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Content Overview of Texel guinea Pig

History of Texel guinea Pig

The Texel guinea pig is another long coated variety of guinea pig, which looks rather like a Sheltie with a perm! like the Skinny Pig and the Teddy, the Texel is a relatively new breed that originated from england in the 1980’s. after cross breeding a Silkie Guinea Pig with a Rex Guinea Pig, the initial Texel was born. This breed had developed into what the Texel is today through several more crosses.

It is one of the newest breeds of guinea pig. they have ringlets or curls that make up their long soft coat. By 1998, the final iteration of the Texel cavy had been popping up in homes and show competitions everywhere. The curls are found all over the body, including the underbelly. they have no fringe, the hair on their face looks similar to that of a Rex.

The Texel guinea pig, as said earlier, is a new type of guinea pig and is a product of genetic mutation.

Distribution and habitat

Texel guinea Pig characteristics

Scientific Name: Cavia porcellus
Lifespan:  4-8 years
Origin: South America
Common Names: Cavia porcellus, domestic cavy or simply cavy
Size: 8-12 inches(20-30 cm)
Coat : black, glossy brown, chestnut, gold

Lifecycle of Texel guinea Pig

The Texel guinea pig have a typical lifespan of about four to seven years. The litter size can vary from one to six and the average is three. The gestation period or the length of time that the babies will be carried inside the mother’s womb is about nine to ten weeks or about 60-70 days on average. during breeding, the sow or the female has a high chance of dying from disease, and the chance is higher when they are exposed to high temperatures. small litters are more dangerous to the mother since the young rodents are bigger.

Texel guinea Pig Facts

  • It’s any non-self variety of guinea pig. These are the basically grouped breed.
  • The complete entire body from the Texel is roofed in wild hair that includes a part inside the back again.
  • The Texel guinea pig may be a non-self sort of guinea pig.
  • A Texel guinea pig includes a long coat the flows back over the body.
  • The Texel originated in england within the 1980s once a Silkie guinea pig was crossed with a Rex guinea pig.
  • They are a high maintenance guinea pig, and aren’t counseled as a primary guinea pig.
  • Texel’s would like an honest deal of your time spent grooming them.

Texel guinea Pig Personality / Behavior

Similar to most animals, it’s not really your breed which has a major role within the individuality, because every individual dog is unique.

The majority of Texel guinea pigs have the identical character with long-haired varieties, which is to point out that they are rather effectively socialized.

Most Texel guinea pigs have a similar personality with other long-haired guinea pigs. they are quite more behaved compared to other breeds. They still have a tranquil personality.

Texel guinea Pig Hair

The Texel Guinea Pig is also called the “long-haired Sheltie,” which is a somewhat fitting name. although it’s true that the Texel has slightly longer hair than the Silkie/Sheltie breed, the former has curly long hair as opposed to the latter’s straight long hair.

Hair in the Texel will certainly pick up excrement in the event that permitted to drag on the floor.

You simply must maintain their locks neat and clipped throughout the anus, otherwise excrement can build way up along with sparring floor hair.

Scurfy skin along with ear canal wax build-ups are common from the Texel, so be on the lookout either way.

Texel guinea Pig Grooming

A Texel’s grooming is very important since their coat is long and vulnerable. due to the nature of the Texel’s coat, they require consistent grooming on a daily basis. Their coats also need to be trimmed or cut, especially in the areas where their wastes may be built up.

Because of the amount of their hair, it’s a given that will Texel’s need regular grooming. Regular trimming of all their hair can keep these happy and comfy, even though furthermore decreasing the risk of various distinct attacks.

Cleaning Texels can also be done by bathing them and using a shampoo that is not too strong for their types. it will also be great to clean other parts of their body, but don’t do this too often.

How to take care Texel guinea Pig ?

Texel guinea pigs are require quite a lot of care because of the amount of hair they have. And as you might have guessed, their coat is extremely prone to tangling.

Texel’s can get hay and bedding stuck in their hair and so this requires checking on a daily basis. Texel guinea pigs are prone to ear wax build up and scurfy skin much more than other guinea pigs so beware of this. They don’t need to be bathed any more regularly than other piggies.

Best food for Texel guinea Pig :

Texel’s also have the same diet as other guinea pigs. The diet of a guinea pig is also the same with other guinea pigs. they need to eat a portion of some fruits, vegetables, and hay grass along with a good amount of water for hydration. they should be fed hay grass to make them be able to digest and process food properly. They also need a regular intake of vitamin c since they cannot produce or manufacture their own.

Texel guinea Pig Health and Diseases

Some of the most common diseases of guinea pigs are usually rooted from deficiency to certain nutrients, aging, disorders, improper caring, or injury. some of these diseases include diarrhea, dental disorders, scurvy, metabolic disorders, respiratory diseases, and many more. They also need proper hygiene, regular cage cleaning, clean and orderly environment, proper exercise, and clean food.

Texel guinea Pig for sale

Texel guinea Pig Price

Start up to $20

Photo of Texel guinea Pig

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  1. Is it normal for my new (just bought a couple days ago) 3 month old Texel to not be interested in fruits or greens? He eats pellets at night but won’t touch anything else.

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