Royal White sheep

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Royal White sheep

The Royal White is a breed of domestic sheep in the United States developed by William Hoag at Dorpcroix Sheep Farm in Hermleigh, Texas. It is a hybrid breed that is bred to produce more meat, less fat, and less wool with the goal of producing lean tender meat. The breed is disease-resistant. Royal White sheep outgain goats and produce more meat than Dorper and Katahdin sheep. The meat is tender with a mild sweet flavor.

The leather is of garment quality and can be split. The breed was created using traits of St. Croix and Dorper and then their negative traits removed via selection over many years. The Royal White grows a hair with a down undercoat in the fall and naturally sheds its fiber in the spring, thus the cost and expense of shearing is eliminated. This is the first new breed of sheep in the United States in over twenty-five years developed for high performance and low maintenance.


  • Breed Name: Royal White
  • Other Name: None
  • Breed Purpose: Mainly meat
  • Special Notes: Very hardy and strong animals
  • Breed Size: Large
  • Weight: Rams weight between 84 and 107 kg, and average weight of the ewes vary from 80 to 95 kg
  • Horns: Polled
  • Climate Tolerance: Native climates
  • Color: White
  • Rarity: Common
  • Country/Place of Origin: United States


Royal White sheep are a hair breed, privately funded and developed in the United States by William Hoag, Dorpcroix Sheep Farm in Hermleigh, Texas. Hoag started sheep raising as a hobby in 1994-95 with St. Croix sheep in Utah and then infused the Dorper and White Dorpers. Large framed registered St. Croix ewes were selected from a wide variety of small flocks mainly in the Western portion of the USA.

The selected offspring from these crosses were then called Dorpcroix sheep and sold to the public for breeding enabling many traditional wool producers to retain wool ewes and utilize the Dorpcroix rams to achieve the lower maintenance and labor benefit and in many cases more lambs with better survivability.


Royal White sheep are a large sized animal with beautiful appearance. As the name suggests, these animals have pure white body color. They hold their ears horizontally. And both rams and ewes are usually polled. They usually grow a longer hair coat in the fall and shed it off naturally in the spring.

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