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  • Personality and Temperament
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History of Scottish fold cat

The original Scottish Fold was a white barn cat named Susie, a United Nations agency was founded on a farm close to Coupar Angus in Perthshire, Scotland, in 1961. Scottish fold cat Susie’s ears had an associate degree uncommon fold in their middle, creating her match associate degree Raptor. Once Susie had kittens, 2 of them were born with pleated ears, and one was noninheritable by William Ross, a near farmer and cat-fancier.

Ross registered the breed with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) in nice GB in 1966 and began to breed Scottish Fold kittens with the assistance of biologist Pat Turner. The breeding program created seventy six kittens within the initial 3 years—42 with pleated ears and thirty four with straight ears. The conclusion from this was that the ear mutation is attributable to an easy cistron.

Susie’s solely reproducing offspring was a feminine Fold named Snooks United Nations agency was conjointly white; a second kitten was altered shortly once birth. 3 months once Snooks’ birth, Susie was killed by a automobile. All Scottish Fold cats share a standard ancestry to Susie.

Origin: Scotland

Interesting Fact about cat

  • The First Scottish Fold cat was found in Coupar Angus, Scotland. William Rose took that naturally rolled-up eared cat.The cat name was Susie and therefore the year was 1961.All the Scottish Fold square measure descendants of that single rolled-up ear cat.
  • Cats with rolled-up ear square measure thought of to be existed previously however sadly they could not get a lot of attention to be ready to be supply for brand spanking new breed.Folded ears square measure as a result of factor that offers them Associate in Nursing bird of prey like look.The ears square measure short and square measure rolled-up towards the front aspect.
  • Breeding 2 Scottish Folds leads to a kitten having bone disorder.(See Health issues in Scottish Folds)But straight-eared Scottish Fold square measure utterly healthy and don’t seem to be associated with any specific health disorder.
  • Scottish wish to eat, that’s why they’re susceptible to fat. They may additionally suffer from ear mites due to their closed ears.
  • Cats with hairy coats square measure known as as “Highland Folds” or “Longhair Folds”.
  • Scottish Folds were initially registered by CFA in 1993.However, they need already got championship standing virtually twenty years before.
  • Could be a quiet breed of cat.Their voice is extremely low and is never used.All Scottish Folds cannot be known as as lap cats however all of them likes to be cuddled.
    Scottish Folds sheds a little, however don’t seem to be hypoallergenic.
  • Have a tendency to develop Polycystic uropathy. The illness largely seems in later ages and might bring serious hurt if not cured properly.
  • Scottish Folds wish to screw their house owners.Be able to notice you cat sleeping right beside you on your bed if you’re aiming to have a Scottish Fold

Different names or Types

All names

Recognized Names: 

‎Scot Fold

Recognition (if have)

Appearance & Characteristics

This breed features a sweet, wide-eyed expression in a very rounded head, a brief neck and a durable, compact or ’rounded’ (almost chubby) body. This makes them nearly unbearably lovable and that they retain this kitten-like prettiness even once adults.

Scottish Folds typically weigh somewhere between half dozen and thirteen lbs once mature, with the females being on the lighter finish, and also the males on the heavier finish, of this scale. Scottish fold cat The ears could also be accordion (and the ‘degree’ of fold will vary from a looser ‘single’ fold to a good ‘triple’ fold), or straight.

This folding is attributable to a change that affects the animal tissue in their bodies.Scottish Fold kittens are all born with straight ears, however by the time they’re around three to four weeks recent their ears could begin to indicate signs of folding.

About five hundredth of kittens can have ears that fold.

Breed basic characteristics

Country of Origin: Scotland
Size: 4 to 6 kg
LifeSpan: About 15 years

Trainability: Responds Well
Friendliness: Good
Exercise Needs: 10-20 minutes/day
Energy Level: Very Active
Grooming: Weekly
Pattern: Solid color, Tortoiseshell, Tricolor/Calico, Bicolor, Tabby, Ticking, Smoke, Shaded, Spots
Protective Ability:  Amazing ability to look extra surprised
Hypoallergenic Breed: 100 percent
Space Requirements: House with Yard
Compatibility With Other Pets:
Litter Size: 4 kittens



Males: 9–13 lb
Females: 6–9 lb


Males: 4 to 6 kg
Females: 2.7–4 kg



Size, Proportion, Substance

Size: Medium


Serious Faults:


