Satin Rabbit

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Satin Rabbit


For being a medium-large breed, the Satin is quite popular.  Probably the only commercial-type breeds with a larger fan base are the Californian and New Zealand.  The Satin breed has been highly developed, so top individuals show wonderful body type: well-arched when viewed in profile, and very solid under your hands.  The breed comes in a number of beautiful colors, including Copper – a rufus chestnut, and Siamese–a unique color caused by the combination of chinchilla and non-extension genes.

But of course, the most impressive feature of the Satin breed is its amazing shiny coat.  Similar to satin cats and guinea pigs, the Satin gene in rabbits produces a hair shaft of finer diameter than normal fur, which causes a delightful silky texture.  Not only that, but the hair shell is filled with air bubbles, causing it to be translucent.  As a result, light is able to pass through the hair shell, illuminate the pigment and give the coat a noticeable sheen, best seen in natural light.


Be sure to socialize your rabbit as soon as you can, preferably when it is still a young kit. Socializing your pet means taking the time to bring it out of its enclosure, petting it, and introducing it to children and other animals. Satin Rabbits are generally docile, calm pets once socialized, and will have no problem being picked up by an adult or child. Satin Rabbits are excellent first-time pets for singles, seniors, couples and families with children.

Grooming and Care

As with other short-haired breeds, satins need little grooming. Simply brushing loose hairs off your rabbit’s coat with a soft brush or damp hands should have him looking his best. Satins will need more frequent grooming during a molt.

The high sheen of satin fur is produced by a recessive gene. It causes each hair to have a smaller diameter than that of normal fur, and also gives the hairs tiny air bubbles that catch the light. These two characteristics give satins their silky texture and gem-like shine.


The ARBA accepts eleven different coat colorations, including black, broken (white base coat with any other color), blue, californian, chinchilla, chocolate, copper, otter, red, white and siamese. The Satin Rabbit does not have any special markings to distinguish its breed.


  • The Satin is a medium to large sized rabbit. Satin rabbits are smaller in the UK at around 2.7-3.6kg (6-8lbs), and larger in the USA at around 3.6-5kg (8-11lbs).
  • Satin rabbits have a medium build, a fairly broad, arched body with strong legs, a broad head and sturdy, upright ears.
  • Satin rabbits have a dense coat of fine, silky, medium length hair. The coat is soft and shiny with a unique satin-like texture and sheen.

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