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How to Train Your Dog To Take a Food Gently

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I think dogs are one of the most beautiful and smart pets in the world. Just like horses and cats, dogs are available in different categories. One can easily teach something to their dogs by giving some simple training.

Just like a horse in Beautiful American Barns feeds in buckets or containers, you can feed your dog in your hand, palm, and fingers. As a dog owner, it is difficult to treat your dog easily. For treating a horse one can give proper training to your dog otherwise it may hurt you or hurt your fingers too.

Teaching your dog to take a treat gently one needs to have skills to teach. Without any teaching skills, you can’t offer a treat to your dog. So, if you are looking for some useful Tips to Teach Your Dog To take Food Gently then you are on the right page.

By reading a complete blog, you will be teaching your Dog to take food gently.

Dog To Take a Food Gently

Ways to Teach your Dog to Take Treats Gently:

We know dogs are snatched and grab food from your hands. So, it may be difficult in the case of some dogs. Because while grabbing food from your hand it may be possible to hurt your fingers.

So, you should give dog or Puppy Manners Training which will be very helpful to your dogs. But as we discussed above that, give training to your dogs is the most difficult task if your dog is unable to behave politely for food.

So, the first and most important thing for your dog is to take food very politely instead of snatching. For that, here we give you How to Train a Dog to Take Treats Gently. If you are looking for that, follow the complete steps.

How to Train Your Dog To Take a Food Gently

Steps for Teaching Dog to Take Treats Gently:

By following some simple techniques one can easily handle dogs who grab and snatch food every time. If you follow the below techniques then I think you easily take treats without snatching. So, let’s have a look…

  • Place Food in Your Hand:

This is one of the very important techniques for training your dog to take treats easily. For that, first, you ask your dog to sit down. After that, present your closed hand to your dog. Now safely put your hand under your dog’s chin.

If your dog bites you, then you should keep your hand closed and show your patient. Once your dog stops biting and starts nibbles then open your hand and release the treat. If your dog has alligator type of mouth then you should go with hand gloves for this which makes your dog mouth softer.

  • Repeat This Step Many Times:

Once your dog understands the pattern of treats then add the clue ‘gentle’ before opening your hand. By hearing this word, your dog stays gentle at the time of treating as well as your dog also learn gentleness.

  • Self Restraint:

After the above steps, you should teach you to control himself. For that, you will reward the dog for control himself even if you have a new treat for him. So, for that, you can use a bag or container to keep your treat for your dog.

After that, saw your hand with your dog. When you see this, he starts moving toward you. After that, your dogs come closer to your hand and start feeding gently.

  • Put a Soft Treat Between Thumb and First Finger:

If you offer a soft treat to your dog then use your thumb and index finger to cover treat. If you feel your dog is rough then you should wear hand gloves.

At the time, you will find your dog seem fast then close your hand again and repeat this step, and he is not master in this. After this step, your dog learns gentleness and earn praise and reward.

  • Feeding on the Palm:

In this step, leave food open in your palm. After that saw your hand to your dog, and your dog comes forward you. When he comes, push your palm up-to your dog mouth and let him eat food from your palm.

Repeat this step for 2 to 3 times which may help your dog to be gentle and your dog feed from your palm. Every time you feed your dog, add this word to take it. By using this clue, your dog takes food from your palm without moving anywhere.

  • Feeding on the Finger:

After your dog properly feeds on your palm, you should try to feed your dog from your finger. At this time, if your dog grabs the treat then takes back the food inside your hand again. Repeat this action, and by doing this Teaching Your Dog to Take Treats Gently from fingers easily.

Repeat all these above mentioned actions for at least 2 to 3 days. Depend on one of your dogs the time may vary from each other. Repeat these steps until your dog completely knows to Take Food Gently. But make sure, like you clean horse feeding place or barns (American Barn), you should also clean your palm or hand while feeding your dog.

I hope you will get easy techniques for Dog Training to take treats Gently. If you have a dog then apply these techniques and teach your dog to take food gently. Share this blog on your social media with your dog lovers’ friends. You can also give suggestions for this blog in the below-given comment box.

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