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Content Overview Of cat

  • Interesting Facts
  • History
  • Different names
  • Appearance and Characteristics
  • Personality and Temperament
  • Health & problems
  • How to take care?
  • Kitten Information
  • Kitten price
  • Things to consider adopting a puppy
  • Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Photo gallery

History of Cat

Origin: United States of America

In the spring of 1985, Carol Ann Brewer purchased a member cat close to Mount Baker, Washington, within the Cascades. This male had a brief bobbed tail. In Gregorian calendar month 1986, she reclaimed another male cat. This cat was terribly giant, had a bobbed tail, and was rumored to own been sired by a catamount. whereas this cat was starving, it still weighed seventeen pounds, and was thus tall it reached up to Brewer’s knees.

Shortly once she had nonheritable this massive male, it mated with a brown noticed feminine cat adjoining. In April 1986, a litter was born from this sex. Brewer eventually unbroken one amongst the kittens, named “Pixie”, and once a year started a breeding program with Pixie because the foundation cat. Over successive few years, Brewer introduced into her program

Over successive few years, Brewer introduced into her program twenty three cats from round the chain that were believed by her to turn from present matings between bobcats and domestic cats. She coined the term “Legend Cat” to talk to such cats and has since registered a trademark within the U.S. to limit the term to explain permissible outcrosses employed in her breeding program. At identical time, alternative breeders within the U.S. were operating with clearly wild wanting barn cats and collaborated with Brewer to determine a broad genetic base and to develop the muse of today’s Pixie-bob cat

At identical time, alternative breeders within the U.S. were operating with clearly wild wanting barn cats and collaborated with Brewer to determine a broad genetic base and to develop the muse of today’s Pixie-bob cat

Interesting Fact about cats

  • One of the foremost fascinating and moot feline breeds out there’s the questionable Pixie Bob breed, that is known as once one in all the terribly initial Pixie Bob kitty’s folks.
  • The Pixiebob’s facial hair makes him look as if he has muttonchop sideburns.
  • The Pixiebob incorporates a soft, thick, weather-resistant coat that may be short or long. It
  • It is often all reminder brown noticed tabby with war paint markings from the outer corner of the attention down through the cheek and a noticed belly.

Different names or Types

All names

Recognized Names

Felis catus

Recognition (if have)

Appearance & Characteristics

Pixie-Bob cat fit bobcats in some ways, from a muscular, rangy body with a wooly coat standing up from the body, and adorned with the signature recognizing a pattern in a very light-weight tan to Rufus coloring (reddish brown or rusty), to the medium-wide, inverted pear-shaped face, to Lynx-tipped ears. The tail is brief, a minimum of 2 inches, and is carried low. The Pixie-Bob cat is one in all the few breeds that enables polydactylous toes in its standards, with a most of seven toes.

Breed basic characteristics

Country of Origin: United States of America
Scientific name:  
Felis catus
Size:  Medium to large inverted pear.
Lifespan: 4 years
Trainability: Responsive well
Friendliness: Good
Exercise Needs: 10-20 daily
Energy Level: High
Grooming: Weekly
Pattern: Short stand-up coat Belly hair longer Length (PBL): Medium, under 2 Revised 120109 Pixiebob Breed Group, 05/01/2008 inches. Belly hair longer
Protective Ability: Good
Hypoallergenic Breed:
Space Requirements: House with Yard
Compatibility With Other Pets:
Litter Size: 2-4 kittens



Male: 11 – 13 inches
Female: 10-12 inches


Male:11 lb (5 kg)
Female: 10 lb (4 kg)


Behavior & Habitats

The house owners ran to save lots of their cat from attainable damage, and later kittens were born through suspicious circumstances. A male polydactylous kitten was purchased by Carol Ann Brewer, World Health Organization was like a shot intrigued with the kitten’s look and behavior.

Size, Proportion, Substance

Size: Medium to large inverted pear.
Proportion: The proportion of these nutrients will vary depending on age.
Serious Faults:


Skull: Rounded
Muzzle: Full broad muzzle. Fleshy gently rounded whisker pads. Definite whisker break.
Eyes: Medium-sized, heavily hooded soft triangle.
Ears:  Medium height, wide, deep base
Teeth: Strong
Serious Faults:

Neck, Topline, Body

Neck: Ruff around neck (PBL).
Body: Substantial and rangy. Medium to large in size.
Serious Faults:


Shoulders: shoulders and hips and a broad chest and the back slopes upwards from the shoulders
Forelegs: hind legs are a bit longer than its front legs
Front Feet: the extra toes tend to appear on the front feet


Rear Legs:
Hind Feet:


Length (PB): Short stand-up coat Belly hair longer Length (PBL): Medium, under 2 Revised 120109 Pixiebob Breed Group, 05/01/2008 inches. Belly hair longer. Texture (PB): Soft and wooly, having loft. Is resilient to the touch. Texture (PBL): Soft, lying closer to the body than shorthair. Semidense.

