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History of Cat Siamese Cat

Siamese Cat: A description and depiction of Vicenamat (Siamese cat) appears for the first time in a collection of ancient manuscripts called Tamara Mau (The Cat-Book Poives), which originated from the unythmic kingdom (1351 to 1767 AD).

Now more than a dozen are now placed in the National Library of Thailand, while others have come out of Thailand and now they are in the British Library and National Library of Australia. In addition to the old Siamaki cat, Tamara Maui has also described other heritage cats in Thailand, including Corat Cat (Maalet), which are still born in Thailand and other countries and Konja cat (black cat) Has become popular in. Suphalak (a dispute in Burmese cat).

When the capital city Ayyutatha was dismissed at the end of the Burma-Siama war on April 7, 1767, the Burmese army burnt everything and returned with the Burmese by bringing Siam and the members of the royal family back home.Buddha images were cut for their gold separately, and all the royal treasures were stolen.

Thai legend is that Burmese King Hininbushin read and read the poem for Thai cats in Tamra Mueu.Poetry describes all Thai cats as rare as gold, and whoever owns this cat will become rich.He told his army that all superhuman people were brought back to Burma with throwing cats and other treasures.Today in Thailand this mythology is described as a humorous explanation why all Thai cats are so rare

Origin : Thailand

Interesting Fact about Siamese Cat

SOCIALABLE – Siamese cats square measure proverbial for being terribly social and romantic. They crave fondness and love being around different animals similarly as folks.

JEALOUS – Siamese cats will be jealous from time to time if they are not given the eye they crave.

HEAT SENSITIVE CISTRON – once Siamese kittens square measure born, they’re utterly white. Their color develops at regarding four weeks archaic through a cistron that’s heat sensitive. the colour shows informed the cooler elements of their body.

ALBINO – it’s thought that the domestic cat may be a descendant the anomaly cat – a cat that’s pure white with pink eyes. this is often as a result of Siamese cats square measure proverbial to often have associate degree anomaly cat in their litter.

GREAT WITH youngsters – one in all the unremarkably proverbial facts regarding Siamese cats is that they’re wonderful with kids as a result of they’re terribly calm and delicate.

TRAINABLE – Siamese cats square measure terribly intelligent, that makes them simple to coach. There square measure many belongings you will train your Siamese to try and do as well as walking on a leash and rest room coaching.

Fact :

ORIGIN – Originally from Siam (Siam), Siamese were the primary breed of the Orient. Siamese cats have an upscale history of royal heritage that dates back to the 1300’s.

WEIGHT – the common weight of a male is eleven to fifteen lbs. Females average eight to eleven lbs.

LIFESPAN – Siamese square measure terribly healthy animals, and live an extended lifetime of around 15-20 years. The exception to the present is that the fashionable domestic cat, that doesn’t have such an extended life, given their weak system, that is caused by breeding. The life of a contemporary Siamese is way shorter.

VOCAL one in all the foremost common traits of the Siamese is that the sound they create. they’re terribly vocal once they wish or would like one thing and have a loud, generally baby-wise sounding meow.

SIAMESE temperament The Siamese temperament is warm, calm, loyal and choked with character.Siamese cats are dear known as “Weezer”.

Different names or Types : Breed Standard,Seal Point,Chocolate Point,Blue Point, Lilac Point.

All names Siamese Cat : 

Siamese Cat Popular female names in Thailand


Popular male names in Thailand


Recognized Names :-

Recognition (if have) : 

There’s no interpretation a blue-point Siamese for chocolate or seal. The fur on the information of his tail, ears and face is, as you’ll in all probability guess, blue — most frequently a blue grey. His body additionally includes a blue solid to the white fur, tho’ his belly might not. The blue-point boy’s coloring received official recognition in 1934.

Poor lilac-point kitties. this sort of Siamese was the last to receive recognition, this point in 1955. his points ar the lightest of the other Siamese and ar pale chromatic, greyish or violet in tone. his body coat is additionally lighter than a seal point’s, chocolate point’s or blue point’s. His feet and nose ought to match in coloring.

Appearance And Characteristics : Siamese is probably the most recognizable of all the most significant domestic breeds. Over the centuries it has become very valuable because of its winning personality and beautiful, foreign, aristocratic physical characteristics. These thin, graceful cats have thin-chiseled mues, elegant necks and long, circled bodies.

