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6 Steps for New Horse Riders to Take

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If you’ve decided you want to take up horse riding, it might seem overwhelming at first. It can be pretty scary getting up on a horse for the first time, and once you get started, you might find it difficult to pick up the right technique to properly ride.

However, follow these six simple steps and the process should be much easier and less daunting for you. Before you know it, you will be riding like a pro!

1. Buy the Necessary Equipment

The first step is to buy all of the necessary equipment. There is a surprising number of things that you need in order to safely ride a horse. You may find that you have to spend a lot of money initially, but once you have all of the basics, you are good to go.

The necessary equipment includes the following.

  • Safety helmet
  • Horse bridle and reins
  • Riding gloves
  • Saddle
  • Stirrups
  • Sturdy boots
  • Warm clothing

2. Decide On Your Riding Style

There are two particular styles of horse riding. There is Western and English. Both are pretty different in their technique, but both can be picked up fairly easily with the right guidance. It’s important to decide which style do you want to take up as most riding schools will specialise in one particular style.

3. Find a Good Instructor

The Nextep is to search around for an instructor. Make sure to find a high-quality riding school that will provide you with the best teaching. Have a look online and be sure to check the ratings and reviews of each school before making a decision.

4. Take it Slow

It’s easy to want to jump straight into galloping when you first get onto a horse. Even if you think you can do it, avoid rushing into the more technical aspects of riding. Doing something way too soon can lead to an accident and injury.

Any good instructor will advise you on what to do each week. Always let them know if you feel unsure about something, or if you feel that the lessons are moving too fast for you. Everybody learns at different speeds and you should never feel ashamed to take things more slowly.

5. Always Stay Safe

As great as horse riding is, unfortunately, it can be dangerous at times. If you forget to put on your helmet before going out for a ride, you could be at risk of a serious head injury if you fall off your horse. Make sure to wear your helmet at all times, and invest in some thick and sturdy boots to keep your feet well protected.

Learn the common mistakes that people make whilst training so that you are aware of what to avoid.

6. Practise as Much as Possible

Practise makes perfect with horse riding. The more you do it, the more comfortable you will get. Go out for weekly rides and keep up with your lessons to ensure your technique is always improving. You will be an expert before you know it.

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