Winter Coat:
Summer Coat:


Color and Markings

Like wild bobcats, Pixiebobs will modification color with the seasons. Their coats will vary from heat tones with distinct markings within the summer to a muted, gray forged with tipping that provides the impression of a dusting of snow within the winter.

I ve had individuals intercommunicate in several seasons WHO didn’t believe it had been an equivalent cat,” says Gail Chaney, owner of NativeSon Cattery in Roy, Wash., and a member of the TICA Pixiebob Breed Committee. whereas Pixiebobs don’t ordinarily shed abundant, their winter frost-tipped guard hairs tend to shed in spring, Horne says.



Personality and Temperament


The Pixie-Bob cat is delineated as extremely smart, powerfully secured to its family, curious and implike, however not harmful, and obtaining on well with each kids and alternative pets. Pixie-Bob cat is leash-trained simply, and like to take walks with their humans. Their vocalization is typically restricted to chirps and twitters, though they’re going to meow often.


The Pixie-bob cat may be a quiet cat, however aforesaid by their devoted homeowners to be terribly warm towards humans. However, they have a tendency to opt to digest simply human company after they are ‘top cat’, instead of having to share their homes with alternative cats or family pets, as they’re terribly freelance souls, harking back to their bay lynx ancestry.

However, they are doing react well with humans, usurping nearly dog-like qualities by following their chosen human around the house similarly as retrieving objects that area unit threw for them, head butting as a symptom of feeling and being ready to steer on a harness.

Activity Requirements

The active, sociable Pixiebob is energetic playful,l, while not being ambitious or too tight. it’s bright and trainable and enjoys happening walks and taking part in games of fetch or child’s game. These create nice companions for spirited youngsters, and nevertheless also will kindly embrace the corporate of different family pets. whereas the Pixiebob is crazy and desperate to participate in house events, it’s equally content to relax on the couch or nap close to a heat window.



Confident, assertive, sociable, and easy-going, Pixie-Bob cat relish interacting with folks and alternative animals. though they’re in love and fond, most aren’t lap cats. homeowners assert that the temperament of the Pixie-Bob cat is a lot of equivalent to that of a dog than a cat. they’re terribly trainable and plenty of go for leash walking and automobile travel.

Behavioral Traits

Pixiebobs are available in longhair and shorthair versions. they need a thick double coat with a woolly texture that stands far from the body giving it a cushioned feel once petted. Longhairs have a medium coat up to a pair of inches long with a softer, smooth texture. just like the wild bay lynx they’re bred to fit, some Pixiebobs have wildcat recommendations on their ears. Their facial hair grows downward giving them the looks of a man’s muttonchop sideburns.

The best Pixie-bob cat could be a brown noticed tabby go in shade from chromatic to a burnt sienna. The spots square measure little and square measure muted by significant ticking-the ticking is heavier within the winter months and should be additional silvery in tone additionally. Their eye color is golden brown or gooseberry inexperienced.

Their facial hair grows downward giving them the looks of a man’s muttonchop sideburns. the best Pixiebob could be a brown noticed tabby go in shade from chromatic to a burnt sienna. The spots square measure little and square measure muted by significant ticking-the ticking is heavier within the winter months and should be additional silvery in tone additionally. Their eye color is golden brown or gooseberry inexperienced.

Health & problems


Pixie-bob cat All cats have the potential to develop genetic health issues, even as all individuals have the potential to inherit a selected illness. Run, don’t walk, from any stock farmer WHO doesn’t supply a health guarantee on kittens or WHO tells you that her kittens area unit isolated from the most a part of the social unit for health reasons.

The Pixiebob is mostly healthy, however, it’s continuously wise get from a stock farmer WHO provides a written health guarantee. Pixie-bobs cat could also be sensitive to bound vaccinations, thus make certain to debate any queries or issues together with your Dr..

Remember that when you’ve taken a brand new kitten into your home, you’ve got the facility to guard him from one in all the foremost common health problems: blubber. Keeping a Pixiebob at AN acceptable weight is one in all the simplest ways that to guard his overall health. create the foremost of your preventive skills to assist guarantee a healthier cat for all times.


Brush the Pixiebob once every week to get rid of dead hair and keep his coat shiny and healthy. the sole different grooming he desires is regular neaten, tooth brushing, and ear improvement.

The Pixiebob is similar temperament to any home with those who can love him and look after him. Keep him inside to guard him from cars, diseases unfold by different cats and attacks from different animals

Feeding Plan

Give the cat prime quality food. Feed your Pixiebob a diet of prime quality dry and canned goods. Pixiebob cats don’t seem to be best-known to be fussy regarding what they eat and can respond well to a combination of dry and canned pet food. Pixie-bob cat you will additionally feed your cat freshly roasted meat as long because it doesn’t contain bones.
Make sure you stick with an equivalent prime quality whole food for your cat, as this may guarantee they get wont to the food and may digest it simply.
You may raise your vet for recommendations on food brands for your Pixiebob cat.

