Personality and Temperament Ocicat


Looks may be deceiving. As such, the Ocicat isn’t wild, however, rather heat and lovesome. Associate in Nursing intelligent cat, it may be educated to acknowledge its name and are available and go on your command. It’s additionally a good cat for folks that own alternative pets, because it is extremely social. The Ocicat will even use its gracefulness to faucet dance on the table or play varied games with toys and objects round the house.


The Ocicat contains a large temperament. They’re outgoing and friendly even to strangers and can typically welcome company. Area unit|they’re} not aggressive and are dedicated to their homeowners. Their rollicking and curious, however conjointly extremely smart, so that they are often trained. They crave friendly relationship and don’t prefer to be alone for long periods of your time.

Ocicats verify several things as toys, therefore it’s best to lock up something you don’t wish to travel missing. Some ocicats are renowned to become possessive of their toys. If they get bored an excessive amount of or typically, they will be mischievous. These cats have high energy levels and high intelligence, so that they would like to work up and mental challenges to stay them happy.

Activity Requirements

The Ocicat may be a natural active breed that desires no coaxing to urge its exercise. It ought to be given ample area to play and run. It ought to even be given several toys to play with within, particularly if it’s unbroken inside most of the time.

Behavioral Traits

Ocicats square measure good and quite simple to coach, compared with several different Felis domesticus breeds. They’re illustrious to retrieve, play fetch, blithely walk on a leash and quickly learn to reply to a spread of voice commands. They’re remarkably convertible and usually take all right to traveling. This breed’s remarkably exotic look, combined with its friendly temperament and innate intelligence, build it Associate in Nursing particularly pleasant feline companion.


Health & problems Ocicat


Both pureblooded cats and mixed-breed cats have varied incidences of health issues which will be genetic in nature. Ocicats are typically healthy, however, they need the potential to develop bound health issues.

Feeding Plan

Their cats, that is once the cat has access to unlimited dry food all of the time. This technique of feeding will cause some cats to become overweight or maybe fate, thus it’s not ideal. Instead, maintain a daily feeding schedule for your cat and follow the rules on your cat’s food package to work out what quantity food to provide your cat.

Living conditions

Graceful, pliant and social, the Ocicat likes to play fetch and visit with new folks and alternative pets, however will become lonely and sad once left alone for too long.

Health Problems

We have found over the years that like ALL cats Ocicats will be at risk of health issues. This is often a difficulty near all our hearts and respectable breeders do their perfect to breed and sell cats UN agency hopefully can ne’er have major health problems.

The majority of respectable breeders sells kittens/cats with contracts to hide health issues you will come across. however, most cannot cowl issues that occur that aren’t associated with the biology of the cats like FUS or geriatic issues that develop with maturity.

Make sure you’ve got a contract along with your new kitten/cat to confirm these areas are coated and develop sensible communication along with your stock farmer.

How to take care Ocicat


Do you worry that your indoor cat isn’t obtaining enough exercise? Whereas it’s true that cats have the biological process advantage of a high metabolism that works whilst they slug, they are doing still would like some physical activity to stay them from an inactive lifetime of sloth and ultimate fleshiness.

Grooming & Bruising

Grooming is that the 1st approach that kittens expertise care. Mothers groom their kittens from birth, and then licking and being defeated become related to the serenity of being with mater. “Litter mates as they get older, if they are adopted along, can groom one another forever,” says Galaxy. If your cat is licking you, it is a sign of its tenderness.

Occasional grooming is suggested to stay its coat in good condition. Tho’ we tend to see cats frequently lick their coats to wash themselves, some regular grooming will be good; it removes hair, prevents matting, and stimulates circulation. Frequency ought to be each few weeks.

Dental Health check up

Dental malady is one among the foremost common chronic issues in pets WHO don’t have their teeth brushed often. Sadly, most cats don’t take excellent care of their own teeth, and this in all probability includes your Oci. While no further facilitate and care for you, your cat is probably going to develop probably serious dental issues. Dental malady starts with food residue, that hardens into tartar that builds au courant the visible elements of the teeth, and eventually ends up in an infection of the gums and tooth roots. Protect your cat against the dental malady from the beginning by removing food residue often might facilitate forestall or delay the necessity for advanced treatment of dental malady.

Love & affection

There’s no doubt that cats love US the maximum amount as we tend to love them. Those who haven’t been blessed hirsute feline love have a tough time basic cognitive process this, though, as a result of kitties show heart terribly otherwise than individuals do. In fact, some cat behaviors that puzzle, worsen or maybe offend individuals square measure a cat’s method of expressing timeless heart.

Feed Healthy food

Cat food is food for consumption by cats. Cats have needs for his or her specific dietary nutrients.[1] bound nutrients, as well as several vitamins and amino acids, square measure degraded by the temperatures, pressures and chemical treatments used throughout manufacture, and therefore should be additional once manufacture to avoid organic process deficiency.[2][3] The organic compound taurine, for instance, that is found inside meat, is degraded throughout process, therefore artificial taurine is generally additional after. long-run taurine deficiency might lead to retinal degeneration, loss of vision, and pathology.

