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Ragdoll Cat Information, Size, Picture And About Facts

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Ragdoll Cat Content overview

  • History
  • Different names
  • Appearance and Characteristics
  • Personality and Temperament
  • Health & problems
  • How to take care?
  • Kitten Information
  • Kitten price
  • Things to consider adopting a Ragdoll Cat
  • Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Ragdoll Cat Photo gallery

History of Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll is a cat breed with blue eyes and a different color coat. It is a large and muscular semi-long heart cat with a soft and silky coat. Like all long-haired cats, the ranges need beauty to ensure their fur mat.

Developed by American breeder N. Baker in the 1960s, it is best known for its soft and calm calm and affectionate nature.

The name “Ragnodol” derives from the original breeding stock to relax on the person’s tendency and relax. Especially through in both the United Kingdom and breed the original United States, Ragdol cats often follow people around “is known as the dog-like” cats like “or” puppy-like cats “that their Their relative lack of tendency, physically controlled, and their relative lack of aggression towards other pets

Origin– California

Interesting Fact about Ragdoll Cat

  • They’re from the West Coast
  • Ragdolls Go Limp When You Pick Them Up
  • They’re One of the Largest Domestic Cat Breeds
  • Bright Blue Eyes
  • Fear Can Be Many Different Patterns and Colors
  • Perfect Lap Kitties
  • The Algonquin Hotel Cat Is a Ragdoll
  • They Love Running Water
  • They’re surrounded by Mystery
  • A Perfect Family Cat

Different names or Types

All names: 


Recognized Names : “Chiggy”, “Gausy”, “Chigg Doo”.

Recognition (if have)

Appearance & Characteristics

Breed basic characteristics

Some cat breeds are usually independent and different, even though they were raised after the same person after Ketwood;Others are closely related to one person and indifferent to everyone; And some people bath with affection to the whole family. The breed is not the only factor that goes into affection levels;Cats who were raised inside the house feel more comfortable with people around and bond more easily.

Country of Origin: California
Size: full size
Lifespan: 15 to 20 years
Trainability: Responds Well
Exercise Needs: 10-20 minutes/day
Energy Level: Medium
Grooming: Weekly
Pattern: Blue Ragdolls,Seal Ragdolls,Chocolate Ragdolls,Lilac Ragdolls
Protective Ability: Awesome
Hypoallergenic Breed:
Space Requirements: House with Yard
Compatibility With Other Pets: Good
Litter Size: 5

Height And Weight

Males:16-26 inches/15-25 lb.
Females: 15-23 inches/14-21 lb.

Sound:  “meow.”

Behavior :

Cat discipline is possible?

It is difficult for many people to believe that cat discipline is possible, but despite their independent nature, it is possible to train a cat which is bad for a particular behavior. All this takes some patience and stability in your training. So try one and do not give up

Cats are not people

It is important to remember that cats are not those people who use their reasoning and tendencies. Your Raagol probably sees you as another big cat and will respond to you accordingly.

Do not use violence

A cat does not understand the use of violence as a discipline and therefore will not associate it with its bad behavior. Its only effect is that they have to scare you. Killing Your Cat is not a good form of punishment for bad behavior The following techniques are acceptable ways to rebuke your Ragdoll cat:

Size, Proportion, Substance

Size: Females usually weigh 10 to 15 pounds, and some males weigh more than 20 pounds.

Proportion: Ideal Ragdoll is a large, vigorous volatile cat with a protracted body, with slight legs long, and plumed tail in proportion to body.

Serious Faults:


Skull: Medium in shape with the appearance of a flat plane between the ears, the size in a broad modified wedge. Cheek is well developed and conical to chin with a round, well-developed snout and a medium jaw. There is a soft break of the nose, which increases the width of the brakes twice The neck is small, heavy and strong
Muzzle: Rounded, medium in length;in line with wedge.
Eyes:  Blue, large, oval, moderately wide-set, outer aperture to fall in line with base of ear
Ears: Medium in size, broad at base, rounded tip. Set as much on top of the head as on the side, slightly tilted forward.
Serious Faults:

Neck, Topline, Body

Neck: In proportion to head and torso.
Body: The neck is strong, heavy set and small chest is fully and well expanded, in proxy power, leaving a mark. The body is long and muscular, it is heavy in the Hind headquarter. There is a tendency for “fatty pad” on the lower abdomen (Greater Omantum). The mature sample is wide in the form of shoulder because it is in the previous headquarters.
Serious Faults:


Forelegs: Substantial boning, in proportion to body, hind legs slightly longer than front legs.
Front Feet: Evenly matched white mittens not to extend above the bend of the paw. All toes to be white.


Rear Legs: Substantial boning, in proportion to body, hind legs slightly longer than front legs.
Hind Feet: 
Tail: Long, medium at the base with a slight taper.

Ragdoll Cat Coat

The neck is strong, heavy set and small chest is fully and well expanded, in proxy power, leaving a mark. The body is long and muscular, it is heavy in the Hind headquarter. There is a tendency for “fatty pad” on the lower abdomen (Greater Omantum). The mature sample is wide in the form of shoulder because it is in the previous headquarters.

Winter Coat:
Summer Coat:


Color and Markings

Seal,Chocolate,Blue,Lilac,Red And Cream.