Their back legs are longer than their front legs, and their paws are small and oval. Siamese tail is long, very thin and thin and there should be no trace of a screw. It is a very good, unstable, sophisticated animal, which should put the type of breed into confidence in personality and attitude.They are described as “living art”, which are in combination with great wisdom, sociable curiosity and loving beauty with great beauty.

Siamese Cat Breed basic characteristics :

  •  large, pointed ears
  • wedge-shaped faces
  • lean, muscular, graceful bodies
  • long, slim, legs
  • hind legs longer than forelegs
  • long tail, which should not be kinked and is generally carried high.
  • small, neat, oval paws
  • short, thick, soft, springy coats

Siamese Cat Country of Origin : Thailand
 Size : The breed is medium sized but nicely muscled.
LifeSpan : 15–20 years.
Trainability : Yes
Friendliness : Yes
Exercise Needs : Yes
Energy Level : 5 stars
Grooming : Yes
Pattern :-
Protective Ability :-
Hypoallergenic Breed : –
Space Requirements : House with Yard
Compatibility With Other Pets :
Litter Size: Siamese is 3 kittens per litter.

Siamese Cat Height/Weight

Males : Male: 12 – 15 in. (30.48 – 38.1 cm) /Male: 9 – 14 pounds (4 – 6.5 kg)
Females :Female: 12 – 15 in. (30.48 – 38.1 cm) / Female: 6 – 10 pounds (2.7 – 4.8 kg)

Sound : Murmurs,Vowel Sounds,trained intensity sounds.

Siamese Cat Behavior : 

Is the behavior of the Samiq cat more like a dog than a cat?t has often been said that our men work as dogs rather than cats.I’m not sure that this is perfectly true – they are probably more like dogs than other dogs – but it is true that they are remarkably warm, intelligent, inquisitive, trained, and funny, all dogs Behaviors are also symptoms.

Siamese Cat Size, Proportion, Substance

Size : One of the most famous cat breeds, Siamese is curious, smart, vocal and demanding. If you want a cat who will talk to you all day, then Siamese can be your best match. Siamese weight is six to 10 pounds, and there is a special coat with a dark “number” on a light background.

Proportion : However, unlike the expectations raised by the previous work, we are unable to find the simple 20 degree shift of the Naso-temporal Immersion Line for Siam’s faults. Rather, there is a difference between cross and uncontrolled retinathamaly populations in the temporary retina, along with gradual increase in the proportion of the movement of ganglion cells, from time to time.

In this way, Siamese abnormality not only represents a temporary displacement of the retinolamic dissection line, but there is also not a slight blur of normal but rather sharp division between areas of ipsilateral and contralateral projection.

Substance : Amyloidisis is a condition that occurs when a substance of amoeoid, abnormally connected proteins, is stored in different organs of the body.Common cells can be damaged by the displacement of normal cells.In Siamese cats, there is a significant amyloid description in the liver, which goes to a lesser function, and can lead to fatal liver failure.

Clinical symptoms of amyloidis are related to progressive liver damage, and dehydration, poor coat quality, yellow or yellow mucous membrane, gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), excessive drinking and urination, lethargy, hunger (useless) and lack of weight loss Are there.Amyloid deposits in the liver can lead to disruption and spontaneous bleeding, thereby requiring emergency treatment to save lives.

Serious Faults :

Siamese Cat Head

Head size is quite flat and easily flows in a wedge-shaped snout. The eyes are blue, the shape of almonds, and a distinctive oriental look. The ears are large and align with the edge of the wedge in the right detail.

Skull : Length: 10.2 cm (4.0 in)
             Width: 6.7 cm (2.6 in)
             Height: 5 cm (2.0 in)
Muzzle : wedge-shaped.
Eyes : Blue And Almond shaped.
Ears : Quite large
Teeth : 14 in the upper jaw and 12 in the lower jaw.
Serious Faults :

Siamese Cat Neck, Topline, Body

Neck : The Siamese cat also has an elongated, thin neck .
Topline : –
Body : The cot of the Siam country is small, shiny and close to the body. The beauty of the Sanyaki cat is contrasted with the thin body of the thin body, the blue eyes and the colors on the body and the deep colors of extremities.This contrast is called color restriction, or more commonly indicated.The color of the fur on the ears, tail and leg is a different color than the body, and this dark color is gradually found in the body’s light color. The face also shows the same dark point color mask. The mask covers the face, covers the eyes and covers the armor pad. The mask is small in a kitten and grows slowly as it grows
Serious Faults : –


