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How Much Does a Pitbull Cost?

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So, you have decided to get yourself a dog. You have considered various breeds and settled on a pitbull as the best dog to adopt. Now the big question is, how much does a pitbull cost?

By your research, you probably have come across various prices for Pitbulls. You have seen prices that make you want to rush out and get that pitbull puppy right away. Other prices, especially for XXL Pitbulls, have you reconsidering whether a pit bull is the best thing for you.

You are not alone. A lot of would-be pet parents want a strong healthy pitbull at a pocket-friendly price. We are going to give you all the tips you need to buy a chubby and happy pitbull pup and not feel swindled.

What factors determine how much a pitbull puppy costs?

When buying a pitbull puppy, you should consider;

  • Size of puppy
  • Documentation
  • Physique
  • Training
  • Bloodline


The size of a pit bull puppy

Pit bulls come in various sizes. They are pocket pit-bull, standard pit bull, XL pit-bull, and the XXL pit bull.

The pocket pit bull, as the name suggests, is the smallest of the four. He grows to a height of 17 inches and weighs between 11 and 22 lbs. If you are looking for a pit bull puppy that will fit a small studio when he grows up, this is the guy to consider.

The standard pit bullhas the normal height of a molosser dog. He can grow to 20inches in height and weigh between 35 to 60 pounds. This fellow would fit a small studio or a large apartment perfectly.

Between the standard and Xl pit bull puppy is the classic pit bull puppy. He is of the same height as the standard pit bull but weighs less. He also has lighter bones compared to his standard cousin. A classic pit bull puppy is perfect if you want a pit bull that will not weigh you down with its body mass.

Then we have the big guys. The XL pit bull grows to a height of 20 inches but puts on a lot of weight. This bully fellow can weigh between 140 to 100lbs. Only get an XL pitbull puppy if you can handle his strength when he matures up.

The XXL pitbull towers over them all. An XXL pitbull puppy will grow as tall as 23 inches and weigh as much as 200 lbs.

Documented and non-documented Pitbulls

A registered pitbull can cost more than an unregistered one. With registered pit bulls, you get all the background information of the puppy regarding its bloodline. Also, you get all the information about vaccinations, parent temperaments, the expected height of the pitbull puppy, and so on.

In short, background records give you an idea of what type of standard or XL pitbull puppy you are adopting. Expect the price to be high for all this information and any expenses incurred while raising the pitbull puppy.

Pitbull puppy physique

The bigger and muscular a pitbull is, the higher you should expect to pay the furry fellow. Standard pit bulls are way cheaper compared to XXL pit bulls. You may come across pitbull puppies with blue or red noses. These are a rare find and, in some cases, you will have to pay a lot more for them.

Trained pitbull puppies attract a high price

A trained pitbull puppy will cost high than an untrained one. A trained and documented pitbull is ready for dog shows and competitions which makes them even pricier. Celebrities have paid a staggering $100,000 for an XXL pitbull puppy trained to be a security guard.


You will pay more for a pitbull puppy that comes from a reputable bloodline. These are descendants of famous pitbull breeds that have excelled in various areas of life. A bloodline that has few cases of disease or defects will also command a high price for puppies born from it.

How to buy a pitbull puppy the first time

Be vigilant when buying a pitbull puppy. We are going to give you tips on where to buy or not to buy standard or XL pitbull puppies.

  • Avoid buying from fake puppy websites

Most online puppy ads end up being a scam. If possible, always take yourself to meet the puppy before making a purchase decision. But if buying online is the immediate option for you, inspect the online ads carefully.

Are they using real photos of the pitbull puppies or they downloaded stock images? Do the online sellers have a working phone and a physical address? Do they respond to customer queries promptly? Are the reviews about this particular seller positive?

All these questions should lead you to the right online puppy sellers. Only buy a pitbull puppy if you are sure you are getting value for your money. Never give out your personal information like credit card details to websites you do not trust.

  • Get your pitbull puppy through adoption

If you do not want the hustle of online buying, you could always consider pitbull puppy adoption. You can get a standard or XXL pitbull puppy from an animal shelter or adoption center. Adopting from these institutions is cheaper as the pets are mostly rescued animals.

The only downside of adopting a rescue animal is you never know its backstory. You do not know if the animal has a history of medical conditions. You cannot tell the temperament of the dog as you have not seen it thrive in a conducive environment.

But all hope is not lost. A lot of rescue animals turn over a new leaf with proper care and lots of love. And you get to be the cool human who pulled them out from the dark.

  • Consider professional pitbull puppy breeders

Buying your pitbull puppy from professional breeders is always a safe bet. But expect to dig deep into your pockets when dealing with reputable breeders. If a breeder is offering a pit bull puppy at a price lower than market standards, get wary.

Avoid backyard and inbreed breeders. Such breeders produce a litter with the same constant features, and they are not always desirable. Congenital diseases can stick around from litter to litter. backyard/ inbreed breeders are rarely informed about the market standard of pitbull puppy breeding.

Go for professional breeders who maintain their breeding grounds clean. They also carefully select the bloodlines to breed from. A good breeder allows you to visit their breeding grounds and watch the puppy thrive in its environment. You also get to meet the parents of litter and learn about their temperament.

Good breeders will ask about your lifestyle and determine if a pitbull puppy is what you need in your life. They will also give you the full background story of the puppies and let you interact with the puppies as well.

Value for money is always guaranteed when dealing with professional pitbull puppy breeders.


Getting a new dog is one of the best decisions you will make in life. Do your homework before buying online or adopting a pit bull puppy from a shelter. Buying or adopting from professional breeders is the safest option for a first-time pet parent.

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