Coat Color and Markings


Personality and Temperament

Personality: Ragdoll cat is possibly the most determined of all domestic cat breeds back. These cats are basically material and tolerate and tolerate too many situations. They have a very gentle and intuitive nature, and make loyal and dedicated pets. The story of an old wives is that these cats are immune to pain, but it is completely wrong! Their sense of comfort comes from a very dependable nature, lack of emotions.

Temperament: Ragdoll is claimed as a humble, calm and floppy nature by the breeders that these symptoms have been passed by the Persian and Bermon breeds. The opinion is whether this property can be the result of genetic mutation or not. The extreme dedication of some individuals has given rise to the myth that the pedal is pain relief. In Britain, some breeders have tried to be extremely harsh because of anxiety concerned that extreme humility “can not be in the cat’s best interest”

Activity Requirements: The Raagodal breed is less active than most other cats and does not roam the road. Although these cats generally get enough exercise to hang around the house, keep in mind that they do not take too much amounts to prevent unhealthy weight.

Behavioral Traits


Ragdoll Cat Health & problems

Ragdoll Cat images
Image by woodsilver from Pixabay

Health: The Ragloll cat breed is associated with the hereditary heart disease (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy), which can cause heart failure at an early age, ask the breeder if you are considering buying this breed.

Feeding Plan: Rugaldod cat is famous for giving a complete, silky, luxurious coat, it is necessary to eat it right, choose a high quality cat food that is filled with nutrients, or make a home-made meal with the remaining food.

Living conditions: Almost dog-like in their behavior, the breed has been known to enjoy a game of fetch, greet their owners at the door, sleep with their owners and generally choose to be where you are.

Health Problems: Some reglod breeders argue that these cats should not be given live vaccine because they can react poorly to them. Otherwise, they are quite healthy, they are suffering only from normal diseases, which are prone to age in the form of all cats. 

How to take care?

Exercise: Most Ragaldos enjoy bringing similar to the Russian Blue and Max cats. They should have a scratched post and stay inside the house instead of being denied. To prevent obesity, consumption of food should be regulated and monitored. Ragdoll cats do not need specific exercise except regular exercise. Their physical activity should be similar to their cat counterparts (long hours, play, walk and jump).

Grooming & Bruising: Ragdolls can be brushed or compacted with a steel comb, they do not leave anything except during the average of the year (usually in spring and fall), leaving 2 times more. Additional brushing is recommended during high shedings so that the mat with special attention given to those parts can be avoided with the mat where the feet meet the body.

Dental Health check up

Love & affection

Feed Healthy food: Ragdoll cat is famous for giving a complete, silky, luxurious coat, it is necessary to eat it right, choose a high quality cat food that is filled with nutrients, or make a home-made meal with the remaining food.

Don’t do these things

Ragdoll Cat Kitten information

Kitten Training

Congratulations on your new friend, you went there, because that little cat is really a beauty. You should keep that cat with you and never let go. You should also not forget that your kitten should be trained. . Training a kitten can be difficult but it is not impossible to train his cat to use the litter box to cover him or everything in order to scratch the couch. Within this article, we are giving you some information about training kitten.

You think that new mice is the discipline of cat. There is a wise idea. However, if discipline is to beat and scream at your cat, then you should stop these negative actions immediately.

Displaying the wrong type of discipline can get you and your cat’s relationship for a bad start, there is something you do not want to do if you are planning to teach the kitten to the right way to work.

Training your cat’s child while they are still very low, they can provide them with very easy training until they are not fully developed cat.The reason for this is that when they are still a kitten, they are not determined in their own way. They are only in the new stage so it makes them easy to train that the training will be more open, because when you are young, you have to learn what you want to do.

Behavioral training

The question is that cats are still trained so easily, so why are not so many cats so far?The simple answer is that while people train their cats, they make just big mistakes.They are going against a natural learning process of cats, they reward a cat for poor behavior and are doing nothing for good behavior, for example: if your cat is doing meing and you have a delicious treatment Or preventing meering with some meditation it’s just taught your cat to excessive meowing them and treats them so that they are more often meowing Is obtained.

Punishment does not work with a cat Many times the cat owners use the spray bottle of water as a means of discipline. When the cat does something wrong then it becomes a spree. The problem with this is that the cat is just learning to fear his master and not that what he is doing is bad. They can not unite poor behavior and punishment, so it will not work to correct the behavior.

Obedience training: 

Kitten price: Average $800 – $1000 USD

Find a cat or kitten

Find a breeder

Breeders below are all members of TICA’s online breeders, when you visit your Katari website, see the TICA Online Brothers logo.

The listed breeders are TICA members who have signed the TICA Code of Ethics. Since we are a large association, there are no resources to go to each cataloged catalogs before linking to our own website. Please read our information about adopting a cat or kitten before going to the breeder.

Things to consider adopting a Ragdoll Cat

Advantages of cat

  1. Ragdoll cats are known to be gentle and docile
  2. Most Ragdoll cats are adaptable to other pets and gentle kids
  3. Ragdoll cats are intelligent and eager to please
  4. Ragoll cats do not require much exercise and are well suited to apartment living

Disadvantages of cat

  1. Ragdoll cats lack survival instinct – Must be kept indoors
  2. crave companionship and must not be left alone for long periods
  3. Ragdoll cats must be handled carefully to avoid injury to the animal

Ragdoll Cat Photo gallery

Ragdoll Cat pic
Image by atrix9 from Pixabay
Ragdoll Cat photos
Image by atrix9 from Pixabay

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