Skull: Well rounded with a firm chin and jaw
Muzzle: Muzzle to have well rounded whisker pads
Eyes: Wide open with a sweet expression. Large, well rounded and separated by a broad nose. Eye color to correspond with coat color.
Ears: Fold forward and downward. Small
Serious Faults:

Neck, Topline, Body

Neck: short neck
Body: Medium, rounded and even from shoulder to pelvic girdle. Level back, with no evidence of humping or stiffness. 
Serious Faults:


Shoulders:  spots and stripes can be seen over the upper back and shoulders
Front Feet:


Rear Legs:
Hind Feet:
Tail: Medium to long but in proportion to the body. Tail must be flexible and tapering


Must be a single coat that is soft and resilient. Scottish fold cat Medium to long hair length. Stomach hair shall not extend beyond the leg length. Full coat on body. Short hair allowed on the face and legs. Britches, tail plume and toe tufts shall be visible with a ruff. A cottony textured coat is a disqualification.

Winter Coat:
Summer Coat:

Shedding: Expect this cat to shed moderately. By providing it proper nutrition, regular grooming, and keeping the shedding contained to a small area, like a pet bed, will minimize shedding and make it more manageable.

Color and Markings

White: Pure clear white. Eyes deep blue, brilliant copper or odd (one blue and one copper eye) with equal
color depth. Nose leather and paw pads pink.
Blue: Even blue, lighter shades preferred; one level tone without shading or markings from nose to tip of tail,
and sound to the roots. Eyes brilliant copper. Nose leather and paw pads blue.
Black: Lustrous jet black, with sound color from the roots to the tips of fur. Eyes brilliant copper. Nose leather
and paw pads black or charcoal.
Cream: One level shade of buff cream, lighter shades preferred; free from shading, markings or ticking, sound
to the roots. Lips and chin same color as the coat. Eyes brilliant copper. Nose leather and paw pads pink.
Red: Deep rich, clear red, free from shading, markings or ticking, and sound to the

Coat Color and Markings


The cartilage and bones do not develop properly, which leads to arthritis and other painful joint diseases that can cause reluctance to move, abnormal posture and gait, lameness and short, misshapen limbs.

Personality and Temperament

Scottish fold cat hq wallpapaper
Image by Gundula Vogel from Pixabay


Scottish fold cat The Fold is associate outgoing and curious cat World Health Organization enjoys following his folks around and being concerned in no matter they’re doing. You’re ne’er lonely once you have a Scottish Fold.

Clever and deft, Folds will typically be found gap cupboards to check if they’ll realize one thing to play with or snack on. It’s common to check a Fold victimization his paws to splash at water or steal to a small degree of food from his owner’s plate. Scottish fold cat His favorite game is fetch, and he’s an honest candidate for food puzzles which will challenge his brain and reward his adroitness with treats or kibble.

Choose a Fold kitten World Health Organization has been well socialised by the stock raiser and whose folks square measure outgoing and friendly. The stock raiser will assist you opt for the kitten that’s best suited to your temperament.

Activity Requirements

Behavioral Traits

This breed doesn’t have any specific behavioural traits that distinguish them from alternative companion cat breeds. they’re equable and labile and beloved by all United Nations agency apprehend them.This breed doesn’t have any specific behavioural traits that distinguish them from alternative companion cat breeds. they’re equable and labile and beloved by all United Nations agency apprehend them.


Health & problems


Both pedigree cats and mixed-breed cats have varied incidences of health issues which will be genetic in nature. A typical life is fifteen years. issues which will have an effect on the Scottish Fold embrace the following:

Degenerative joint unwellness, particularly within the tail however additionally within the mortise joint and knee joints, inflicting pain or poor quality. It’s vital to handle the tail rigorously if it’s developed stiffness.
Hypertrophic cardiopathy, a kind of heart condition, has been seen within the breed, however it’s not nonetheless been tried to be a hereditary kind of the unwellness.

Feeding Plan

Living conditions

scottish fold cat can easily adapt to small spaces, especially if they get sufficient exercise in a moderate sized yard. They do not do well if left alone for long periods of time. scottish fold cat alarm bark, but then greet the stranger with a wagging tail and tongue.

 Health Problems

Both pedigreed cats and mixed-breed cats have varying incidences of health problems that may be genetic in nature. A typical lifespan is 15 years. Problems that may affect the Scottish Fold

 How to take care


Scottish folds cat can live as inactive indoor cats if given the chance, however if they’re allowed outdoors they’ll lief pay time roaming and searching within the yard and neighborhood. After all, their ancestors were farm cats.

