Provence Donkey Size Facts and Images

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About Provence Donkey

The French region donkey may be a distinctive breed of donkey originating from the Base-Provence, Haute-Provence and Dauphine regions of France. The Uzès stud farm is where the Âne DE provinces herd back is found. Last week-end (September tenth and 11th), an exhibition were organized in Uzès aboard a part of the French region donkey national championship.

From 400,000 at the start of the twentieth century, the amount of donkeys had fallen to but 20,000 by the 1980s. As a pet and helpful for trekking, its range has up once more to concerning 40,000 animals. There are nine breeds known in France, with the breeding associations organizing several events and exhibitions within the totally different regions of France.

Provence Donkey Classification

  • Scientific name: Equus Asinus
  • Rank: Breed
  • Country of origin: France


The shepherds thus selected donkeys with a solid build to carry heavy loads, with a sweet character, and good legs to walk the trails.

The use of railways and then lorries considerably reduced their role. Thus, the total number of agricultural uses donkeys counted in the departments of Provence shrank from 13000 heads at the end of the 19th century, to 2000 in 1956, and just 330 in 1993.

Provence Donkey Size

Average size is 1.20-1.33m and 1.17-1.30m. Large straight head well attached to a strong, thick neck; often white around the eyes. The long ears and the edge of the eyes often have a hint of brownish red. Straight back, wide loins, strong hindquarters and powerful strong limbs. The feet, with rather wide hooves for those of a donkey, are perfectly adapted for trekking and heavy weights.

Provence Donkey Color

The most typical coat color is dove gray (with pink reflections). But, reckoning on the animal, the gray will vary from terribly pale to terribly dark, with forever, on the rear, a clearly drawn cross. These numerous reminders gray are forever uniform instead of the standard salt and pepper look of the Andalusia donkey. No different color is acceptable.

Provence Donkey Lifespan

The average era is 25 to 35 years, however, with smart nutrition and correct care, miniature donkeys are known to measure longer.


Mature height is 36″ and under. The Miniature Donkey written record accepts miniature donkeys who live 36″ and under. Their tiny size makes them easy to handle for each adult and youngsters.

Provence Donkey Health

Miniature donkeys have relatively few health problems. They are hardy animals used to most anything in the environment can throw at them. They thrive in the cold regions of Canada and the hot areas of Mexico, South America and Africa. For information regarding their care, see Carolyn’s article on “Care of the Miniature Donkey”.

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