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Pamphobeteus is a genus of tarantulas (family Theraphosidae) native to northwestern South America: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. It includes some of the largest spiders in the world. Pamphobeteus was first believed to be a member of the genus Lasidora, but was later distinguished by the lack of scopulae on the inferior side of the first leg femur and the differences in the organ for stridulation.

Scientific classification

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Arthropoda
  • Subphylum: Chelicerata
  • Class: Arachnida
  • Order: Araneae
  • Infraorder: Mygalomorphae
  • Family: Theraphosidae
  • Genus: Pamphobeteus
  • Type species: Lasiodora nigricolor


Also known as Amphibotis Antinos Pococ, 1903, “Bolivian Blue Leg Breathitters”, “Stile Blue Leg” or “Big Black Tarantula”, is a significant bird spider due to its size and color from the tropical forests of Bolivia and Peru. Women are blackwood, with short olive-black hair, typically on the stomach and on the feet, showing the appearance of wool and some long red hair.

Pocock made it clear that the species is based on the unknown males from Bogota, which is described by Azerers by Laciendora Ferrox, who also has wool clothes. Pemphobots Antinius’ males are brightly colored, showing blue appearance, with violet and copper shimmering rash. At that time, the Poko was considered to be the only species outside the Pemphobotus antennae and the Andean region, considered male palate organ to be different from other Pemphobius species Pambobotius antinos. The division between broad and thin Palp ambulals, however, is associated with north / south distribution, not east / west, previously suggested.


Pamphobeteus sp. machala lives in tropical warm and humid area, in tropical rainforests of South-America.

Ecuador lies on the equator, buthas a wide range of climates. The Costa is generally hot and humid, with temperature of about 26°C (about 78°F). On the Sierra the temperatures range between about 7° and 21°C (about 45° and 70° F), depending on the elevation. Quito, which is some 2,850 m (9,350 ft) above sea level, has an average annual temperature of 13°C (55°F).


Females can become up to 20 years old. Males are given a shorter lifetime from 3/4 years. Pamphobeteus sp.

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