If a Scottish fold is left while not exercise stimulation, the lackadaisical behavior could change blubber. to stop excess weight gain, initiate regular play and supply a healthy diet. shopping for cat toys or supporting a bit of string ought to do the trick, otherwise you could contemplate conveyance over one cat into your social unit.

Grooming & Bruising

Grooming needs vary looking on hair kind. hairy Scottish folds need weekly brushing, whereas their hairy counterparts want daily brushing.

Note: The fur of hairy Scottish folds produces uncomfortable mats additional promptly than hairy counterparts.

If the cat is allowed outdoors, he or she is going to doubtless shed additional throughout spring and fall months and can want additional frequent brushing. Indoor cats tend to shed equally year spherical, thus maintaining an even grooming schedule can satisfy. Professionals advocate employing a quality steel comb to get rid of hair and stop mats.

Nail maintenance ought to be done frequently by clipping the nails hebdomadally to 2 weeks, and therefore the teeth ought to be cleansed additional typically.

Dental Health check up

Groom a shorthaired Scottish Fold weekly to stay his coat shiny and healthy. Scottish fold cat A Highland Fold ought to be combed double every week to stop or take away mats and tangles. the sole alternative grooming the Fold wants is regular manicure, ear cleansing, and tooth brushing.

The Scottish Fold is well matched to any home with those who can love him and look after him. Keep him inside to shield him from cars, diseases unfold by alternative cats and attacks from alternative animals.

Love & affection

Feed Healthy food

Feeding Your Cat/Kitten
• Kittens (under 6 months): 3-4 times a day
• Over 6 months : Feed twice a day (amount depends on
food type and how active your cat is)
• Training your cat to eat twice a day: When your kitten
turns 6 months old, offer food to him/her twice a day
only. Leave the food out for ½ hour only. Your cat will
quickly learn to eat all of his/her food during the
half hour.
• Avoid giving your pet too many treats since cats can
become overweight as they age

Don’t do these things


kitten information

There, a kitten with plicate ears was discovered in a very litter of otherwise “normal” eared kittens. Scottish fold cat This kitten, named Susie, was then bred to domestic cats and British Shorthair cats to determine the plicate ear. to the present day, each Scottish fold will trace her ancestry to Susie.

kitten Training

scottish fold cat are extremely friendly, playful and good with children and devoted to their owners, which makes them good family dog. Scottish fold cat is a high energy breed. Because of that energy, you’ll have to approach Scottish fold cat training in a slightly different way than you would another breed.

Behavioral training

This breed does not have any particular behavioral traits that distinguish them from other companion cat breeds. They are even-tempered and adaptable and beloved by all who know them.

Obedience training

kitten price

Average $400 – $600 USD

Find a cat or kitten

Find a breeder

Things to consider adopting a Cat

Did you recognize that almost all cats in shelters and rescues square measure healthy and well-behaved, and square measure within the shelter through no fault of their own? Animal shelters and rescue teams square measure jam-packed with desirable, active and healthy adoptable cats and kittens simply expecting somebody to require them home.

Many folks move to a pet store or a Scottish Fold cat stock breeder wanting to buy a cat or kitten, however do not realize that they could notice a Scottish Fold or similar wanting cat right in their native shelter.Scottish fold cat several cats square measure given up once their previous owner will now not afford the money necessities to stay them.

Mlternative times cats square measure given up to shelters because of a divorce, death within the family, or new housing state of affairs. Most cats and kittens in shelters square measure merely in would like of a brand new home – they simply need a safe, loving, and happy place to live!

Advantages of cat&Disadvantages of cat

Scottish Fold cats can act inside or outdoors – there square measure blessings and downsides to each.

If indoor cats aren’t supplied with decent area and cat appurtenances (cat toys, cat gyms, cat scratchers) they’ll get bored and resort to damaging behavior.

Outdoor cats that square measure permissible to go are exposed to all or any styles of dangers like unfriendly dogs, cats and humans. they’re additionally in danger of been run over and getting feline diseases.

If attainable, offer your cat with associate degree escape-proof out of doors enclosure or cat run with direct access to your home – this offers your kitty the most effective of each worlds.

It is a friendly, peaceful and a non-dominant cat that may act in any family together with a home with dogs and different cats

Photo gallery

Scottish fold cat new image
Image by Natakay from Pixabay

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