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Content Overview of Rex guinea Pig

History of Rex guinea Pig

It is believed that the Rex guinea pig originated from South America between 1200AD and 1532AD a time once the indigenous people of South America were conducting selective breeding of pigs for food.

Rex guinea pigs are available in different colors as a result of process of reproduction and combining of breeds. They live up to 6 years depending on the environment and care that they receive from their owners. the perfect breeding period is between 22- 40 weeks age.

Distribution and habitat

Rex guinea Pig characteristics

Scientific Name: Cavia porcellus
Lifespan:  12-14 years
Origin: United Kingdom
Common Names: Cavia porcellus, domestic cavy or simply cavy
Size: 3-4 inches(8-10 cm)
Coat : Silkie Guinea Pigs come in a variety of colours

Lifecycle of Rex guinea Pig

A Rex Guinea Pig will live for up to 6 years, depending on their environment they live in and the care they receive.

Rex guinea Pig Facts

  • The rex guinea pig is a main classified breed
  • They can grow between 20-45 cm in length.
  • The Rex guinea Pigs are ideal for children to seem once because, they love to be stroked and handled.
  • They have dense woolly hair that stands informed finish and ears that droop down over an oversized head.
  • There exists a hirsute Guinea Pig selection whose hair seems to be wavy.
  • Rex guinea pigs don’t have any rosettes in their fur.
  • This Pigs contain a gene in them that causes the curling and therefore the coarseness of their sleek hair.
  • The Rex exists in numerous colours as a result of it’s been cross-bred with pigs of different hair varieties.

Rex guinea Pig Personality / Behavior

Another breed of guinea pigs which is very adorable and lovely is called Rex. it is a short-haired piggy with hair up to 1 cm. With its short, dense wavy coat and it’s hedgehog-like appearance the Rex Guinea Pig or Cavie makes for a popular pet. This Cavie is known for it’s friendly, gentle and calm temperament.

The underbelly is dense and curly. Rexes are bred in most colours, but the agouti colour is most popular. It’s coarse coat stands on end and protects them from moisture, they also have very coarse whiskers. they look slightly similar to a Teddy Guinea pig, however a Teddy Guinea pig has a much softer coat.

Rex Guinea Pig has a long ears with dense in addition to the rough coat. Guinea pigs of this breed can grow up to 30 cm. This pig does not embrace handling and stroking instead they need some quality time spent on their coats. this gives the Rex guinea pig the best personality for being an excellent pet for children.

Rex guinea Pig Hair

They also available in longer haired, wavy haired variients. Rex guinea pigs come in a variety of colour/pattern combinations including brown, white or agouti.

It is a short-haired piggy with hair up to 1 cm. Most of them have different types of hairs which protects their coat from moisture.

In the process of their production, many breeds were combined and for this reason, these pigs can be found in numerous colors and with different types of hair.

Rex guinea Pig Grooming

Rex guinea pigs come in a variety of colour/pattern combinations including brown, white or agouti.  A Rex guinea Pig needs some special attention, as it’s toe nails grow very quickly. For this reason, they require more grooming than other Guinea Pig breeds may. Their hair on the other hand, does not require as much grooming as other varieties.

As their coat is short and rough, it does not need brushing as often as other breeds, however you should ensure you do regularily brush your pet Rex.

How to take care Rex guinea Pig ?

The Rex guinea pig can grow up to 6 years depending on what type of care they get and the environment in which they live. For the female Rex, between 20 weeks and one year of age is determined as the best breeding period.

This breed is so popular because doesn’t need any special diet or care, they require no extra care aside from grooming their toenails more often.

Whatever material is being used for your Cavies bedding, ensure it has not been chemically treated and is safe for consumption by your Rex Guinea Pig.

When grooming your Guinea Pig, keep in mind that a Rex may require their nails be clipped much more often than different Guinea Pig breeds.

Best food for Rex guinea Pig

Like all other guinea pigs, Rex need mixed food, including fresh vegs and fruits. A Rex Guinea has the same food/dietry requirements as most other Guinea Pigs. during the winter season, guinea pigs may not drink water at all if they get enough from fresh vegetables and fruits, but during the hot days, guinea pigs drink a lot of water. As they cannot produce vitamin c themselves, to prevent health problems ,you should give your Rex Guinea pig with fruit and vegetables containing vitamin c.

Rex guinea Pig Health and Diseases

This Pig is one of the largest breeds, distinctive for their short, wiry coat. The Rex Guinea Pig is a healthy and robust breed. Their nails are fast growing and thicker than most guinea pigs, so care will have to be taken to keep them short. All guinea pigs are susceptible to certain health problem, including in-grown nails, diarrhea, pneumonia, hair loss and itching, and vitamin c deficiency.

Rex guinea Pig for sale

Rex guinea Pig Price

Start up to $20

Photo of Rex guinea Pig

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