Shoulders :
Forelegs :
Front Feet :


Rear Legs :
Hind Feet :

Siamese Cat Coat

Winter Coat : You can expect that the Siamese cats are more than usual in the spring when they are getting rid of their thick winter egg scotch and when they start to develop a new scrub for winter, during these periods, the shading process Recommend to comb your cat’s hair every day to control and free your carpets and furniture from excessive cat hair. It went to.
Summer Coat : Remember those toys that change colors in hot or cold water? Your Siamese skin is like that, its hair color is determined by the temperature of its skin, cold hair has black hair, and warm skin light hair increases. Her environment can also affect her color, so her hair is light in winter and is lighter in the winter. Compare her pictures from the whole year and you can see different shading differences depending on the season.

Shedding :

Color and Markings

Coat Color and Markings


Personality and Temperament

Personality : Symki Cat Personality is love and loyal; They require human contact from other cats, and they make strong bonds with their ‘humans’, though they have an affable and generally outgoing nature, with their bosses, it is a natural bond Sometimes they can embarrass with separation and strangers.

Temperament : Siamese cats are extremely intelligent and full of energy and life. As such, the breed is extremely playful and requires attention. Many people can see their boss in the room from the room and can make their way into becoming a focused center, although there is no situation. In fact, Siamese cats are considered to be one of the most vocal cats. Overall, this breed is very dependent on its owners and can leave alone alone and show signs of sadness.

Activity Requirements

Siamese cat breeders recommend homes that have enough indoor and outdoor places because these animals love to roam and are quite active.

Behavioral Traits

One of the other cat behavioral issues with Siamese cats is the desire to suppress them, the Siam country is an intelligent intelligent cat, and it can feel the fear or subordinate nature of another cat. Siamese country chooses to set that cat up to its territory and create a position of authority. This cat behavior characterizes the natural envy of Siamese cats. This is a cat breed which needs to be the main focus recipient in all situations, and will be afraid to present to other animals to ensure that this happens.


Now, does this mean that every cat is a cat like Einstein? Just with people, intelligence and training vary between Billy breeds and even breeds. For example, it is not highly unlikely that you are going to jump through Persian or an exotic short house through the ring of fire (which can actually make them the most intelligent of the cats) that cats are more comfortable with life only. lets see

Certain breeds or people are definitely more interested in knowing – and to showcase their talents – let’s have five cat breeds compared to others who are famous for their brain and training qualifications, which are not always the same thing Meet for.

Siamese Cat Health And problems

Health And problems : 

Both piedgridged cats and mixed-race cats vary in incidence of health problems which can be genetic in nature. Problems affecting in Siam include:

  1. Amyloidisis, a disease that occurs when the amoeoid body of one type is stored in the body organs, primarily in the liver in Siamese
  2. Asthma / bronchial disease
  3. Congenital heart disorders like aortic stenosis

Feeding Plan: 

You need to provide continuous supply of food and water for your Siam country. It is recommended that they always have access to dry food and fresh water. Wet food may be something that you want to consider giving them, depending on what is the matter for their food. It is probably a good idea to change the hair and other airborne materials in the water to change their water twice daily. You should stay with reliable food brands and buy a formula that is specific to your cat’s size and its health needs.

Living conditions :

It shows the dark color of the body in the best parts of the body, which consists of limbs and faces, which is cooled by the wind path through sinus. All Siamese kittens, though pure cream or white on birth, develop visible points in the first few months of life in the cold parts of their body.

As long as a kitten is four weeks old, the number should not be clearly clear what color it is. Siamese cats are dark with age, and generally, adults living in hot climates have light coats in comparison to those with quiet weather in Siamese country.Originally the vast majority of the Siamese seal (very dark brown, almost black) was the point, but sometimes the Siamese countries were born with a “blue” (a quiet gray color), a genetically weak point of seal point.

Fall; Chocolate (light brown) points, a genetic variation of the seal point; Or lilac (yellow hot gray) points, genetically a thin chocolate these colors were considered first as “inferior” stamp marks, and they were not eligible for show or breeding.

