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Toyger Cat Breed: Info, History, Characteristic & Care

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The Toygers are one of the most advanced breeds of cats. It seems wild and, at the equal time, presents a domesticated look. This cat is a medium-sized cat.

The Toyger cat is a designer breed, extremely like the most famous California spangle, the Savannah, and the Bengal.  They were designed by mixing a striped domestic shorthair and a Bengal cat.

These cats were originally called “California Toyger.” The name is a mix of “tiger” and “toy.”

The universal correlation between a tiger and a cat is not a new thought. The red tabbies with a different mackerel pattern are also called “Tigers.”

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History of Toyger Cats

The Toyger cat breed was produced in the 1980s by Judy Sugden, the daughter of Jean Mill, who was the initial breeder of the Bengal cat. Sugden mixed a striped domestic shorthair with a Bengal, and the Toyger cat was born.

The word “Toyger” is a compound of the words “toy” and “tiger,” which perfectly represents the purpose of developing the breed. Bengals were bred to match miniature leopards, and Toygers were bred to seem similar to small house tigers.

As a newer breed, Toyger cats are rare, and it can be challenging to obtain breeders. Sugden additionally created the Toyger to raise recognition for the conservation requirements of wild tigers.


Toygers really appear like small tigers. Of all the kinds of domestic cats worldwide, this breed is the one that most nearly resembles the popular wild tiger, only in an extremely smaller size.

Toygers are recognised a medium-sized cat breeds, and they have large muscular bodies, high shoulders and round heads. However, their trademark bands aren’t the only point they have in identical with a tiger.

Toygers have smaller legs than different breeds, which is a general trait of big cats. This provides them with the appearance of a wild cat on the prowl when they walk throughout their home. They also have great toes and large paws.


The Toyger cat has a sweet, calm personality and is commonly friendly. He’s outgoing enough to walk on a leash, energetic sufficient to play fetch and other interactive games, and self-confident adequate to get along with other cats and friendly dogs.

Species Overview

Origin: United States of America

Size: Medium

Purebred: No

Lifespan: 10-15 years

Height: 8 to 10 inches

Weight: 7 to 15 lbs

Coat Appearance: Fine, Short in length

Coat Colors:  Brown mackerel tabby

Temperament: Relaxed, sweet, affectionate, caring, energetic, intelligent, smart

Good with Children: Yes

Intelligence Level: High

Good with Pets: Yes

Grooming:  Moderate

Suitable For Apartments:  Yes

Need for Exercise:  Moderate

Easy To Train: Yes

Good for First Time Owners: Yes

Health Issues: Heart murmur, Rolled rib, Flat chest cage, FIP or Feline infectious peritonitis

Average Price: $500 – $ 2000 USD

Toyger Cat Different Names

The breed’s designer, Judy Sugden, has once said that she developed this breed to inspire people to understand about tiger conservation.

With her solid amazing stripes, the Toyger not only looks well but also behaves like a good jungle tiger. Naming your kittens will be definitely exciting.

Male Cat Names

  • Ilkay – Means “New Moon”
  • Garfield – Popular cartoon cat
  • Leo – Lion
  • Max – Large one with a soft heart
  • Morris – One with a dark skin
  • Oliver – Represents the olive tree
  • Panther – A black leopard
  • Pepper – A spice
  • Spot – Star Trek cat
  • Tiger – The animal who owns the forest

Female Cat Names

  • Tawny – Brown color shade
  • Sable – A European animal with dark fur
  • Amber – A precious jewel
  • Cookie – A cooked or baked food
  • Copper – Slang for a police personnel
  • Dot – The shorter version of Dorothy
  • Fawn – Younger deer
  • Winnie – Means a fair one
  • Sophia – Skill, talent Tora – In Japanese, “Tora” means tiger


Oriental shorthair cats may be more famous than their longhair cousins due to their easy to care for coats. Regular brushing will show off that smooth fur and improve the ease of shedding, which appears year-round. An exceptional cat bath or wipe-down also takes out the most beneficial in their coats.

Their most significant grooming essential isn’t their short fur but their big ears. You’ll want to do a weekly check for wax and anything unique. Your veterinarian can accompany you through the responsibility of preferred ear cleaning methods. Still, commonly, some drops of warm water on a cotton ball can be suitable to swab those bat-like ears wipe smoothly.

Then, all breeds require the common cat care: Trim their nails constantly and ensure their puppies’ box stays clean. And keep up with routine vet appointments to make assured your Oriental shorthair kitten keeps healthy.

Routine play sessions with interactive cat toys will assist stimulate an Oriental shorthair’s necessary to explore while also having boredom at bay. Holding lots of individual playtimes is also an essential pleasant outlet for your cat and, let’s be genuine, for you too. Kitty cuddles frequently follow these play sessions.

Health Problems

Toyger cats are recognised to be a commonly healthy breed. However, since they are a fairly unique and different type of cat, we are still in the process of learning regarding their health on breed-specific support.

The Toyger is commonly healthy, but heart murmurs, possibly indicative of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, have occurred in the breed. Therefore, it is always wise to buy from a breeder who provides a written health guarantee.

Some general health problems correlated with this breed contain Feline infectious peritonitis and Heart Murmurs in Cats.

Diet and Nutrition

Toyger cats require a well-balanced diet. You can select from a wide variety of mass-produced foods, kibbles or canned or recognise raw cat food if you have the expertise.

Toygers don’t have any particular dietary necessities apart from those of domestic shorthair cats. Give your cat high-quality wet and dry food and provide your cat admittance to fresh, clean water.

Obesity can lessen your cat’s lifespan,3 so consider any weight gain with your veterinarian. Water is a crucial part of your cat’s diet, and all cats should have a bowl of clean, fresh water to drink.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Toyger Cat

As mentioned previously, the Toyger cat breed is rare, so You may be able to find a purebred Toyger cat through a breeder in your area, but if you would instead adopt from a rescue organization:

  • Rescue Me
  • Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue

More Cat Breeds and Further Research

If you are interested in similar wild-looking breeds, learn about these:

  • Bengal Cat
  • Savannah Cat
  • Egyptian Mau

Otherwise, check out all of our other cat breeds.


The Toyger is a wonderful cat breed and presents a magnificent addition to any home, presenting you care for them and put in lots of playtimes to hold them excited.

Although mighty cats, they can, fortunately, live as indoor cats, furnishing you with the accurate setup in your home. This is the best alternative as it is safer and will increase their life.

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