Don’t do these things

These lovely noticed kitties could seem like cats straight from the wild, however, they’re truly 100 percent domesticated arts. From their long, sleek bodies to their dazzling array of dots, the Ocicat could be a favorite among several cat admirers. Here are a unitary five stuff you didn’t understand the Ocicat cat breed:

The kitten information Ocicat

Kitten Training

It’s vital to start coaching your kitten as, before long, as attainable therefore she’ll be able to grow old to find out and respect the boundaries of your home. You don’t wish your cat to be created by removal within the trash, tearing up your piece of furniture or perpetually jumping au currant your counter. Kitten obedience coaching can facilitate keep her mind and body active, teach her smart social skills and behaviors, and strengthen her bond with you.

When coaching your kitten, it’s essential to possess many toys at her disposal. If she starts doing one thing she’s not imagined to, or her attention to the toys. Offer them to her as a souvenir for avoiding unhealthy behaviors. Having toys to play with can keep your kitten mentally and physically occupied. You’ll additionally sprinkle them with Nepeta cataria to any stimulate her to play.

Kitten crate Training

Most cats hate the crate just because it’s used therefore rarely and related to chilling stuff. what number times have you ever force the kitty carrier out of the closet, solely to own the cat disappear? Most felines solely see the crate to be taken to the MD or groomer. Kitty isn’t any dummy—it solely takes once for her to be told that CRATE means that NEEDLES, or a measuring instrument placed in a very rude location. In fact, surveys report that “hates the crate” may be a high reason cats don’t visit the MD as usually as they must.

Behavioral training

Cat behavior includes visual communication, elimination habits, aggression, play, communication, hunting, grooming, marking, and face rubbing in domestic cats. It varies among people, colonies, and breeds.

Communication will vary greatly among individual cats. Some cats move with alternative cats additional simply than alternative cats. In an exceedingly family with several cats, the interactions will modification reckoning on that people are gift and the way restricted the territory and resources are. One or additional people could become aggressive: fighting could occur with the attack leading to scratches and deep bite wounds.

Obedience training Ocicat

Cats square measure typically underestimated once it involves behavior, just because the common owner has little got to try any variety of coaching in any respect.

Unlike with dogs (obedience coaching for dogs is well documented) there’s no getting to train cats within the basics of pet protocol like house coaching and bathing. Consequently, solely a number of folks square measure attentive to their cat’s skills during this space. Victimisation Cat Obedience coaching could be a good way to counterpoint your cat’s life:

Kitten price

Average $636.00 USD

Find a cats or kitten

You have a cat or kitten fever, however you reside with a senior pet. Do you have to get a brand new associate degreeimal? We frequently have the concept that a younger pet can revitalize an older one, however is that actually true?

I have found over and over that conveyance a brand new pet into a family with a senior will breathe new life into the previous boy or a lady. We tend to offer pets the time we are able to spare and therefore the love we are able to share, however living with another member of constant species will offer them with social, mental and physical edges. We tend to see it once they take part on neighborhood barking, groom one another,

Find a breeder

The cat association websites even have listings of their forthcoming shows. Attending a cat show could be a good way to fulfill respected breeders and see their cats. Breeders World Health Organization show attempt to supply cats that meet the breed customary – the physical ideal for that individual breed. At shows, breeders and their cats are a unit subject to scrutiny by experienced judges and exhibitors World Health Organization will quickly spot a nasty apple in their bunch. Therefore, cat shows are a unit typically smart place to fulfill respected breeders. Kitten producers care nothing regarding the breed customary or showing their cats, since they’re breeding for profit instead of to boost the breed.

In addition, in depth lists of breeders will be found on the Fanciers stock breeder Referral List, www.breedlist.com, also as a wealth of knowledge and links to stock breeder sites. Breed-specific clubs or societies conjointly exist and may give lists of stock breeder members. These teams typically have a written code of ethics their members comply with uphold. Several of the cat associations can also give stock breeder lists.

Things to consider adopting an Ocicat

Congratulations on taking the primary step toward adopting a cat. As you rummage around for your feline friend, it’ll be simple to fall gaga with one amongst the numerous cute and impish kittens and to assume it’ll grow into the adult cat you’ve got continuously wished. However, did you recognize kittens aren’t right for everyone? With a life of fifteen to twenty years (and generally longer), your journey along with your kitten are going to be transient, however the cat, he grows into are going to be a member of your family for a really long term. Before adopting a kitten, make certain you’re taking the subsequent points into thought.

Advantages of Ocicat

  • Ocicats are terribly friendly and other people destined
  • Ocicats are pliable to different cats and mild children
  • It’s legendary to be terribly active and devilish
  • They are intelligent and simple to catch
  • Low maintenance grooming is needed by Ocicat

Disadvantages of Ocicat

Disadvantages are obvious if you’re allergic. Also, if they’re not happy, they can meow at you a lot.

Photo gallery

Ocicat images
Photo by Lukáš Vaňátko from Pexels
Ocicat photo
Image by koczka1903 from Pixabay

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