Health Problems : –

How to take care :

Siamese are very sweet land of cats by owners for their distinctive personalities, there is a lot of people Siamese compare to the same as the likeness of a dog, which wish to engage in the game of love human company and bring. Siamese is an intelligent breed, but a warning is given that they are more than willing to use its powers to deal with the use of his powers of logic and theft. They are also famous for being vocal and are crying a piercing which they use to pay attention to their boss. Understanding how to take care of your Siamese mother can enhance your relationship and increase the life of your cat.

Exercise : Siamese cats are active and muscular, and they do not need any specific exercise. They prefer to play fancy, so share the cat’s toy and have some fun.

Grooming And Bruising: Siamese cats are generally smooth hair, so there is no issue of maintaining beauty and coat and they do a good job of keeping themselves clean. You may want to brush them occasionally, because this will help in shading. Bathing is not usually necessary, as long as their coat is abnormally dirty due to external elements or other factors.

Dental Health check up :-

Love And Affection : If you want a cat who does not particularly care whether you are present or not, then you can not find Siam country. They need more love and affection than most dogs. If you believe your cat is not ready to give it, then you should pay attention, you definitely have to pay the price of the bad cat.

Feed Healthy food:-

Don’t do these things

kitten information


When you are a bit young, its trademark “point” color will not be: black ears, tails, claws and faces. Cats of Siamese are almost completely white, with only fainting signs of their adult color. Unlike most cats, blue eyes of those big children stick through adulthood. About three weeks, the marks will start with darkness, but by the time you are one year old, you will not be able to see its full color.


Every Siam country has a unique personality, and your kitten will develop her personality at a very young age. They will need you a lot of time, because they are active and can be demanded. If you are looking for a pause, lap cat you can consider a different breed. Sanyaki is very clever and more complex vocalizations than other cats. He will use it for his benefit, will often talk to you to get your attention. His intelligence makes him ideal for training. There should be no problem for him to learn to walk or to take it to the strap.

The nature

He will not like being alone, and only one person can catch in the house. When you pay attention to other cats or others, your cat may be jealous and moody, it is a sensitive kitty, and if its behavior can be overlooked or disturbed then it can be unpredictable. Siamese is also known for being unbeliever for strangers, so he probably will not be a fan of the pizza person. If you have time and patience, then a Siam country can be a very dedicated partner, even if it is a bit sticky.

Kitten Training:-It is important that obedience training is started with the cat immediately, because the right relationships should be ensured right from the beginning.
While ensuring compliance with a Same Mother Cat, it is essential that you are gentle with your cat.

Whenever the cat is displaying a disorderly behavior, prevent it from doing so firmly.
Unless you feel that your cat is not properly trained, lock many rooms as possible
Keep cushions and pillows away, because these cats like to play with pillows, but occasionally, they are flooded with water.

Training crate

Behavioral training

Obedience training

kitten price: Average $400 – $600 USD

Find a cat or kitten

Find a breeder

Symki comes in four or more colors, depending on the cat association you belong to, CFA recognizes four Siam colors: seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac point (called frost in some organizations).

The strict blues and brown cat-book were well-documented in the poem, so it is not surprising that the composite cats containing the rear genes for lower factors, which turn blue and chocolate into lilac, are beginning with the Siamese language. Are there.

Red (also called flame) or cream point in Siam language, turtle point (thick color of black and red and their thin color on point areas, also called turtle cells), or links point (colors on point areas) Of the band) is called the callerpoint Shorthouse in CFA, although most other cat associations have considered the variations of these colors of Siam, red and cream colors to Siamese, Ab Between Sinia and red domestic Sorthrs Foundation was produced by crossing.

Things to consider adopting a Cat

Advantages of cat

  1. The Siamese cat is highly intelligent and very social
  2. Siamese cats are affectionate and loyal
  3. Cats are exotically beautiful
  4. Siamese cats require little grooming
  5. Most Siamese cats are well suited to apartment living
  6. Generally patient and loving with family members, kids and pets

Disadvantages of cat

Siamese Cat Photo gallery

Siamese Cat new image
Image by Andreas Lischka from Pixabay
Siamese Cat wallpaper
Image by klimkin from Pixabay
Image by Andreas Lischka from Pixabay

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