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Checklist of Pet Supplies You Need to Buy for Your Dog (For New Dog Parents)

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As a pet owner, you want to be able to find the best pet supplies for your dog. You want to be able to provide everything that your dog needs at a moment’s notice, from their food, to their medical needs, to accessories that they need for grooming, training, and exercise.

In the past, dog owners would need to visit a reputable pet shop or even a vet’s office to be able to find the best pet supplies for dogs, but with the rise of online shopping, you can actually look for products online, as well as compare different products at a glance. What’s more, you can choose multiple products and get it delivered right to your doorstep.

Generally, pet supplies for dogs fall into several categories, namely:

Pharmacy Needs

Your dog’s pharmacy needs refer to any product that will help keep your dog physiologically and medically healthy. These include medications to help promote healthy internal functions, as well as heartworm chewables, pest repellents, and even specially-formulated dog food to manage medical conditions. However, there are pharmacy needs that are not available online, such as prescription medicines and vaccinations.

Food & Nutrition

Nutrition for dogs

Choosing the best dog food for your canine companion comes down to your available budget, your dog’s breed, and any special needs that your pet may have. Dog food comes in a wide variety of different qualities, from generic brands all the way to premium, high-end brands. They can also come in a variety of forms, such as wet and soft dog food in cans or pouches, or dry hard food that can be purchased in bags or sacks. If you are unsure what type of dog food you might need, you can research your dog’s specific breed to get an idea of their nutritional requirements. Active and working dog breeds such as German Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers need high-energy, high-protein dog food, while long-haired breeds such as Shih Tzus and Pomeranians need dog food that promote healthy coat growth.

Supplemental products such as vitamins also fall under this category. Most healthy dogs do well with a supplemental multivitamin regimen, especially if they are not eating premium dog food.

Grooming & Hygiene

No matter the breed of your dog, they will have grooming and hygiene needs. However, short-haired dogs generally fewer grooming needs compared to dogs with thick or long fur. The basic grooming supplies that you need for your dog is a dog brush, dog toothbrush, and nail clippers. If you have dogs with thick fur, you might consider getting a shearing set, and if you have dogs with long hair around their face, you should get eye and ear care products.

Accessories & Apparel

For your dog’s safety and comfort, you can provide several accessories such as a collar, leash or harness, and even sanitary garments such as diapers if your dog has incontinence problems. Other products such as muzzles and tags also fall under this category.

Crates & Furniture

dog Training

Even if your dog is an indoor pet, your dog needs their own safe space to play, sleep, and eat in your home. You should provide a bed for your dog to sleep in (especially if you don’t want to share yours), as well as a crate for them to play and rest safely during the day. If they are outdoor dogs, a playpen is a great choice for them to enjoy the environment while preventing them from accidentally leaving your garden.

Toys & Treats

Dogs love to play! You should provide enough toys to physically and mentally stimulate your dog to keep them happy and healthy. There are a wide range of toys and treat available, and you should again choose depending on the breed of your dog. If you have large dogs that are powerful chewers, choose chew toys that can stand up to constant chewing abuse; you don’t want your dog accidentally swallowing small pieces of rubber!

Training & Behavior

Having a trained and well-behaved dog is one of the goals of any dog owner who wants to have a comfortable home life. Training products range from training collars and leashes, to training treats, to training aids such as clickers and whistles.

Travel Supplies

You should have basic travel supplies for your dog ready so that your dog can be safe and comfortable whenever they leave the house. Whether you’re just bring your dog to the vet or you’re going out for a day to bond with your pet, these travel products are essential. For car travel, you can choose to install a harness or dog seat to keep your dog safe during the ride. You can also choose to use travel kennels or carriers. If you are going to board a plane with your dog, a carrier that’s certified for airplane use is essential.

Choosing the best pet supplies for your dog is not an easy task simply because of the virtually endless choices that you have. There are times when you would need to try several products before you find the right one for you. You should also be wary of purchasing fake or knock-off products; make sure that you only purchase from reputable sources.

If you are having trouble trying to choose products, it’s always a great idea to get referrals. You can ask friends and family who are dog owners, trusted dog breeders, and vets about which products they use personally. Another way to find the best pet supplies for your dog is by knowing exactly what they need from a certain product, whether it’s high-protein dog food, powerful chew toys, or a harness that’s designed for a particular breed. Buyer’s remorse is a real thing when it comes to pet products: at best, you might regret buying a certain product because it doesn’t fulfill your dog’s needs, but at worst, it could be dangerous to your pet.

As a rule of thumb, once you find a product that suits your dog’s needs, as well as your budget, you should stick to it!

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