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Content Overview of Silkie guinea Pig

History of Silkie guinea Pig

The Silkie guinea pig was given its name because of their “silky” smooth hair. However, people from Europe call them Sheltie guinea pigs instead.

A relatively new breed, the Silkie was discovered in the 1970’s around the same time as the Skinny pig. it was created by cross breeding the Self Black Guinea Pig and the Peruvian Guinea Pig. They were originally bred in the united kingdom as result of crossbreeding a “Self Black” guinea pig with a Peruvian.

Silkies are usually known as Shelties. Silkie Guinea Pigs are one of the most popular Guinea Pig breeds in Australia. The Silkies quickly gained a lot of recognition and popularity and now have become household pets found worldwide.

Distribution and habitat

Silkie guinea Pig characteristics

Scientific Name: Cavia porcellus
Lifespan:  12-14 years
Origin: United Kingdom
Common Names: Cavia porcellus, domestic cavy or simply cavy
Size: 3-4 inches(8-10 cm)
Coat : Silkie Guinea Pigs come in a variety of colours

Lifecycle of Silkie guinea Pig

Silkie guinea Pig Facts

  • The Silkie guinea pig is very unique as a breed and is most well-known for its’ wild hairstyle.
  • The Silkie guinea pig often performs well against other breeds in show room competitions.
  • They tend to do pretty well at these show competitions because of their undeniable aesthetic looks, which captivates show judges all around the world.
  • They have long straight hair like the Peruvian, but instead of having hair cover their head, the Silkie’s hair sweeps back over their head.

Silkie guinea Pig Personality / Behavior

Silkies are known for their gentle and laid-back personality. because of this, they may take longer than other guinea pigs to warm up to new people. they have a very laid back personality and may appear like shy creatures in the beginning.

In addition to having vivacious, lively personality traits, the Silkie guinea pig often performs well against other breeds in show room competitions.
It is an extremely gentle animal and can be quite shy to new owners or playmates at the beginning. The Silkie is also very laid-back, easy-going, and is not hyper like other guinea pig breeds.

Silkie guinea Pig Hair

Silkies get their name from their long and silky hair. However, they are known as Shelties to people in Europe. Their hair is very soft and shiny. Show Silkies are a sight to behold.

Silkies have long, smooth coats that flow back over the body. From above, Silkies resemble a teardrop shape. The coat is generally accepted to have a somewhat longer sweep of hair in the rear.

The hair of the Silkie Guinea Pig breed is extremely soft and glossy and it produces back from its neck, looking like mane and leaving its face exposed. The front hair of the Silkie Guinea Pig breed is slightly longer than the hair at the back.

Silkie guinea Pig Grooming

Their long coats require frequent grooming, often daily, in order to prevent tangling. Their hair is very smooth and this means that you must groom them every day. you should also brush their hair once a day to make sure that your pet’s hair looks good and little piggy feels comfortable. to keep their hair shiny you should bathe them at least once a week.

How to take care Silkie guinea Pig ?

Their long coats require frequent grooming, often daily, in order to prevent tangling. However, for someone with experience in guinea pig care, the Silkie could make a wonderful pet. in order to keep their silky smooth hair healthy, they require constant grooming on a daily basis, making for a high maintenance pet. So, if you’re a responsible adult or adolescent willing to handle all the grooming for the children, a Silkie may just be for you.

Make sure to give them plenty of space for exercise and keep them entertained so that they’re happy little critters.

Best food for Silkie guinea Pig

This guinea pigs diet should be comprised mostly of Timothy hay, food pellets, water, vitamin c and delicious fruits and veggies. The Silkie should be eating Timothy hay, food pellets, water, fruits with vitamin c, and vegetables. The cage that they live in should be big enough where they can walk or run around without any problems.

There are not special tips for this breed. you should give them some space for exercise and keep them entertained.

Silkie guinea Pig Health and Diseases

Pneumonia is one of the most common bacterial diseases of the pet guinea pig. many of the disease causing organisms inhabit the respiratory tracts and conditions of stress, inadequate diet, and improper husbandry will often predispose a pet to this ailment.

If your guinea pig has watery droppings and appears to have diarrhea, then the cause is most likely from having too many fresh greens, fruits, or iceburg lettuce. the simple remedy to this is to remove them completely and not feed them at all for a few days until he appears to be getting better.

Silkie guinea Pig for sale

Silkie guinea Pig Price

Start to $20

Photo of Silkie guinea Pig

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