Living conditions

How to take care of cats


he Pixie Bob is easily trained to walk on a harness and loves to play fetch.

Grooming & Bruising

Short or long, the Pixiebob’s coat is straightforward to groom with weekly haircare or brushing. the remainder is basic care. Trim the nails pro re nata, typically weekly. Check the ears hebdomadally for redness or a nasty smell that would indicate AN infection. Pixie-bob cat If the ears look dirty, wipe them out with a plant disease dampened with a mild ear formulation counseled by your doc.

Brush the teeth ofttimes with a vet-approved pet dentifrice permanently overall health and recent breath. begin brushing, nail clipping and teeth brushing early therefore your kitten becomes acceptive of this activity.

Dental Health check up

Check their ears. you must conjointly get within the habit of checking your cat’s ears on a weekly basis. you will squeeze in AN ear check at the top of their brushing session, after they area unit relaxed and calm. rummage around for any signs of redness within their ears or on their ear flap. Pixie-bob cat you must conjointly check for a foul smell beginning of their ears, as these might be a signal of AN infection.
If the cat’s ears seem dirty, use a plant disease dampened with water or AN animal ear preparation to wash them.
If you believe your cat could have AN ear infection, bring them to the vet at once.

Love & affection

They love being gift and accounted for where individuals gather and receiving scores of fondness. In fact, families with different pets conjointly realize the pixiebob to be sociable however therefore do singles with pets. there is just about no state of affairs wherever, once given enough love, affection, recreation and play, these cats will not thrive.

Feed Healthy food

Feeding Your Cat/Kitten

• Kittens (under 6 months): 3-4 times a day
• Over 6 months : Feed twice a day (amount depends on
food type and how active your cat is)
• Training your cat to eat twice a day: When your kitten
turns 6 months old, offer food to him/her twice a day
only. Leave the food out for ½ hour only. Your cat will
quickly learn to eat all of his/her food during the
half hour.
• Avoid giving your pet too many treats since cats can
become overweight as they age

Dangers! Never Feed Your Cat/Kitten:

• Alcoholic drinks
• Chocolate
• Coffee
• Grapes and raisins
• Moldy or spoiled food
• Onions, garlic and chives
• Bones
• Tomato plants
• Unripe fruit
• Yeast dough
• Any houseplants

Don’t do these things


Kitten information

Kitten Training

Pixie-bob cats even have a name for responding well to Leash and Harness coaching, learning to retrieve a tiny lowball or toy, ANd traveling well in an automobile.pixie bob in an exceedingly harness These cats have a name for responding well to leash and harness coaching. 26Save Pixies may be terribly active and exuberant, however seldom unruly and don’t get upset simply.

They have a healthy quantity of what cats area unit known for – curiosity.These cats love being around their human family and need to be concerned, they bond extraordinarily well though some may be a bit stand standoffish with strangers.

Kitten cat Training

the pixie-bob cat excels with kids and builds sturdy attachment to members of the family, together with alternative animals, particularly the dogs!
Playful!: Our pixiebobmakes US think about a puppy! She {is always|is USually|is often} asking us to play along with her, holding the toy she would love the US to play with in her massive teddy-bear paws. once she is happy, super happy, she joyously wags her very little tail!

Behavioral training

A clicker is truly a sound emitting device employed by the trainer, creating a click sound as shortly because the pet indulges in a fascinating behavior. The sharp sound created by the clicker makes the cat perceive the behavior expected by the trainer.

Obedience training

  • Though, Pixie-Bob is a fascinating and pleasant cat, obedience coaching of this pet should begin on the
  • terribly initial day, it’s brought home.
  • Be terribly tolerant, nonetheless firm once guaranteeing obedience during this pretty cat.
  • Discourage turbulent behavior directly in order that constant isn’t strengthened.

Kitten price

Average $600 – $800 USD

Find a dog or kitten

Find a breeder

Things to consider adopting a Cat

The Pixiebob is associate degree uncommon breed. it’s unlikely that you just can realize one during a shelter or through a rescue cluster, however it doesn’t hurt to appear. generally pedigree cats find yourself at the shelter once losing their home to associate degree owner’s death, divorce or amendment in economic scenario. Check the listings on Petfinder or the Fanciers stockman Referral List, and raise breeders if they recognize of a Pixiebob UN agency is in would like of a brand new home.

Wherever you acquire your Pixiebob, ensure you’ve got a decent contract with the vendor, shelter or rescue cluster that spells out responsibilities on each side. In states with “pet lemon laws,” make sure you and also the person you get the cat from each perceive your rights and recourses.

Advantages of cat

Talk with or communicate with the homeowners of Bobcats 1st. Why? as a result of it’ll provide you with an opportunity to envision a catamount in captivity and study each the benefits and downsides of owning a pet bobcat! If you simply contact the suppliers, they’re planning to highlight all the wonders of owning a catamount and gloss over all the issues, they’re within the business of commerce bobcats!

Disadvantages of cat

Photo gallery

Pixie-bob cat images
Image by Dave Francis from Pixabay

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